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08-23-2004, 08:51 AM
Mornin' y'all - welcome to the weekly chat thread in the Illustration Forum. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and tell us what's happening with you this week. If this is your first time joining us, this is the thread where you share your thoughts, dreams, challenges, woes with your neighbors across the world - so come on in and tell us about what's happening -

Grab a cuppa joe and here we go!

g'mern'in folks! from last weeks coffee deprivation...to this weeks coffee abundance...thought i'd share what my husband brought back from his trip for me (such a great sense of humor) see pict.
oh, and which one of you stole munch's 'the scream' in norway? it's becoming quite a novelty to steal that thing these days! hey...if you stole it...you can hang it in the coffee shop for a while b4 you return it. we can rename it...'oh no, who forgot the joe?'
have a great week

08-23-2004, 12:06 PM
Heyyyy jen that all looks REALLY REALLY good on this end! No complaints here! Tho I've already had my morning cup o coffee on my way walking through downtown on the search for a plunger for the cloggy toilet blargh. Had a busy busy weekend. A friend of mine came down from new brunswick and brought a friend of his. Lots of sitting on the door step sipping beer and having a good time lol. I met most of the neighbores in my building - funny i've been here for an entire year and only met the people upstairs. Takes only 1 weekend of booze on a step for the other ones to come around ^.^ Aside from not being at the apartment a lot, and having friends down i've curetainly managed to neglect being here. If I owe someone a PM i'll return it later!

Anyways yesterday I had my first session with the tattooist. He was working on one of his custom tattoos. So amazing! He's an encredible artist! It was amazing watching him work.

Welll I should get back to it. I think I should get some laundrey done then run around downtown for a bit since I promised one of my street friends a sandwich. Looks like my one buddy has decided to take a veyry long nap on the couch so I'll just leave him here lol

Fun times before back to school! :rolleyes: :D

08-23-2004, 04:32 PM
Y'all can keep a secret, right? :angel:


08-23-2004, 05:01 PM
sssssssssssssssshh..............not a word from me..........no sir.......... :evil: :evil:

08-23-2004, 05:11 PM
Heh, Shweet :D

08-23-2004, 05:53 PM
Hey gang! Running outa time here for the day. Gonna be a busy week!

Spent the weekend bustin knuckles and wearin (swearin') meself out building a shed in the back yard. One of those oldschool steel types. They managed to turn it into a giant jigsaw puzzle and pack it into a box that would fit in the back of my compact suv!

On a brighter note, I got a billboard! Check it out, the house on the bottom one is one of mine. They modified it quite a bit - took out the sky and the background. But, it was just to help it read at 75mph on the interstate!

Anyway gotta go! Carefull, Ted, their on to ya now!

08-24-2004, 01:56 PM

Ted, thanks for sharing it with us...it's no fun to hog it all to yourself ;) let's be reeaaally hush, hush now...i don't think any of us can afford a 'bust' in this place...they'd probably find all sorts of 'dirty laundry' in here...and that's not axl's either.

dave...i bet u had tons o' fun w/ the shed. my hub put together one of those wooden backyard playsets w/ a tower for the kids last year...lots of '*@!#' language burst out. the diagram never matches the reality for some reason.
great to see your art on that billboard!...you get extra usage fee for that, or just happy to get a free promo?

paranoid about the school bussing situation...i'm going to walk down the street here in a few min. & stand on the corner & wait for my son to HOPEFULLY be dropped off to me. the person in the office couldn't even give me a bus number! ACK! :eek: breathe in...breathe out okay, i better go now. one thing i do know...if he doesn't get dropped off...i bet ted can help me find him :wink2:

08-24-2004, 05:06 PM
you get extra usage fee for that, or just happy to get a free promo?

No, it was originally purchased for that purpose. I had never tried to paint anything that could be read from a speeding vehicle, so I just stuck to what I knew and then worked with the billboard designer and my client to make whatever changes they felt would help it to read ok. I think it worked out pretty well, you can catch most of the detail as you pass by.

