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08-21-2004, 12:52 PM
Hi all,
I have been a member for a while but this is my first time asking for help! HELP! I am making a necklace for my sister-in-laws wedding. I did the mock-up with nymo and it was gorgeous. But we all know not to use nymo with crystals, lol had an accident with that before. Anyway I loomed the top part so that it would have a little more stability on the top. I used Soft Touch for the looped parts. As you can see putting the two together just didn't work the way I would like. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with this thing? The wedding is in Oct so I have some time, but my SIL is well lets just say anxious as am I!
Thank you all!

08-21-2004, 11:04 PM
Hi Tami, I had a look at your photo and I think the problem is that the top band is not compatible (construction wise ) with the design below.
How a design is shaped depends on what part of the neck it is designed to fit around. A choker that is tight around the neck will be a long rectangle when you lay it flat, because the neck is almost cylindrical. However further down the neck flares out, so to lay around something like that a piece needs to be shaped differently ( think Egyptian collars flattened out, they look more like concentric circles with a big hole in the middle).
I think that the key to fixing the design is to decide where the necklace wants to "sit". If the bride wants a high up choker with the dangles off the bottom laying around the neck, then the top band probably needs to be thicker and shorter with the "dangles" radiating out from that. In 3 dimensional terms something that looks like a cylinder rising up from the concentric circles. If she wants more of a necklace that sits much lower on the chest then either the top band needs to be thin, so that it naturally conforms to the contours of the neck, or the band needs to be shaped, ie not loomed as a straight band, but curved.
It might be possible to adjust what you have into either of these ideas, would depend on how it is currently put together.
Hope some of this makes sense, pity I don't have a scanner pad I think a diagram would be clearer. Fiona

08-22-2004, 01:05 AM
I've been thinking about this necklace all day and just came to post about what I'd decided - only to see that Fiona beat me too it!

Yes, it seems that it would only work if it were a true choker style -i.e. tight fitting - if she wants to wear it a little looser, it needs to drape and that type of weaving at the top won't work - it would be better if it was strung on beading wire like soft flex and then the droopy parts could come off of that.

Good luck!

08-22-2004, 03:32 AM
Thank you both very much! Yes I think that is what seems to be best. Luckily they are two different pieces and I don't have to do the whole thing over, just cut the loomed part off. Wheww!

I really appreciate the help, will let you know how it turns out! :wave:

08-22-2004, 07:59 AM
Hi Tami,

This is a picture of a pearl necklace that DD Holly did for a bride. The back had a soft transp blue lampworked bead that trailed from the clasp. She has a better picture but this is her self-portrait trying it on before it was finished. :rolleyes:

Your necklace is exquisite -- be sure to post the picture after you re-work it. :)

08-22-2004, 10:06 AM
Wow what great help you three (Lady Arowana, Pam & Genie) have been in this thread. Unfortunately we don't have the Merit & Mentor buttons in our forum so I could give you each a merit point for your help. So instead let me just say thank you for being so helpful to everyone and especially to Tami here. :clap: :wave: :D

08-22-2004, 02:58 PM
And let me once again thank you all too! If I could give points then y'all got them! Just mark them in my "I owe ya" book ;) !
I will walk away today to work on some other project I want to do. Got a Peitersite pendant and beads that have been calling my name. But tomorrow a fresh start on this necklace and I will post when I finish it! Thank you!

08-23-2004, 08:34 AM
Tami, I read this yesterday and am glad to see you received such wonderful responses. Please share the finished necklace with us. It will be good to see how you overcame the problems.,