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08-29-2004, 02:31 PM
I selected a 9x 12 Strahtmore paper to work on for this WDEand a literal interpretation of it.
My main concern was trying to capture the water.. I saw traces of the clouds reflected in the gentle swells and wanted to get those and the reflections and ripples in, but spent to much time on the background and started to run short on time and then the darn kayak and people ate up way to much more. Had a very difficult time with that scince they are so small. In retrospect now that I am looking at it, the kayak should be more of a focal point, but I don't think there is enough definition/detail there. Like the blue of it though scince I would rather it didnt become to glaring. Also see now that the line of the kayak doesn't line up well with the figures, ends up looking warped/bowed..rear figure should be shifted to the left and front to the right.
I also do not think I captured the wake of the kayak well but was out of time by that point, unkowingly I ran 5 minutes over. I find the WDE"S very helpfull but I would greatly appreciate anything anyone has to offer on this. I am not sure if I will do it again, but I would like to be able to see what needs to be done more clearly. Wondering also if it would look better if the kayak was a bit further back in the painting. Any comments critiques on any aspect of this would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

08-29-2004, 03:06 PM
I think it's a great piece. You're right about setting the kayak back into the scene a little more, I think that would be more inviting. And skewing the people over a little would line them up better. But, the reflection in the front of the kayak is VERY nice, that is what pulled me into the painting. So, if you were to move things back a bit, would you start over or rub out and move things, or what? I'd be inclined to start over, but that can be so disheartening after you've put so much time into it. At that point I usually just chuck the whole thing!! So, I'm really curious as to how others handle that kind of situation and what motivates them to "get it right". Obviously, it would depend on how much you cared about the piece and the composition (and if you've got a support that can handle that kind of abuse).
love to hear what you think

08-29-2004, 03:41 PM
Thank you for your comments Terry.
I am not really so sure about the water...wanted clouds and swells..not sure if I just ended up with just clouds, or a nice mess which resembles water reflecting things in the foreground.
If I were to do this again, especially with setting back the kayak I would probably just do it over and larger..would be so much easier with the small size of the kayak.
The paper isn't overworked so I wouldn't be afraid of brushing off and lifting the colors off with a kneaded eraser if I wished to keep this size. WDE's are only two hours so don't have a much time invested.

Kathryn Wilson
08-29-2004, 09:07 PM
David, I think you did a commendable job for 2 hours. This is a complicated subject to do in 2 hours and get all the parts and pieces to work together. Don't be so hard on yourself!

I like the water in front of the kayak, but agree it should be moved back. The line of the trees at the water level should be straightened to be horizontal. You got a lot of nice colors in those pines too. The reflections need some buffing out to "haze" them a bit - you can do this with a side stroke of the side of your palm (if the paper is big enough) - or I have used my finger tip. I rub them first vertically - and then very gently horizontally. You might want to practice this before doing on a painting. It gives a softer look.

BTW - the WDE are only 2 hours, but you don't have to finish - you only have to post what you done in those two hours and if you feel rushed, don't worry about it - you can work on it any time after the WDE and post when it's finished.

Good luck with this!

08-29-2004, 10:27 PM
You're right! This was a LOT of work for just two hours! I LIKE the water myself tho you might fiddle with it more to show the darker swells and such. Good job on the kayak...I THINK just moving the back fellow to the left more would help the shape problem...that's a difficult angle to get right!

Kat's right...the WDE is just to get us working with ease and economy of effort, but you don't have to have a totally finished piece...lotsa folks just have a good start by the time time's up. It's also supposed to be a FUN challenge and it looks like you DID have that!

Nice work!

08-29-2004, 10:55 PM
Sooz...appreciate your thoughts on the water.. that is what may be what I am looking for in the back of my head

Kyle.. what a great tip..thank you very much. I did pull the colors down but stroking them also left and right would give it a much more natural look and enhance the rippled water effect..thanks

Yes I am hard on myself, but I dont have much time to paint. I am usually very happy with whatever I accomplish, but then I look close and hard and try to be honest to see where and what I need to work on to improve myself. I also work extremly slow, so I wish to force myself to finish in the two hour time limit. I think this will help me immensly in the long run. The wde's are great fun, I don't expect to turn out a masterpiece and the time limit makes me make choices and do things I normaly wouldn't do...find I am more experimental with these, and it is a good time.
Thank you both for looking and your thoughts