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08-30-2004, 09:55 AM
Mornin' y'all - welcome to the weekly chat thread in the Illustration Forum. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and tell us what's happening with you this week. If this is your first time joining us, this is the thread where you share your thoughts, dreams, challenges, woes with your neighbors across the world - so come on in and tell us about what's happening -

Grab a cuppa joe and here we go!

if i start it...they will come...
and remember to check out our weekender postings from last week's 'coffee break':

on that note...we can celebrate axl's freedom (go ahead girl...make a mess & leave it there for a whole week just for kicks!)
...and hooray for kyle, charting new waters w/ Oil Pastel!

For those of you that haven't joined in this post before...do come right on in...fill up a mug & tell us all about yourself. It's fun to unwind & meet new people :wave:

08-30-2004, 10:58 AM
Ahhh yes the freedom!!! It is taking me way longer than anticipated to get everything moved around though. Moving furniture is hard when its... just you lugging large pieces across the apartment. But I'm getting everything squared away. I just gotta figure out where I'm going to set up my painting spot now, and then adhust my living room accordingly. Ahhhh....

I got a phone call last week from one of my old teachers back in highschool. Appearently he's stepped up to vice principal, and he's just bought a new house. Anyways hes a big music buff, a huge rolling stoned fan and wants to commission a huge painting for at the top of a set of stairs. A music inspired painting! Nothin like rock n roll! I donno yet if I'll be doing it. I gotta see how crazy my school schedual is going to be, but I'm getting him to send me some "inspirational" pictures to get my mind going to see what i can do. Shweet.

Well, i slept in way too late this morning (in my bed, HA!) so I should get ready for work. Maybe I'll stay up until 3 tonight listening to music and doodling :) Muaha.

08-30-2004, 02:06 PM
if i start it...they will come...

Here I are! Caffiene injections in hand!

Lotsa stuff happinin this last weekend. Had my daughers fifth birthday party on Saturday. Originally planned to have it at our local minigolf but got rained out. Hadn't rained in over three weeks, nor will it again for another 1-2, but it rained Saturday. Ahh well....we managed to shift gears, rather well, and had the b-day party at my folks house. It was a success and the kids didn't seem to care at all. whew, close one.

08-30-2004, 04:25 PM
Hi All! Missed my coffee this morning. Got up too late.. so missed breakfast as well. Lunch was early at 11 because of this and I just had frosted flakes for an afternoon snack. Couldn't find anything to wear this morning that didn't need ironing so that is why I was late. Poor planning on my part. But I didn't get in until 11 last night from my parents house (4 hours away.)

I got to say goodbye to my grandparents as they will be leaving my parents in a few weeks and I won't be able to make it home. They will be back in Dec though.. when my brother comes home from Germany for a few weeks. He is in his second year with the Air Force and was stationed abroad his first assignment. I miss him - and will be glad to see him again.

I played poker with gramps and I did two Oil Pastels for the Pastel and a movie thread in the Pastels Forum. Spent 2 hours on each. I was proud that I still managed to do some artwork on my mini vacation.

Well back to work. I think I am going to be able to manange to work on my Prailey WIP that I started in soft pastels like over a month ago tonight. In between jobs that is.

Coffee for sure tonight!!!! :)

08-30-2004, 09:05 PM
*rolls eyes*


4 houses down the street. Sigh. *Locks all doors and windows*

For some odd reason I think Resevoir Dogs...

Mr. Nauss
08-31-2004, 12:29 AM
:music: it's 1:10am in new scotland time, too many coffees and a mediocre rhyme, a juxtiposition within a glass mind and I can't fall asleep cause I spent my last dime. I gotta get up in an hour or so, the things that I reap are the things that you sow, I'd love to stay but I've got to go, start setting the stage for the next big show. I think you'd all hear it if I shared the beat but the speakers are broken and so are my feet, I lost my way up this one way street but I keep on walking in hopes that I'll meet... all of the strangers in the world gone unmet, we share the one thing and that thing is regret. One time up and two times down I'm a clown on my head and this isn't a frown, its a smile I'm screaming and showing the world and we're all tucked in and the devil's a girl and I can't remember the words to my song, oh yeah, one day here and the next day gone. Sleep well kind hearted to the world goes the meek, in lions skins with the souls of the sheep. There's no one special in my heart on this night and no matter the spin there's nothing to fight, I just felt like sharing a sense of the light and there's never a wrong if there's never a right, it's all just a ramble a gamble of sorts and I'll leave with success if I leave with my shorts. It'll all come back to haunt us and then we'll have to start all over again. Life is a laugh if it's nothing at all, Living is huge if we think we are small, too many coffee's on this day my friend and in a couple of hours I'll start all over again :music:


