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09-07-2004, 11:59 AM
Good morning everyone. It's been a while since I checked in here, and what do I find?! No WIA for today? And it's already almost 9am here on the West Coast!! Where is everyone?
I apologize for my disappearance for the past few days. I was supposed to go to Glass Stock last week, but my Mom ended up in hospital late Wednesday evening (early Thursday morning), so I had to unpack my car, and head into Vancouver to see what's up. She came back home two days later, now yesterday, she went back in hospital for something totally different. Her lung cancer is acting up (sounds really weird to say it like that - sort of like having an allergy flare up?), so they're going to start her chemo therapy a week early (hmmm, gee, you think?). Sigh, I knew she had ovarian cancer several years ago (6 actually), and has been treated for that a couple of times, but I didn't know until last week that she had lung cancer too - it came up during a converstion about her smoking. Apparently she didn't want to upset anyone, so she didn't say anything. (Like maybe we wouldn't notice?!?) I'm so glad my 20 year old son was staying with her, or she wouldn't have gone to the hospital at all. In fact, he's the one that's been making her eat, and take care of herself the past few weeks. So he said to her yesterday morning (at 5:30 am) "You have to go to the hospital, because if you die here, you'll make a heck of a mess, and I'm not cleaning it up!!" Boy, is he blunt with her, but it's exactly what she needed to snap her into going. Sigh, going to be a long week - and I missed Glass Stock (that SO sucked!!). Thanks for letting me vent you guys, now where the heck is everyone else?!?
Have a fun creative day for me, will ya?

09-07-2004, 12:03 PM
Hi Barry and later-comers!

Barry - I'm sorry to hear about your mum! I'm sending lots of good thoughts her way!

I'm rather excited atm. I just got home from a job interview - nothing about a real job atm, but maybe a possibility, it's some sort of "job agency" that will include me into their database, maybe one day something will come of it. But that's not what I'm excited about - when I got home I had a message on my a.m. inviting me for an interview for a job that I would really really like doing. Only problem is that it's very poorly paid, just a bit more than half of my last income, but it would be more secure... So, if you don't mind, would you keep your fingers crossed for me next Tuesday? :)

Now I'm off to take a bite, job interviews make hungry! :D

Have a creative day, everybody!

09-07-2004, 12:45 PM
Hi Barrie and Andee :)

Barrie I'm sorry about your mom and that you missed Glass Stock. I'm glad you are back posting though - I wondered where the heck WIA was today - I almost started one 3 times but kept getting sidetracked.

Andee - great news!!! I hope it all goes well for you and I know you will figure out how to make it all work :) (You could always sell some jewelry to supplement your income!)

I'm so sick with a head cold... but luckily someone just reminded me I have a whole cupbord full of homopathic remedies so I tried one and think maybe it might be the right one - crossing fingers that the day is not totally wasted.

Yesterday's kayaking trip turned canoe trip turned out exactly the way it always does :evil: into a fishing trip. Not what I've been begging for all summer.

Here is the story of the canoe:

A year after we were married we decided me missed having a boat - he had his ski boat when we moved from boston to virginia and used the money to buy me an engagement ring. So for our anniversary we decided maybe a canoe would get us by until we could afford a nice boat again. I thought it sounded great - we could take it to all the wonderful lakes around here - canoes are nice and quiet we glide through the water and watch the wild-life - I could bring my camera... well he didn't tell me his idea of having a canoe was that it was just a means to get out in the middle of a lake and throw in a fishing line. I tried the first year - we would go, he would pull out his fishing box (what???) Well, ok... whatever... we would start paddling, I'd be happy, then he'd say ok, this is good, stop paddling. And then he'd throw in a line and I would be trapped on this boat in the middle of the lake with nothing to do. No gliding through the water viewing nature. No fish usually either.

Then some friends invited us kayaking and I never got back into the canoe - I'm no dummy! Kayaking is for moving through the water and going places and seeing things... and I love it. Love it. I've been waiting for Luke to be big enough to go kayaking with me, but wanted a third person the first time around just in case he freaked out on me and decided he wanted to get out in the middle of the lake. I've been begging my husband all summer to take us. He finally said yes and then at the last minute said hey, lets take the canoe and save the kayak rental fee. But canoes are more tippy - kayaks are safer. No, the canoe will be fine. Oh ok... whatever. Cheap $#@$$. At least I'll get on the water again and we can see how Luke will be.

Well, immagine my surprise when Luke comes into the house with his home depot tool box full of fishing gear. Damn! Now Luke is all hyped up - he's been digging for worms and Dad has gotten him all prepped. No out for me. For an hour all I hear is "Moma what taking so long". He's so excited.

We get the canoe off the car... load the gear in, get luke loaded in, get out into the lake and start paddling. "Moma, why so wobbly?". See Dad? Luke, canoes are wobbly. Kayaks are not so much. You have to sit very still so we don't tip over. "Oh". Sad face. Then he wants to fish. Dad gets the line all set up, Luke hands him a worm. They throw it in... Luke says "Dad, what taking so long". He's not into this sitting int the middle of the lake fishing thing any more than I am. He finally asks me if he can lay down in the canoe and take a nap. He's more bored than I am - at least he can fit laying down in the canoe. I would love to join him.