Funny thing - their process was very low tech - tape it to the wall and step back 40 feet or so to see if they could still make it out. LOL.

paranoid about the school bussing situation...i'm going to walk down the street here in a few min. & stand on the corner & wait for my son to HOPEFULLY be dropped off to me. the person in the office couldn't even give me a bus number! ACK! breathe in...breathe out okay, i better go now. one thing i do know...if he doesn't get dropped off...i bet ted can help me find him

Am leaving right now myself. We had a bad first day with the afterschool program here. The college students who were supposed to be watching the kids were off having their own private conversation when my wife went to pick up my daughter. They didn't even notice she was there till she went up and stood in their face, then they didn't even ask for an ID! My wife was a bit upset. Any child could have been abducted or walked off and the two idiots would never have known!:eek:

She fired off several e-mails to the directors and such and was promised swift action.

Now its my turn to pick up, so , we'll see if there's any improvement.

08-25-2004, 09:18 AM
well, the bus came & all was well. sure was nerve-wracking tho. got a pict. of the bus coming down the street but my dern card was full when i went to take a pict. of him jumping off the bus :confused: and of course...w/ all that distraction...i forgot to look at the bus number!
it is likely going to rain today...and i don't have a rain coat for him. may have to have a 'how to use an umbrella' lesson. hate how i don't think of things til' they r 'in ma face'.
have to stop at a store & get more school supplies....sure am hoping after today...things can routine themself to some normalcy around here so i can get back to being an artist & not just feel'in like a 'soccer mom'.

08-25-2004, 09:52 AM
Glad the bus ride went well for you.

We had much better luck ourselves. They actually asked for my ID when I went to pick up my daughter yesterday. And they seemed to be paying much more attention to all the kids in general.

It really bugs me though that the school doesn't have a fence around the playground. The PTA is going to try and raise enough money for one this year but I just don't wanna wait. Wish I had an extra 10k lying around. Oh well........

08-25-2004, 10:07 AM
Well Goodmorning! I have finally arrived and with my own cup of coffee for once! I hope that the drama with the bus and daycare issues calm down! I don't have children of my own, but I can see how nervous I would be if I had to let go of my most treasured "possession" to be cared for in the hands of others. eep. I am looking forward to having children one day. I am thinking 5 years from now. Marraige in 2. But that is a loose timeframe... you know how it goes when you try to plan your life. he he.

AFM159 - the REAL question is "how many times did you drive by that billboard?" :p And how many pictures did you take? And have your loved ones asked you to pose in front of it "hey guys I am the teeny tiny spec in the lower left behind the car passing by."

Well I have a whole day of abstract thinking ahead of me. One of those social issues that has a very abstract theme that needs illustrating. Wish me luck! I find it challenging - helps me build my own archive of ideas in my head along the way. And then more web work tonight. I am making sure to fit my sketchbook time in once a day and at least a few pages pleasurable reading. This weekend I am visiting my Grandparents and I am taking the Oil Pastels home with me. Full week, but fun.

Jen your coffee looks good... gonna have to get me some new flavors!

08-25-2004, 05:41 PM
That was the first pic I took - I keep forgeting my camera! I'm up that way all the time as I have several clients that-a-way. Really, I do. :D

Kathryn Wilson
08-25-2004, 10:55 PM
Well, you all know that I don't brag much - :evil: - but had to share this triumph (at least for me). I actually put a figure into a landscape and it looks like a real person - LOL. I've often wondered if I could actually do a figure and have it look convincing - at least to my eyes, it ain't too bad. This is in oil pastels -

08-26-2004, 12:17 AM
mmm. nothing like supper at 1 am. This is what happens when I work nothing but night shifts lol Its ok though. I hate mornings!