08-31-2004, 09:41 AM
my my...all hail the ditty master! sorry i can't reflect it...my rhyme is all spent. got 2 much go'in on, me bent inna dent.
seems like every 2 years now...one of my husbands former co-workers shows up on our doorstep in a bind & yesterday was it. he's got medical/mental issues...although 'harmless'...he just makes poor choices that drag him into the mire & we are always the lifeboat. so we've got a guest w/ us for a week...& hopefully by then he can get an apartment & situated.
he thinks companionship is the answer to filling his 'soul box' but all the women he shacks up w/ use the life outta him & are faithful to no one & he doesn't leave them till he's a hollow shell. i am seriously thinking of having him listen to some self-improvement type of cd's cuz he's so down on himself & negative that it's just self-fulfilling prophacies of doom (ha, 'what you believe is what you acheive'). anyways...i will be like flint vs. the negativity this week & the kids are great for keeping it lively around here.

Ax..if you can find a dog that doesn't eat & doesn't poop...i'd get it. just be safe...get friend escorts at night :rolleyes:

meldy..ironing is one of my big pet peeves. i don't buy clothes w/ 100% cotton on purpose! unfortunately my son has to wear a uniform 4 school w/ high cotton content so now i can't avoid it! poo!

dave..i got an october party to plan for my youngest. i decided 1-5yrs you get a big party...after that it's like what you were trying to do or chucky cheese w/ a few friends.

later taters,

Kathryn Wilson
08-31-2004, 07:48 PM
Gosh, Jen, you are a kind hearted soul . . . I just got done reading "Pay It Forward" and it sounds like you might try that with this guy - tell him when he leaves he needs to repay your kindness by helping out someone else. Might take his mind of himself if he has to think about someone else for a change.

:wave: Hey Meldy - I came over here to get some peace from all the huge happenings over in the OP forum - sheesh things are rolling along.

Axl - you take care of yourself - no walking alone at night! Get a recording of a dog - LOL - how about a roaring lion. :wink2:

Dave - awwww, 5 year olds are the best - just the sweetest age.

Mr. Nauss, you rock! I am not even conscience at 1:30 a.m., much less put together a rhyme that makes sense. You are too cute for words - :cat:

08-31-2004, 08:56 PM
Axl - be safe!!! Worried about you! Always have a friend around if you are going out after dark. And that poopless dog.

Kyle - I know what you mean! At least now.. I went and read the long thread in OP and wow! Things are rollin right along. Wish I had more time to contribute...well 24 years till retirement! But I will do what I can. I love this cause.

Jen - you are a kindhearted soul. I hope your friend can learn to become his own destiny. A hard thing to learn, but possible.

Dave - happy birthday to your daughter!!! Kids are the best.

Mr. Nauss - so much talent! I sing.. but my cat howls in response. :)

Today was a GOOD day! Had my year review (only been with this company a year) and it was terrific. They are very happy with my illustrations and all the work that I have done this year. AND I got a very nice raise. Yup I am staying here. I can honestly say that the last year of my life has been the calmest, yet most exciting, and one of the happiest times of my life. Hmmmm.. great job, great friends, great boyfriend, great family, great cat... oh yeah and my new place and able to be an artist again! I am a happy girl.
All this and I am going to be 30 in a few months. :) My 20s were a struggle, and paid my dues.. I am hoping that my 30s will continue to reap the benefits.

I went to the cigar shop after work and bought 4 cigar boxes. I have really wanted to make some purses... you know with the cool lining, mirror, decor.. but what I want to do is to create artwork to put on the purses... like woodcarvings in the box, woodcut prints and paintings laquered onto the wood.. and secret paintings inside the purses. Each purse its own work of art. Not something that I would do regularly but whenever fancy strikes.