So we paddle back in - shortest canoe ride in history - less than 10 minutes. But a little girl is fishing from the shore and Luke thinks that looks good so we spend the next 1/2 hour teaching him to cast and then the next 1/2 hour teaching him to fish - and then finally he catches a little one - about 3 inches (though if you asked him now he would indicate about a 9 inch fish - it grows every time you ask).... and so FINALLY I get to go home.

And there is no way I'm agreeing to get back into that canoe again. I will find a way to go kayaking with or without Luke's dad. And soon. :evil:

09-07-2004, 12:49 PM
Welcome back Barrie! I'm so sorry about your mom..... and Glass Stock. And Andee - he fingers and toes are crossed. I'm on my dd'd slower than molasses computer while mine is in getting fixed so I'm not going to be around very much because this thing is driving me nuts! :mad:

Have a great day all.

edit: Hi Pam! Great story - how frustrating... :rolleyes: Feel better soon hon!

09-07-2004, 12:59 PM
Hello Everyone!

Barrie- I am so sorry to hear about your Mom, what a terrible thing to think you are burdening your family with your illness. I am sad that you were unable to make glassstock too. I hope things get better fast ther for you. (huggles)

Andee - Good luck with the interview and head hunter. I hop esomething comes around for you soon! is the economy really bad there too?

Pam - Men, fishing, ack! I am so blessed, my Danny watches fishing once in a while on sundaymorning with his cup of joe. No bugs, no sweat, no smell, nothing and you always catch a big one! ROFL Do you have a friend who kyaks too? bring them with, then you have a second person along in another kyak. I always wanted to learm *sigh*

As for me, mold making, bead making, MOPing, too busy to be of much help here and I apologize for that! next show is Sept 25-26. Wish us luck!


09-07-2004, 01:08 PM
{{{{{{{{{{Barrie}}}}}}}}}} Iím sending healing thoughts to your Mum.

Andee, I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you.

Pam, I hope you feel better very soon. I bet Luke is proud of his fish!

Mary, Nancy, hi! :wave:

Have a great day all!

09-07-2004, 02:02 PM
Thanks for the hugs and thoughts guys! It really helps. Can you tell I'm procrastinating about heading to town? It's a long drive, but has to be done! Sigh!! Andee, fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you!! Pam- I hear ya! My dh used to drag me and the kids fishing! Which meant that he would go floating off in his tube-thingy while I made sure that the four kids didn't drown each other, and the dog didn't eat any other fishing folk, and then feed everyone - oh wait, make lunch for six hungry people first, then pack the car, make sure not to forget anything - SIGH!! I HATE FISHING! :D Might enjoy it now that the kids are grownup and don't want to go, but there's still that crazy dog of mine! LOL! Mary, enjoy your busy day - I know you love it! :evil:
Okay, now i'm going to go - my youngest just headed off to the first day of school (14 isn't so young anymore!), so I guess I'm heading to town. Have a fun day all!! {{{{{hugs back at you all}}}}

09-07-2004, 02:03 PM
Barrie, as everyone else, sorry to hear about your mum. She sounds like a strong lady.

Andee, I hope you get it--but even if you don't, at least it's a sign that someone out there is listening! Sometimes when I put out loads and loads of applications and hear nothing, I feel invisible!! I'm sure if you wear some of your elegant jewelry, you'll be a shoo-in ;)

Pam, I'll go kayaking with ya! ;) I hate fishing, I have no patience for it.

I have to work today, of COURSE... but I go in half an hour later than I thought. I actually got up this MORNING (yes, this morning, three days in a row now I've been waking up before noon) and have been doing.. stuff. Went to the library, I may make a hemp bracelet today, inspired by this customer who came in--she was wearing this hempy looking hair scrunchie around her wrist, and both I and my coworker mistook it for a really cool chunky bracelet.

Wow, I got incredibly distracted just now and forgot I was writing a post, LOL. I hope everyone's having a great Tuesday!

09-08-2004, 01:02 AM
Hello everyone!

Special nice hug for Barrie if I may, I'm really sorry to hear the news about your mom. She does sound like quite a character! God Bless her.

Just ordinary life here for me! I have been doing a lot of journaling off the computor. I like to journal with pen and a notebook.

Also, been reading my manuel to my digital camera to see what I might do better so I can start taking outdoor nature pictures. Well, it's confusing. I will just keep plodding along with it, and just trust my own self with the camera.

Also, I read at the WC Photography channel to see if maybe I am taking photos worthy of posting there. I'm using the Sony Mavica CD500. I think I got some interesting shots at the forest preserve the other day. But I havent' been able to find the ambition to hook up my camera to the computor with the cable thing. (And my putor won't read the finalized Mavica disc from D drive for some odd reason. :rolleyes:) Frustrating. I just want to see the darn picture on my monitor. I'll get it!

G'nite now.

Welcome back Mary! :)

09-08-2004, 03:46 PM
You all, thank you so much for your supporting words! :)

Pam - hmmm, aren't there travel beading boards or something you could take into that canoe? ;) I totally understand you, tho, must be frustrating being trapped in a boat with nothing to do except watching your hubby holding a stick with a line... ;)

Mary - yup, the economy is bad here atm, and it's not looking as if it's gonna get better anytime soon...

Susie - yeah, getting an interview is a bit of a comfort already, at least some people thought you're suitable enough for the job to see you about it... As for wearing the jewelry (which of course I do! ;) ), isn't there a risk that it could overshadow my job qualifications? ;)