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10-19-2001, 09:18 AM
:D can anyone tell me if there is a source,or have any of thier own information you can share on pigment mixing while making pastels? Recently i have been making my own pastels by following directions on this site and using information from artists cookbook type of books...does anyone have any secret receipes of their own that they can share i promise to keep my lips sealed unless told otherwise.i would really appreciate different colors or whatever trial and error information you may have..

10-19-2001, 05:45 PM
Hi there. I would like to make my own pastels as well.
Years ago I learned "percentage dyeing". This was really for dyeing wool, as I am a spinner. However, I really think that it could work for pastel colours as well.
Use the 3 primaries... red, yellow, blue.
This is the formula for the colours...
Red = 10 red, 0 yellow, 0 blue
yellow = 0 red, 10 yellow, 0 blue
blue = 0 red, 0 yellow, 10 blue
To mix the colours to create 66 colours in the pyramid use the formulas like this:

red 9, yellow 1, blue 0
red 8, yellow 2, blue 0
etc. making sure the numbers in the formula all add up to 10

add blue: red 8, yellow 1, blue 1
The numbers can represent grams of pigment I think.
eg. r = 100, y = 0, b=0

Does this make sense? It is wonderful to see the colours emerge.
You can play around with the formula like this..eg. golden yellow = yellow 9.5, red 0.5, blue 0

Let me know what you think of this...if you want more info, then email me. ok?