*Sips the midnight coffee*

So I'm the break and enter master now. I locked myself out of my apartment today. And had to break into my place. LOL. Only took steeling the neighbores ladder and climbing into an unlocked window. ! :D

Congrats, kat on your painting there! You know you got me thinking its funny how people look at subject matter and think of how different they all are from one subject to another. But really, is it all that different (from painting from life, or references, that is)? Is painting a person really that different from painting a landscape to painting a dog, to painting a car...? Perhaps I'm not connecting as much to my subject matter as I should be when I'm drawing from life or from references. Mind you its a whole different feel in my head when I'm creating something from my own imagination. But when drawing from life, i've just started to break it down to colour, shape, line and tone and it all usually falls together. 's all just an illusion.

Hey you know what. We (well. representational artists) all are not artists. We are illusionists :cool:

Fish = Brain food
Fish at 1a am = A thinkity axl at 1 am

Anyways Kiddies going back to school, yeah? got tommorow off. Tonight was hectic. I work in an office supplies store. It is back to school time here. That means all hell breaks loose in the store and I get to try and piece things back together in customer service. Funny thing happened today. Instead of people yelling at me, I get a guy come up who is buying rather expensive paper and I point out to him that we do indeed have much cheeper paper than what he's buying, that is on sale for school. So. He runs off. Lots of people do this, and usually they dont come back for a while. Luckaly i have the magical ability to put a hold on customers transactions to take care of the next person in line. This woman, carrying 1 little item that didnt even need to be bagged. I ring her in. He comes back up. And no, he dont take it out on me, but start fighting with one another.


School Shopping makes customers funny. And super cranky! Sarcastic Yey!

I really miss being a regular cashier. When I was just working the lanes, and someone had a problem, I'd just point them to custoer service and allow them to take themselves, and any oter problem they may have over to that desk, so whoever was working there could deal with it. Ahhhhh.... those were the days!!!

Anyways. Funny the friends didnt leave until tuesday. Tuesday night at about 12:00 I got offered the oppertunity to go to new brunswick in a drunkin stooper. Somehow the one little sober bit of me convinced me that no, i needed to stay, so i dont get fired. Ahhh... Really. With how busy it is at the store, I kinda wish i woulda just went and got fired *g*

So the roomate who was messing with my computer moved out. 1 down, 1 to go this weekend. then the place is all MINE!! i'll clean every inch of this place and move aroun the furniture and finally unpack all my art stuff crammed in the hallway.

I will announce later the official day of the party. get ready for fun!! Y'all are invited :angel: :evil: :D

08-26-2004, 09:49 AM
ngh. coffee.

Axl - totally agree with you on the morning thing. Couldn't even make small talk on the elevators this morning. Tonight is the last night of freelance for a lil bit. 4 days anyway. A large part of me said call in sick and then that responsible side said GET UP. I brought more of my painting music (tori, howard shore, etc) to put on my mac to zone into while designing so that I can focus.

Kyle I think your painting looks great!

... coffee ... and what the heck... golden grahams... no special K today. I'll come back later when my brain is working...

08-26-2004, 03:28 PM
truck was broken into last night....get this.......amidst all the stuff that could've been hocked for $, including an under the seat 5 cd disk changer...$3.00 in change & the candy that was next to it in a covered center console was the only stuff that was taken. KIDS! BRATS!
guess i may have to look into investing in a car alarm :evil:
just thought i'd roll in & share the lovely news.
while i'm here...anyone know how to clean a 8mm video camera? i don't wanna pay to get it cleaned...but just am not sure what to clean inside it??

08-26-2004, 03:38 PM
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO golden grahms!!! I havent had those in FOREVER!!!!

Mum took me out for breakfast this morning (well. she drove. i payed. lol) it was SOOO good consider I hardly ever never eat breakfast. Veggie hash, scrambled eggs, 3 pieces of bacon and toast! YEAH! mmmmm

Jen I think you might be able to get cleaning casettes for that kinda thing, that you just sorta stick into the machine, push play and let it do its thing. If I remember about it I'll ask the guys at work tommorow and see what thay say.

Your realy lucky they didnt take more than what they did! My gramdpas car got broken into once, smashed out the entire back window all for some pieces of random hardware (like nuts and bults) in a paper bag. Funn.

