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09-07-2004, 05:06 PM
hi, just recently discovered this site, loving it!

I've always loved painting, started out on watercolours but once I tried acrylics I never looked back really. I used to paint on boards but now I use stretched canvas, I just prefer the feel of it. Anyway, here's one of my latest pieces. It was my first time using a gel medium in the paint but I love the added dimension it gives.

Clare. :)

09-07-2004, 05:15 PM
Hello, Iím new to the site as well. Iím just about to start using acrylics because I want to do more than watercolors now. Still being at school doing my gcse's I think it would be best for me to expand from just using watercolors. I donít think I can really comment on your work because of the sheer quality of the work. You have a fantastic technique and your use of colors is brilliant as well. Welcome to the site by the way. Iím Jamie Murphy. :)

09-07-2004, 06:44 PM
Welcome to WC! This is a very nice work of light and aerial perspective.


09-07-2004, 07:08 PM
Welcome and your painting is a real beauty!

Marty C
09-07-2004, 07:15 PM
Hi Clare,
Welcome to Wet Canvas :wave:
This is a fabulous landscape, wonderful light and depth. Your work with the greens is very good, never an easy colour. Good composition, the path takes us deep into the work, a lovely walk indeed.
I think the folks in the Landscape forum would appreciate seeing this.

09-07-2004, 07:33 PM
Welcome to wetcanvas buswell. This is a beautiful piece, with excellent depth. One question...what size is it? I look forward to seeing more of your work :)

09-07-2004, 08:05 PM
Welcome and congratulations on a well done painting...as others have said, great depth. Also very nice contrasts and good use of the difficult green. I am wondering, however, about the canopy of green over the path. It looks almost horizontal.....makes me want a few verticals in it. Could be the view from my screen :) I don't do many landscapes so that is JMO

09-07-2004, 08:53 PM
This is ga-ga-gorgeous! How large is the canvas? It really deserves to be displayed larger but I know WC has such tiny resolution restrictions... However such lovely detail might require a close-up or two... ;)


- Matthew Durante

09-07-2004, 08:54 PM
Welcome and what a great painting, hope to see more from you in the future :clap:

09-08-2004, 10:13 AM
:clap: :clap: :clap: Welcome, beautiful work can't wait to see more.

09-08-2004, 06:13 PM
Your painting is beautiful ..... I love the way you have shown the sunlight ...... just a typical day in Ireland! ;)

09-08-2004, 07:02 PM
Hi! Thanks for all the great comments, I really feel welcome :)

The painting is 9 x 12 inches on box canvas, not that big but I'm doing my best to paint bigger.

So glad I found this site, it's great to chat with so many other artists!