Well boyfriend is coming over soon. Got to go and clean up. Going to celebrate tonight. :)

09-01-2004, 11:59 AM
Mmmmmmmm....caffeine.........Dave plops down in a chair and sighs a heavy sigh.....a local famous Architect (Fay Jones - his Thorncrown chapel was voted #4 of the most influential buildings of the 20th century) and personal hero of mine, died Monday. I never got the chance to meet him, so no personal ties, but it is always cause for reflection when someone like that passes on. I read in the paper this morning that he was still designing till the end despite health problems and Parkinsons disease, and had just designed a stair rail for a friends house so he could visit more often. He will be widely missed. Weren't we just talking about this a couple of weeks ago?

*Dave shakes himself out of his reverie* Anyway, gotta get the studio straightened up, got clients coming by for a meeting this afternoon.

Meldy - congrats on your review and raise!

Mr Nauss - thanks for joining in the Coffee Break!

09-01-2004, 05:40 PM
*Rushes in the room, with a hot cup o jo* Am I late????

I don't know where the time goes!!!! *gulps coffee* I have been painting and getting things in order with my new website (sorta ready) and now I am just trying to get 3 paintings ready for the Art for God contest. One down, two more to go!

Well, most of you know that I had been couped up in the house working on a large painting that I have posted in the oil forum as a work in progress. (still updating that) The client was so impressed with it, that as I am typing this, the client is returning with print proofs of the painting, and has plans to commission 6 more paintings, that will be printed. I am now working on PR items that will be used to promote my work, and also create an image for myself. I will keep you posted on the outcome of that!

It's been a rollercoaster ride here, but hopefully I will be working for pay again next week on another mural. It has been in the works for months, but they have been waiting for the money to come in, and the right time for the weather to be consistantly good. It looks like we are right on the verge of that right now.

And one last thing about me. I am hoping to have a meeting later this month on "mail order murals" I have people who are ready to push that onward to reality.

*nuther sip o jo*

Axl, sounds like you are trying to adjust to your situation. I hope you get along great there!

Jen, are you done with your contest paintings? :) I'm trying my hardest to get mine done! :D

Medly, sounds like you are going to have some fun!!!

Well, I must go. I have to see if the proofs are here, and then get my first contest painting signed. will post it soon! :)

Thanks for the moment of rest!!!! :) (and the caffine)

09-01-2004, 10:55 PM
pleaaase cheer me up! slap the happy into me! this houseguest opens his mouth & negativity lurches out. it is so draining! he really does need to get his eyes off of himself cuz his neg. is so selfish.
hey dave...last week i was able to track down the email of that professor from college that i wanted to say 'thanks' to! course w/ the chain of events here, i haven't been able to sit down and write my grand thank you note...but i am gonna do it!
congrats on the good track record meldy! i got a friend in town that's a G.D. at the big children's hosp. in town he just finished a 230pg. annual report that everyone's raving about so i bet his next review will be awesome. planning on surprising him by inviting him over to play cards & i got him a 'zima' light up bar sign & will have zima's to drink (it's kinda a joke too, one of those oddball things we both happen to like).
hi terry...we missed ya (if you didn't miss him...introduce yourself :wink2: ) ya, all ready for october. 2 were older pieces & the last one i finished this winter/spring, so it's nice i don't have to rip my hair out about it at the last minute. i have been entering a bunch of shows here lately...no success in my native town (hmm is that biblical?), but i keep press'in on. i popped my head in the oil forum & saw your 'last supper'WIP...a lot, lot of work there to do. you are really doing a huge successful juggling act here lately & i'm inspired by it!
really...everyone in this thread has been doing a terriffic job...this holiday weekend i shall toast to you fine w.c.'ers.

09-02-2004, 10:54 AM
Hello! I'm in for a quick cup! I just had to have one cup o jo before I head off to view the PROOFS OF MY PAINTING THAT IS TO BE PRINTED! Not a bit excited mind you. :)

Jen, sounds like you are ready for the contest! I will be signing my first painting sometime today. I am certain that I will be done with it. Now to move on to painting number two. I may only get to enter two paintings at this rate. But I am trying! :)


Oh my! I think that had grounds in it! Anyway, it's great to be back surfin around and seeing all of the good things that people are posting. I for one want to take some time later and respond to some of these wonderful posts!

