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10-18-2001, 11:56 AM
ive had good times with Ebay but I have also have bad times.
ive had guys bid for my pictures give me their addresses and everything but the cheque never arrived and after countless of emails they never got intouch again, so what do you do?

I got back in contact with ebay and somehome the complaint thing did not work, so shall I relist the paintings again and carry on selling them as it has been a month now... or is that breaking ebay law.

I've had problems with paypal too.. loads of complications so Im afraid for now im just selling in England . Sales are a bit quiet at the moment probably becuase of this war thing.
well tell me what you think

10-18-2001, 06:37 PM
sorry you've had problems.. firstly, are you followingthe procedures for a Non Paying Bidder (NPB) or just complaining to eBay in general? You aren't likely to get a response for them about bidders if you're not just filing the right forms. I don't know where it is on the site, but look for NPB. You can also give them a big fat NEGATIVE! Negatives warn other sellers that these are non-payers. NPB give the buyer a record, and if they get 3 they are kicked off eBay. Filing NPB also lets you recover your fees from eBay - you will get your listing fees and your final value fees back (why give eBay their percentage if you didn't get the cheque?).

First try emailing the buyers one last time, of course. Sometimes explaining that you will have to file a non paying bidder report to recover your fees will get a response from them. There are bad sides to this too: the buyer can also give YOU a negative. But if you stay calm hopefully you can get out of that. Unfortunately eBay gives them this opportunity and they can try and blame you. Leaving a good natured comment with your negative helps too sometimes. There's some guy on the eBay boards who's left lots of negatives but never had a buyer retaliate. His comments are things like: "GREAT BIDDER! Shame about not paying, maybe next time." Stuff like that. :)

Another thing might be to re-write your Terms of Sale. Make sure you state exactly what methods you except from US buyers and list exact postage if you can. Tht should cut down on buyers who aren't sure and bid then can't pay, or buyers who decide after winning that the international postage is too much.


10-18-2001, 11:21 PM
I've only had one buyer who did that to me...he answered my first email and said he would use paypal...but he didn't. Then when I reminded him in three days...no response. The next week I sent another email and ask him to let me know if he had decided he could not purchase the painting...I really hate to leave negatives about someone! Still no response..so I filed the Non Paying Bidder with eBay. They sent me a copy of the email they send to the bidder, which tells them that you do not have to wait for a payment but can relist right away.

I relisted my item, left negative feedback just saying that the buyer did not respond and did not pay. EBay refunded my costs for that auction...and the painting sold to another bidder!! But the aggravation of having to go thru all that was not fun.

I had a buyer a couple of weeks ago who had gotten negative feedback...which seemed out of place so I checked the comments she made toward the seller involved in the transaction. It seems her house had burned down during the time of the auction! and she had no computer...no home...or anything for a month or more. So I know bad things can happen to cause problems for buyers as well as sellers.

10-20-2001, 01:47 AM
I had one buyer who was not responding to my emails, which I sent one the day the auction ended, then 2 days later, and again another 2 days later. In the last email, I said that I hoped that everything was okay with her but since I had not heard from her I could not guarantee that I would hold this painting for her if I did not hear from her within the next couple of days. I heard back and she did pay for the painting. I was lucky I guess.