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08-20-2004, 04:27 PM
Well this is my first post of actual work in the Illustration forum. I am an Oil Pastel regular and am branching out a bit. This is an illustration that I was asked to do of a couple of doves with attitude. Any comments or critiques are more than welcome!!!

Oh yeah... this was done in Illustrator with a Wacom Tablet.

08-20-2004, 04:45 PM
LOL - very nice. Copin' a 'tude! :D

I asume in the final they are actually holding onto something?

Thanks for sharing. They look great.

08-20-2004, 05:05 PM
:) thanks. Yeah they were designed so that whatever their environment is.. they can be incorporated. I like to think ahead... I learned that after a while LOL! Especially if they don't know exactly where and when they will be used. I would hate to do them in colored pencil or pastel and then find out that instead of something being used only once has to be used many many times in a slightly different way. So for quick requests I usually go digital.

08-20-2004, 05:17 PM
Makes sense. Scaling would be easier too, if you did them as vector art.

So you're using a Wacom. I've often thought about getting one, but don't want to spend any more time at my computer than I have to, and I work by hand for other reasons. Does it totally replace your mouse or do you have both?

08-20-2004, 05:39 PM
Yup they are Vector. I have both the mouse and pen. Heh actually two mice and a pen. I have the mouse that goes to the mac, then the wacom mouse (has a scrolly bar like my pc at home - wacom there as well with two mice and pen!) and then the pen. I am usually in illustrator or photoshop or both - and at times I am incorporating an original piece of artwork done in pencil, pastel, etc... I am never bored. I was born to multitask!!!!! or brainwashed he he. What is funny is when I am surfing the net with the pen. After a while they are all just extensions of your arm. It's all good.

I know what you mean about being at the computer too long. But I have to say that every since I started using the Wacom it has made illustrating at the computer a lot more exciting (and powerful) and I don't feel like I am slaving away on the computer all day to support my art habit.

What kind of work do you do?

Mr. Nauss
08-20-2004, 08:14 PM
This is what it sounds like, when doves .... are about to kick some butt.

Great personality capture, keep feeding your art addiction.

Thanks for the tablet promo, I've been thinking about getting one for my poor handsake.

08-21-2004, 01:38 AM
yep, it's a winner...the message is clear. very nice :cool:

08-21-2004, 03:56 PM
Great stuff! A lot said with a few lines.

08-24-2004, 12:44 AM
What kind of work do you do?

Architectural Illustration. here's a link to some posts:



For the most part I refuse to do computer illustrations (personal philosophy kinda thing.....oh and marketing strategy too :wink2: ), though there are times when I could see using a tablet and pen, your endorsement might just make me think twice.

then again.........

This is what it sounds like, when doves .... are about to kick some butt.

ROTFLMAO! I always bust out laughing to Prince references. I liked Prince and all, I guess it's just from my era.

Kathryn Wilson
08-24-2004, 09:37 AM
Hi Meldy - good to see you branching out to more forums in WC -

these doves certainly have the attitude - nice job!

08-24-2004, 12:36 PM
Thanks Jen and Ted!

AFM159 - Nice work! I noticed you have a billboard as well - you go! :) The tablet will never replace traditional media for me.. but it does enhance what I can do digitaly. And I do really enjoy it. :) I like to be able to control all media - especially when I can promote myself without limitation. Or too many limitations. I don't even start to know everything or am able to do everything. But if I want to design my logo... have it ready for print and web design, and then build my own website, photograph and scan my original artwork, create a nice atmosphere in which to view my traditional artwork and digital in a professional way.. then I can. Only thing is is that I have many ideas and no time to execute all of them. My painting time has been on hold for the last three years and I have recently started up again in the Oil Pastel forum. It is like starting up an old intimate relationship again where I left off... I don't think I am going to end it for anyone or anything this time. :)

Hey Kyle! It is good to see you in both places!!!!

08-24-2004, 01:01 PM
Only thing is is that I have many ideas and no time to execute all of them.

Me too. That's why I've decided to pay someone to do my website, hopefully this fall. There's just not enough hours in the day, for every thing I'd like to do. A very wise man once said - "you can do anything you want, just not everything." Meaning sometimes you just gotta delgate things.

08-24-2004, 02:10 PM
True true! I am very thankful to have programmer friends who can help me when I say "hey I want to do this but don't know how!" Course my payment is some nice graphics for what they are doing. Isn't it fun to do what you love for a living? :) You can make even the jobs you hate interesting. Look forward to seeing your website one day!