Well, I gotta go! I will let you know how the proofs turned out!!


09-02-2004, 11:34 AM
Good to see ya back Terry!

09-03-2004, 09:27 AM
Aaaaaaaah on the verge of a 3 day weekend!!! It is a hazy day in Dallas - downtown looks like it is in a fishbowl with the light filtering thru. Bleh. Be nice to have a little rain to come thru and shine things up.

Anyone have big plans for the weekend?

09-03-2004, 11:20 AM
We get to go to an Adult function with out the kids! Right now that's more exciting than art, booze, or even BBQ! :D

09-03-2004, 11:33 AM
He he you sound very excited! My plans are simple - work on soft pastel project, continue a book I am reading, seeing Garden State with my bf, and freelance work. And a lot of relaxation inbetween. :)

09-03-2004, 12:50 PM
jeeze 3 day weekend?? I actually completely forgot about it. I've been so busy here doign stuff. I keep getting called into work so My apartment still looks as dumpy as it did last weekend when the roomate moved out. I have been slowly putting things back together, ut its hard when I don't get a chance to just sit, and think about what I want to do with the place. Today was suppose to be my day for that, but I just got a phone call and now they want me to come into work. Blargh! I was hoping I could get things streightened out before my mum comes up to visit me sunday. I'm sure she'll have PLENTY to say about the state of my apartment LOL

So my plans involve working saturday. then my mum visiting sunday. and then monday. I donno. LOL. Maybe I'll beg her to take me home so I can do the pile of laundrey accumulating on my bedroom floor ^.^

For anyone who hasnt checked it out, here's a link to coolray's Last Supper piece in oils: http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=201029

Neighbores are listening to pink floyd. Yey *G*

Sounds like everyone's been soo busy working on stuff. I can't wait to get back at it too.

Anyways. I gotta run and get ready for work and stuff. But I'll leave y'all with a little link to a site I've been looking at lately attempting to amuse myself lol It has lots of silly stupid flash movies. http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail.html

09-04-2004, 01:19 AM
Hey Dave! It's great to be back!!!

As far as big plans. No. I am going to just hang around and enjoy whaterver comes along. I do have a meeting in the morning, but other than that, I am free!!!!!!!

Taking my coffee to go! if you please!!

09-04-2004, 09:34 AM
no more 'negativity' here...the 'guest' is gone. whew!
i go in to pick up REjected art today. last night worked on making a base for that vase as i'm going to have it in a festival show. the base is custom to fit it & i can't wait to pick up vase from the reject 'pile' it is gonna look so shweet! also entering 'the way' (the wip i had here on w.c.) & it looks so great all framed up. if i get time & some descent lighting i'll take a final dig. pict. of it. :music: ya, she's got :music: hIGH hopes :music: hIGH hopes :music:
bracing myself for chaos today...first OSU football game today & my boys have been running around the house w/ mini footballs...my husband has put out the 'o' flag & a wooden 'brutus the buckeye' sign in the yard. also cuz we've got underware on the almost 3yr old...trying to promote diaper freedom. he runs to the potty to pee...so i'm worried about the #2!
family will visit tomor. & we'll do some shrimp on the barby. monday we'll go to the zoo.
yesterday we saw another car w/ window busted out! so...i made a sign & put it down @ stop sign about 'vandalism alert'. i suggested people keep drives well-lit...& the neighbors across the street surprised me & did that...they never put their lights on lol. hubby got a motion detector spotlight to put out. we already have lights out @ the garage...so maybe brighter light 'catching nosey butts in our drive will scare them away--hopefully will get that done this weekend too.
so lots go'in on here...so i better get busy :D
have a great one...

09-05-2004, 03:11 PM
*shuffling in with dark sunglasses on, the light, ohhh the bright light, where's the asprin?*

Much fun last night! Perhaps too much fun. Some friends have started a band and had their first semi-public performance last night. They were afraid that they sucked but they actually ROCKED! Of course it didn't hurt that the booze flowed freely! :evil:

Hope everyone is having a good holiday!