Listening to zeppelin. Ramble on :D. Thinking some coffee will go good. And will fix the speakers with duct tape. Today in the mall I was in a trendy store and I saw an aerosmith t-shirt. I had to laugh, cos i have the same one, but its about 3 years old now "Hey look mum I did it before it was cool!" What the hell

*Does a little dance and goes to stare at the pile of dishes in the sink*

08-26-2004, 04:47 PM
Hey gang! How ya'll!

jen - WOW - so sorry your truck was broken into. Been there done that. Twice for me. Once in college my jeep CJ5 was broken into not that it was hard to break into a jeep with no top. :rolleyes: But they took the oddest things - my side view mirrors.

When we lived out in Denver our '94 Honda Accord was stolen. Stolen and recovered before we knew it was gone. Some kids made a sweep of our apartment complex breaking into various vehicles (including my truck) and taking things. Then they chose our Honda to load all the booty in and take a joy ride.

The police found it abandoned, run up the side of an embankment, lights on, doors open, still running. Aparently the police came to our apartment and banged on the door at 3am, but we didn't hear them. In the morning I went to take out the trash and saw my truck had been broken into, didn't realize the car was gone, even though I was standing in its empty space! When we called the police, they recognized our address as the one with the stolen car and they asked us about it, we both looked at each other and ran to the window to look!

When we went to have the car towed to a body shop, we got to see what they had done. They did their best to trash it, but were pretty stupid. Lots of scratch markes on the paint, holes in the upoholstry, a couple of dents, bodily fluids (looked like they had hocked loogies all over it), stereo hanging half out (they couldn't figure out how to get it out) nor could they figure out how to get in the trunk. Amazingly no real damage.

The kids were never caught (I guess it's really an assumption they were kids). The body shop went to bat for us and got our insurance to replace everything that had been damaged, not repaired, replaced. After we got it back we tried to trade it in, but were upside down in our payments, and couldn't afford a new one. So we kept it.

My wife still drives it today. It has outlasted my truck and my Subaru Outback, and may well outlast my Ford Escape, given the amount of miles I drive.

Turns out, that year model was the number one stolen car that year and has remained in the top 5 since. The police showed me how they got in, its a design flaw in how the windows fit in the door frame. They can easily be popped out and pushed down by hand, so the thief didn't have to break the windows.

Oh - we did put a car alarm on it and a steering wheel lock. :wink2:

Anyway, enough, of my ramblings.................

Kyle - nice painting!

Axl - glad yer gettin' yer apartment back to yoself!

Fruit Loops fer me please! :D

08-26-2004, 10:14 PM
where was I? oh yes, on the rant of three dollars and some suckers. geez, and we get to pay 250 bucks for that #[email protected]*, for a replacement.
one nice thing...the replacement co. is going to do it on-site so no running around toting kids & waiting rooms. stinky thing is that we had to fit the truck into the garage so they wouldn't get tempted to come back & really do some damage! let me tell you it barely fit! we had to move sooo much &(mind you--i do art out there ) a freezer too. def. going to do the car alarm thing now.
our other vehicle is a chevy nova w/ a nice plexiglass over a 'like' window from a previous incident. i don't even want to go into all the crazy vehicle crap i've been through...but the worst was a drunk driver hitting the back of my parked car infront of my house...me looking out the window...the idiot panicking & the razing the whole side of my husbands vehicle in his escape & then getting away w/ it! now that was quit a blow to the pocket...not having coverage for 'hit & run'.
dave, your story is pretty amazing tho...it feels comforting that i'm not alone :crying: / :evil:
anyways...sorry to drag you all down w/ my mood...i hope the insanity of it can give you a chuckle. guess i need to work harder on selling art to make up for the loss!
hey kyle...you're a trooper w/the OP! very exciting to see you crank these these out on a dedicated basis. i think the vibrancy is cheering me up already. hey, how is your exploration w/ 'other ideas' going? did you get that long PM i sentcha?
u know i eat cereal at night all the time & hardly ever in the morning? mmm, think i'll go get some now ;)

08-26-2004, 11:42 PM
eeek. scary car break ins! I havn't had such misfortune yet... but i do get nervous because I drive a 2003 Civic... and Civics are supposed to be high theft. So far so good. It helps that my car is parked at work three stories below ground... but I am going to start taking the bus everyday to save on gas and mileage. So I hope it stays safe. One of my friends drives an older Civic and has been broken into three times in the last three months. Ugh.

