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08-28-2004, 04:54 PM
I am new here and a beginner at painting. I look forward to getting to know you all and learning from you. If you would like to see some of my work, you may go to:


Spitfire :wave:

08-28-2004, 05:10 PM

Welcome to WetCanvas! and the acrylic forum. I wasn't able to acess your site, but I would love to see your work. If possible, try posting your work directly in the thread. You might want to stop by the new user forum and get to know your way around WetCanvas; this is a very big place and some members get lost :)! If you ever have any questions, feel free to post them. Have fun exploring the site!


08-29-2004, 09:09 AM
Hi.. also couldn't view your art... many sites that offer free space for photos etc, don't allow links, that may be the problem. If you can attach to the thread here, I'd sure like to look!

08-30-2004, 08:17 AM
I am new here too, and having been out of the art realm for 7 years I have learned alot about different mediums and techniques here on wetcanvas. James

Lady Carol
08-30-2004, 10:10 AM
:wave: :wave: :wave:

Welcome to the world of acrylics.