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08-30-2004, 08:11 AM
Hello Everyone!! I am off today for holiday in St Louis. I cant wait!! The show was quite slow but I made a ton of contacts which was awsome! :clap: I hope you all hve a wonderful week and see you when I return!


08-30-2004, 08:23 AM
Have the best time, Mary!! See you when you get back!

Hello to all who check in today. :wave:

08-30-2004, 08:26 AM
Hey Mary.... Have a great week.... are you going to stop in and see Libby at Sorella's??? (bead store) Tell her I said hello!!!

The family wedding weekend and brunch went quite well. It was nice to have the family here as we will not have an opportunity to do that again before we move. Sadly, my brother-in-law, who has been married to my sister for 37 years, gave the family the news that his cancer has returned after 3+ years and will begin more tests to determine treatment. I was really young when these two started dating.... so he is as much a brother to me as my own brother! But I'm blessed to have a close family and know we will weather this with him and my sis and keep them supported as best we know how!

Mark is off to Europe again this week, so my nose has to hit the grindstone and make beads and jewelry!!! Lots of orders and getting ready for the upcoming show...

Have a great week all...... travelers stay safe.... back to school moms..smile !


Hiya Lynn!!! :D

08-30-2004, 08:30 AM
That is great Mary :) Wish you the best on your trip.

Here nothing new. Kinda tired from working in my house this weekend and happy about all the new chokers I made :)

Have a nice, creative day!

Hello Lynne!

Lois - we "cross posted". I am sorry to hear that about your brother-in-law. I really hope things get better for him. *hugz*

TurtleBay Jewelry
08-30-2004, 09:00 AM
Mornin' all!

McDuck, enjoy the vacay! Much deserved after any show, that's for sure. They're a lot of work!

Best for a wonderful day Lynne! We haven't seen any eye candy from you in a bit methinks....;) /wink wink nudge nudge

Lois, many blessings for you and your family through the waiting. After going through it with my dad, I understand how hard it can be. /big hugs!

Karen, great chokers in the S&T! Take a creative break! :)

As for me, just wanted to let everyone know I was back home in MI again. No more beach for Ian and I for a bit. It feels good to be home and do the normal boring things for a while. /chuckle Possibly I can sit at my bench and throw out some new things now, especially since I have silver soldering under my belt and some stone setting as well. Time to start combing the yellow pages to get an acetelyne set-up.

Hope everyone has a great day!

P.S. Donna Bee, if you're flying by, special hugs for you!


08-30-2004, 10:09 AM
:wave: Good Monday morning everyone!

Mary - Have a safe, fun trip!! Hope you two plan a little romance while you're away!

Lynne - hello! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Lois - sad news about your BIL, hope treatment goes well. Good news about the wedding though. And I hopeyou don't miss Mark too much! Great excuse to crank outnew stuff though!

Karen - can't wait to head over to Show & Tell and check out these chokers!! Rest up and make some more!!

Danielle - welcome back! Can't wait to see what you throw out with your new soldering set up (when you get it of course!). Sounds exciting!

As for this gal, I'm slaving away on custom stuff that should have already been done. It's starting to feel like the end of summer, so it should be easier to get back to work. I've got tons of new ideas, just need a little more time!!! LOL! Have a great productive day!! Enjoy!!

08-30-2004, 10:43 AM
Hello friends! I'm back from Paula's and gearing up for the kids first day of school tomorrow..... :crying: AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!! We had a great weekend in Kentucky - it was fun just hanging out..

Lois - I hope you BIL does well. Hugs to you and good thoughts for your family. Welcome home Danielle - do you have your woolie's unpacked? It's chilly here! Have a great trip Mary! Waving at the rest of the gang! :wave:

I'm off to get the last pre-school things done today and then we head to the ice cream social at Brenna's school. Here life comes..... ready or not!

Have a good one everyone!

08-30-2004, 10:45 AM
hi everyone :)

Mary I'm glad to hear you are taking a vacation - you certainly deserve one!!! Hope it's great :)

Glad the wedding was nice Lois, but sorry about the bad news :(

Hi Lynne :wave: And Karen too :wave: And Barrie :wave:

Welcome home Danielle! Hope to see more of your wonderfully creative work again now!

Friday the mechanics cracked our engine - luckily they recognize it's their fault and they are going to fix it no charge. And they provided a free rental for us. They gave us this loaded Yukon or something humoungus that I refuse to drive because I won't want to park it. Hubby can take it ;)

Yesterday we went to a state fair - I haven't been to one in 10 years and it was realy fun - especially to see it through Luke's eyes - he had such a great time - wanted to go on the big rides but settled for the kiddie rides. Chose the roller coaster first thing. He loves to go fast...

The day before was the Luau at Pegs and I met so many northwest beaders - it was wonderful and overwhelming (I'm really really shy in real life, but I try). Peg put on an amazing display - Her yard did indead look tropical and felt like Hawaii. She is an amazing hostess! There were some really wonderful demonstrations and I'm dying to get on the torch and try some new techniques. And her new challenges :) Her last challenge was an inside out hollow bead - where you had to decorate the hollow bead on the inside before you closed it up - I managed ONE - but I did tie for prettiest box (we had to decorate a wooden box to display our beads in) - I should take a picture of it - I love it - and it's funny, I made it in the car, in a dark hospital garage, with one little light on in my car while waiting for my son to get out of speech class... LOL.