Here is to hoping for better luck with your cars Jen!!!!

It is late here.. no cereal for me.. just coffee!

08-27-2004, 11:12 AM
Makes me glad I dont have a vehical. Appearently there has been some problems in the parking lot of our building. Most places around here dont have parking spots for residents, so we are lucky to have a very large parking lot with *FREE* parking. But appearently there have been people shooting up back there, and my neighbore upstairs says things have been stolen from the back of his truck in more than one occasion. A vehicle is just something I don't need to deal with right now, as if I could afford the expense of having one, but its completely pointless when you live where I live anyways. Living 10 minutes from downtown means everything I could ever possibly want is a short walk away, or a quick buss ride across town. I dont even have my drivers licence, and i don't believe i'e ever had a time in my life where i had to say "damn, i wish i drove.."

This area is sketchy like that, with the breakins and stuff. Every now and then a place up the street wll have a new smashed window. It makes me worried living in this apartment, expecially since I'll be here by myself and its on the ground floor, though the guys in the basement promise to take care of me lol When I lived upstairs this apartment already got broken into, while I was living there. Some crazy crack lady starts smashing in the door glass panel with a hammer, at about 3 am in the morning. I called the cops and my neighbore tackled her to the ground, and they arrested her. Appearently she's been doing this before and has been told to keep away from the area. Yeep. There's now a huge sheet of plexiglass overtop of the door, and a large poster with a peep hole. There's a beware of dog" sign too. which usually gets door-to-door sales people, and other random people who've never been to my place before. It makes them encredibly nervous when I come to the door, they see the sign, and then I spend the entire conversation standing between the partially opened door looking back n forth between them and into the apartment (to make sure my cats don't get out). You should see the sweat roll. lolol. If I could afford a dog I would get one. I live close to the largest park in halifax, lots of grass for them to romp in. But its not on my list of afordable items at the moment. lol

Anyways i've been painting furniture this morning and last night. So I think I'll get back at it and wake the roomate up with some happy music.

08-27-2004, 05:11 PM
Had me some Bah-Bah-Que for lunch today and all is right with the world.

Hellfire could rain down on me now and I wouldn't notice. :D

Now if I just had me some whiskey. :evil:

Happy weekend all!

Kathryn Wilson
08-29-2004, 11:40 AM
It's Sunday morning and I've read the paper and had my coffee, so curling up in the chair in front of the computer to catch up.

Ack! If anyone broke into my PT Cruiser (my baby), I'd be sick and livid all at the same time. So sorry this has happened Jen - and you too Ted - people have no respect for other people's property any more - well, that is another whole rant in itself isn't it - :mad:

Jen reminded me that I hadn't posted my experimental piece - it's been a busy time over in the oil pastel forum - we are kind of on a mini revolt over there and the conversations have been very insightful.

Summary on the piece - it's oil pastel on canvas board, with an underpainting/coating of gesso, topped off with Liquitex sculptural paint to give the painting a 3-D effect, then painted with OP's, and finished with a luminous irridescent OP to give it a glow. I've started a second piece, but I am having a difficult time in getting the scultural liquitex to dry in this humidity.

I wanted a minimalist look to it - but it sure did raise lots of questions over in the OP forum - LOL

08-29-2004, 01:07 PM
That 3-d effect - weird!! It looks cool though. I'm trying to think of someone else who uses this in their work too. Ahhhh I've seen keith russel use this in his work, to add texture and dimention to his work.

Oooo. My roomate *JUST* finished moving out! Time for me to go move my stuff around! COOL!!