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09-02-2004, 07:43 AM
Charlie's Mum is hosting this weeks WDE, in the All-Media Events Forum. Here's her invitation.


Hi everyone! Welcome to the wonderful world of WDEs!
I hope there will be something for each of you in the images I have chosen: all from my neck of the woods - Northern England, (a few courtesy of friends), so be prepared to grab those pencils, pens, paints, brushes, pastels, fabrics or mice and HAVE FUN!

The pictures will be posted on Friday 3rd. September and you will have 2 hours to create your masterpieces!

If you cannot be here then, please feel free to join us at any time before the following weekend (or even after that!) - I'll be here to see your work!

Why not try something outside your 'comfort zone'? Be a devil and experiment!! Let the creative juices flow!!!

If you have any problems or are new to WDEs, please check out Jet Liera's links in the "All Medias Art: tips and news" in Tammy's thread at the top of page one in the AMAE forum..

Images will be posted in a new thread entitled "WDE. 3rd. Sept. IMAGES HERE" - look for the lightbulb icon in the column to the left of the title.

They will be posted approx. 30 mins prior to starting time - for Newbies, this is your preparation time .

Time for the off!:

Friday, 3rd. 9am - Vancouver and LA. 10am - Denver and Calgary
11am - Winnipeg and Houston 12noon - Toronto and New York
1pm - Halifax and Caracas 4pm - Reykjavik
5pm - London 6pm - Amsterdam, Paris, Jo'burg
7pm - Helsinki and Athens 9pm - Moscow
Saturday 4th. 2am - Sydney 4am - Wellington


For Newbies, instructions about posting your work will be included on Friday.

Here's a link to the AMAE Forum. Maureen will post the images there; look for the lightbulb icon. If you arrive a day or so late, you may have to look on page 2 to find the images thread, since it will get pushed back by other posts..

See you there!

09-03-2004, 03:01 AM
Hi i am new here, and would like to know how to take part in this?? Or really what am i suppose to do??

09-03-2004, 06:05 PM
Hi i am new here, and would like to know how to take part in this?? Or really what am i suppose to do??
Follow the link in the invitation above.
This will take you to another page with a whole lot of links.
Find the link that says: "WDE. 3rd Sept. IMAGES HERE" and click on it.
This will upload Charlie's Mum's links to her pics...there are four at a time.
You can make each of the pics larger and then save them to your computer to select.
In theory you should use about 1/2 h to select and then start your picture.
If you can, take a digital pic of your work after about 2 hours and post it (doesn't have to be finished, and you can post the rest later....on the same page as the Images here page there is a "New Thread" icon at the bottom of the page that you use to post your images in a new line....)
TOOK me ages to work out what WDE was let alone how to do it? :D