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08-26-2004, 12:06 PM
Looks like ajlec200 has marshalled up something a little different for us this weekend! :D
Here's her invitation.

Invitation to the August 28 WDE
More like inducted into the WDE Army! Grab your tooth brush and art supplies!
You're going right into the action!
The usual WDE Army Regulations apply.
I'll post the pics at 3:30 pm Eastern August 28th.(Someone got the Timezone converter, Sarge here can't take care of everything. I'm an NCO not your mother!)
Take half an hour to pick a pic, then get moving. In two hours post what you got in a new thread, making sure you indicate the date of the WDE in the Subject line. Then if its not done get back to work and finish it. Post updates in the same thread.
NO GOLDBRICKING! But you can get to it whenever you like, Saturday,
later in the week, 7 years from now. Just make sure you enjoy it.THAT'S AN ORDER!
Any questions pertaining to this block of instructions? No.
Til Saturday.

And there will be a full dress inspection on Sunday.....AND THOSE BRUSHES BETTER BE CLEAN!

Lol, aj!
Here's a link to the All Media Art Events Forum:
Here's a link to the Information thread in the AMAE Forum, for anyone not sure how it works:

Here are some approximate start times around the world. Note: Images will be posted half an hour earlier.
New York-Sat 4pm, Paris-Sat 10pm, Anchorage-Sat 12pm, Amsterdam-Sat 10pm, New Orleans-Sat 3pm, Vancouver-Sat 1pm, Manila-Sun 4pm, London-Sat 9pm, Halifax-Sat 5 pm, Sydney- Sun 6am, Toronto- Sat 4pm, US Mountain time-Sat 2pm, Helsinki-11pm

Many thanks to ajlec2000 for volunteering to host the event!
:) See you on Saturday! (or Sunday if you're Down Under!) :wave:

08-28-2004, 12:14 AM
"His" invitation,Sundiver. That's me in the tank.

08-28-2004, 08:03 AM
Funny!! I'm intrigued about this one. What kind of pictures are going to show up in this week's WDE?? I just hope I don't have to replicate camoflage!!

I am looking forward to participating this week- life has been crazy busy this week and I haven't done much art. That just can't continue, so I'll report back at 3:30, sir, for further instructons.