Today is speech class and an oil change and blueberry picking... and working on something completely new for me - I think I'll enter it in the star challenge over at CA if I get it done - it's that cab I bead bezeled and I'm making a bracelet using square stich - which I've not ever done before - it's really not my style but it looks pretty cool.

OK, have to go check out the S&T today. Everyone have a nice day.

TA :)

08-30-2004, 10:46 AM
Hi to Nancy too! I missed you while I was writing my BOOK. LOL. Sorry school is starting so soon - Luke has 3 more weeks - but he can't wait, silly child.

08-30-2004, 01:27 PM
A late hi from me! :wave:

Mary - have a great holiday!!

Lois - I'm so sorry about the sad news of your brother-in-law! My best wishes for him!!

Danielle - welcome back! Can't wait to see your new stuff!

Barry and Nancy - just hi! :wave:

Pam - I'd love to see a pic of your box, and of your hollow bead!

No news here, had a pretty unproductive and uninspired day. I found some old Agate-cabochons at my mum's and got some more pearls and now I'm just pondering around what to do with them... Ah well, time will tell! :)

Have a nice day, everybody!

08-30-2004, 02:33 PM
Hi everyone!

I love this new little wavy guy!


(He's just perfect, not quite as manic as the jumping clappy guy! Although of course I still like him, as well.)

Everyone have a blessed and safe Monday afternoon and evening.

Anyone feel free to joing me sending a prayer, and/or positive thoughts-good energy out for our WC friends who are traveling today and throughout the week and weekend. Also anyone who is moving. They all deserve extra good will from us right now! Also to Lois' brother-in-law.

Danielle, welcome back my friend, we are practically neighbors once again! :D

Good luck getting your students back in school Nancy. It is so very bittersweet isn't it? It's day four here that mine have been in full time, and after the first day where I freaked out a lot, I am finding this extremely wonderful! Yes! This calls for the clappy guy! :clap: That's me every day, a free woman !!!! :cool:

Andee may your inspiration strike and soon! I can't live very long without some pics of your cool pieces! :D

Hi Pam! :wave: Busy girl! You are lucky your little guy will go on the fast rides. My Zach is six and he still will not ride anything more intense than the buzzy bees or the little tiny boats that go in a circle with the bell. :rolleyes: Bless his little heart. I am not one to push him before he is ready though. So that is fine. Although when he would not even go on the water ride at Great America however, I was a little irritated. I didn't tell him that though! lol

Good Luck with the custom work Barrie, it will be nice when it is done. :wink2:

I am working on some things to show you all, believe it or not! Soon, soon....

We had a good report regarding Zach's lymph nodes. The specialist strongly feels that it's nothing more than chronic tonsils draining to those lymph nodes. Zach will definitely be having his tonsils removed, probably within the next month. Then many things will be better! :D He has had surgery before, and so I am not too worried. He always has to take Amicar with surgery though, because he is a mild bleeding risk. He will be okay though, the surgery is with one of the very best doctors there is, and I am so grateful. Although the whole thing is such a pain to have to do! Well, it's more painful for Zach. But he is happy that he gets all the popsicles he wants when he wakes up. He remembers that from the ear surgery!

Bye for now, I didn't know I was going to yak this much today! :p :D

(edited for clarity and grammar, like almost all my WC posts! And I don't really know why I bother! :wink2: )

Here is Zach on day one of first grade last week. He is such a string bean. The doc said his height is in the 95th percentile, and his weight is in the 70th only. People think I don't feed him. LOL!!!!! He eat's the most of any person in this family. He always has ate tons and drank huge amounts of formula since the day he was born (at ten pounds six ounces!)

All his clothes, backpack, everything he wants Spiderman, yet he is too afraid to actually see the movie. And so we haven't actually seen Spidey 2! :p

08-30-2004, 05:04 PM
Hi Andee and Donna Bee :)

Here is my box and bead, as promised.

I have a question for all of you though - how do you get that "insert image" button to work? I press it and all I get is the IMG tag - then what? Thanks!

Oh yeah, I also have to tell you guys about this really cool book if you like seedbead work : Exquisite Beaded Jewelry by Lynda Musante. Very nice eye candy and some neat ideas - the instructions are a little lacking, so not for the beginner I don't think.

08-30-2004, 05:45 PM
Hiya Everyone!

Pam, the img tag works like it would in html, as far as I know... the whole tag would look like [ img src="http :// address-of-your-picture-here" ], I think. (At least, it will if it looks anything like html.)

I have slept all day today, trying to recover from yesterday.. *grins* I haven't made anything in a few days, so maybe today will be the lucky day.

*Yawning* I'm trying to remember what all I read.. but.. I can't! lol I hope everyone has a good end of Monday!

08-31-2004, 11:25 AM
Donna - thanks, I try not to let you wait too long! ;) Cute pic of Zach! Good luck for him for the op - I only had my tonsils removed at the very ripe age of 36!

Pam - thanks for sharing your pics! The box is really cute, I love the pattern!
And good job on the hollow bead, too! :clap: