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08-22-2004, 09:03 AM
I sure hope I'm not missing another one somewhere, everyone must be sleeping in. No idea what I'm doing up at the buttcrack of dawn.
Vetrofond black and silvered opal yellow.

08-22-2004, 10:28 AM
Nice job. I like your color choice and stringer control. Your size consistency is good, too.
Take care,

manda j
08-22-2004, 11:04 AM
Where is everyone?

Here's what I took outof the kiln this morning. It was lightning so much yesterday I thought we would loose power so I hurried to quit and close down. It was fun to try these little fishies with 2 mandrels going up and down and one from mouth to tail. A little river rock too.

Those lentils are great- oh to have that kind of stringer control!!

08-22-2004, 11:09 AM
Here's a heart pendant I made with some furnace glass. Have a GREAT day everyone.



08-22-2004, 11:23 AM
Good morning all!

Pete, love those heart pendants you do (in fact, I have one on my watch list right now :wink2:

Jeanne, silvered opal yellow---hmm, very nice, gonna have to try that combo some time for something! :) Good job!

Cute fish, Manda!

Here is my offering today:


08-22-2004, 11:37 AM
Happy Sunday everyone.

Here's a new series that continues to evolve. Boro with two facets on each.

Moonlight Creations
08-22-2004, 11:53 AM
Here's my first attempt creating a bicone...it's just shy 2" in length. Black moretti on top with dark grey/ivory/trans dark grey on the bottom. Purple spacers too!

~ Sonje

08-22-2004, 12:31 PM
Here's some from me. I've been off Ebay for the month because things were so slow. But it seems to be picking up so these will be listed today.

I also started to play around with some sculpture. I love the new Cornecopia set.


08-22-2004, 12:36 PM
Jeanne - Don't you just love the COP! The more you heat it the more colors you get.

Manda - sweet fishies! They look nice and plump.

Pete - I love that heart. That ribbon of color through it is awesome.

Julie - Very pretty. Is that copper green on the base?

Lauri - Those colors are amazing. I really like the ones laying down.

Sonje - Great first attempt. Those bicones can be tricky.

Marie - Sorry you snunk in on me. This dial-up is so slow. I love those veggies.

Here is mine for today. Nothing exciting. I was trying to make a hollow when it colapsed. I wasn't sure what to do with all of the glass on my mandrel, so I added some flowers and mushed the snot out of it! :evil: It light amber with cobalt flowers.

Becky Mason
08-22-2004, 12:39 PM
Nice start eveyone. Hopefully after you posted your pics you made a beeline for your torch, which is what I'm getting ready to do. I lost out my torch time last weekend thanks to Hurrican Charley. Not this weekend.

Lauri, LOVE your faceted bead. What type of tool/machine do you use to facet? Can it aslo be done on soft glass beads?

I tried something totally new yesterday, and boy am I happy with the outcome. :clap: I recently bought some wine bottle openers/stoppers that have a shank for attaching a knob on the top. They were actually designed for wood working artists, but some fellow WC-ers said they worked great for lampwork, so I bought some to try them out. WOW!! I am totally hooked on these. They are very nice quality, and not terribly expensive. About $7 each.

I've included 4 pictures showing #1 - the finished product, #2 - how the opener screws into the stopper to make up the finished product, #3 - the bottle stopper without the bead showing the shank where the bead gets glued, and #4 - closeup of the bead, which is copper green rolled in silver foil and decorate with dark amber stringer.

Becky Mason

08-22-2004, 12:46 PM
Great start to the Show & Tell everyone!!

Becky - is that bead blown or solid? That's a neat piece and the bead is wonderful - so round!!


08-22-2004, 01:19 PM
Jeanne - that is a cool combination, kinda like a soft buttery yellow on black.
Manda - those are some cute little fishies
Pete - That heart pendant is FAB! Ilove the way the swirl is perfectly centered to the tip of the heart.
Julie - How did you do that? Copper green and a frit? But which one? Very earthy feeling.
Lauri - jaw dropping as always, more please, I wish I could see one of those up close and personal. :D
Sonje - for a first attempt at a bicone, I think you've done pretty darn good. :D Keep practicing and they do get easier.
Maria - all the sets are gorgeous. the cornicopia one reminds me on thanksgiving and how much I miss the big todo around it at my mom's home. Very nice!
Aimee - Are you one of those too who doesn't know what to do with large amounts of glass on a mandrel? I have been having to force myself to play bigger on occassion.
Becky - That is one TO DIE FOR wine opener/stopper. GORGEOUS!

Here is my harvest from last night:
First a red, yellow and white dot set:
Then an ivory, turquoise, tequila sunrise coral and forggy green dots:
Then some test beads, I was playing with some silver pink to see if it reacted with anything, so far nothing exciting (ruby gold gave a little reaction with a little line between the rows), but it sure is a pretty pink, an EDP lentil with rim, and an opal yellow tester bead do not mind its ugliness ;)
Finally, my entry into corina's bead challenge, opal yellow and edp

Now I'm greedy and wanna see more more more more more more glass! gimme more glass!

Hugs from Holland,

Becky Mason
08-22-2004, 01:25 PM

The bead is solid, and has a core of yucky Moretti clear (I knew one day I'd figure out what to do with that 10 lbs that I've had laying around). I figured this was a less expensive way to make this size bead, so that I wasn't using all copper green. I also made another one that was totally Moretti clear, rolled in silver leaf, then rolled in Val Cox's Caribbean Blue Frit (pictured below). It has a watery transluscence to it, so it doesn't matter that the core is yucky clear, because you can't tell. I think I'll use up all of my yucky clear doing beads like it.

The reason that the Verdigris bead is so round is that I used a graphite bead shaper to roll the bead into. It is a wonderful tool for larger beas like this one. I've attached pictures of the tool with the Caribbean Blue Frit bead in it showing you how I used both sides of the tool. The Caribbean Blue Frit bead is a little more oval shaped. I used the "round" side of the tool to round the tip of the bead, and the "open" side of the tool to round the mandrel end of the bead. For the Verdigris bead, I just used the "round" side of the tool.

I got it from FlameTree glass, and I it is the 3/4" and 1" combo graphite tool.
If you don't have one of these tools, I highly recommend it. It is GREAT!!!


08-22-2004, 01:52 PM
Gorgeous work everyone!

That cornucopia set is just awesome!

I got inundated with special orders last week, and then didn't get pictures in my rush to get them out. :rolleyes:

So, not much from me lately, but here's a couple...

Goldstone, white filigrana, Gaffer pink(LOVE the whispy in that glass!)

Hallow Eve~
Intense black, new coral, and white.


08-22-2004, 02:16 PM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/22-Nov-2003/17321-LoveSmilie.gifThanks for sharing all the stunning goodies!http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/22-Nov-2003/17321-LoveSmilie.gif

08-22-2004, 02:31 PM
Thanks Becky for the mini tutorial!! Those are really nice!!


08-22-2004, 02:37 PM
WoW everyone's beads are really beautiful. I almost don't want to show mine for the day, but, oh well. I'm a glutten for punishment. :rolleyes:

Mary Lou

08-22-2004, 03:25 PM
Great work everyone! Wow, no wonder this is such a popular site! Such inspiration......I love seeing all the different techniques used by everyone and the wonderful color combinations. So cool!
:clap: :clap: :clap:

08-22-2004, 04:11 PM
Beautiful beads everyone! I always have to checkout show and tell to get my daily dose of eye candies. Here is a picture of one of the etched and fused dichroic borosillicate focal beads I am currenty making. I used copper wire to make loops to tie white organdy ribbon through. I found out the hard way that fine silver wire melts at the 1700 degree temp it takes to fuse boro. This bead measures 2 and 1/2 inches by 1/2 inch. The top etched layer with stars is green. The base layer is gold. Laurie

08-22-2004, 04:30 PM
I guess I'm tardy too!...First, everyones posts are awesome as usual!
Jeanne...love the touch of colors hinted at in your yellow...and good stringer control!...( I always make a little blob some where that just ruuins everything :rolleyes: )
Lisa...Your photo did a good job of bringing out the 'glow" of color in those beads...always a challenge to capture the dimensional beauty of the colors in glass.
Manda...The eyes and mouths on your fish are looking good!...getting eveness and balance there!
Pete...Love those hearts too!...and that one has very good balance and definition in the "swirlie'
Julie...That color is absolutely fab!...would be great with so many naturaL stones!...shape is good as well!...just goes to show that a good basic element goes a long way without "fancy embellishment!
Lauri...Loved these! Your bicone shape is wonderful ( It seems to take FOREVER to get a bicone on my HotHead)...I'm always a sucker for the organics, esp. when done so well! And with a "twist' to boot.
Sonje...keep up the good work!...like I said, bicones tend to be one of the harder shapes for me too! :wink2:
Maria...I Loved all the twisties gone wild on the brown, turquoise, and ivory set...and did you HAVE to start in with the Christmas colors!?!?!...I'm just gearing up for all the Holiday work! ( bet its a long time before I use red or green after I'm done! :) )...
Aimee...Great shape on that pillow!...hardly any "butt"!
Becky...TY for sharing your neat find!...those are awesome to show off your lovely bead...glad someone else shares my "guilty secret' of using up the unwanted and ugly colors as base material!
Jacinthe...That lime, turq.,orange on white looks like a 60's modernist painting! Lots of POP!...Also love the yellow opal with the EDP..it goes so well on purples!
Juls...excellent dot place ment!...I always get them just so...then mess up the LAST DOT!...urrggh!
Emmy...I love the etching on the silvered set! Blues and greens are just so rich when etched!...very nicely balanced set too!
Now mine... used some of the berries we had picked for cobbler, an just loved the color!...sooo..( remember I only get about 3 hours a week to torch...about 6 if I'm really lucky!...AND remember my pics are scans!..go easy on the novice!) They are just quicky displayed...not even very well cleaned yet!...I wanted some feedback on the color please ( didn't want it too Purpley, our berries were really rich red-purple in color). Overall, I was pretty pleased with the realism, and small, wearable size!
Hope every had a productive and peaceful week!

08-22-2004, 09:17 PM
Just a driveby posting for me! I am terrible at remarking on everyone's beads, but trust me: I drool over it all!!!

Here is my haul for the day: kissy fish and tie dyes (soon to be etched). I photo'd these in my cleaning bowl, under 2 inches of water!

Nancy B inIL

08-23-2004, 01:40 AM
Lovely work today everyone. Love that heart and the veggies too! :clap: Thanks all for sharing it.