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Deborah Secor
08-20-2004, 02:07 PM
Here's another of my loose ones. I'm just curious what your reaction is! C&C welcome. The color is not entirely accurate yet. I may shoot another one when the sun returns, but we're having one of those great little NM thundershowers right now.

Tree Trio
On dark gray Schmincke Sansfix, 10x10".

Thanks for your thoughts.

08-20-2004, 02:12 PM
hmmmm dunno here Dee ..... doesnt do alot for me ....... like the pinks with the blue....but not keen on other colours....
........ but for my personal taste, ya too loose a woman :eek: :wink2:

08-20-2004, 02:23 PM
Nice abstract concept for a landscape, expressive use of colour. Composition appears a bit too centered- while I see it is not, it also, clearly *is*- so dunno if that's a real bothersome point or not- mainly because, despite the fact I can see it is a fine painterly piece, it is not to my taste.

But it surely looks like you had fun doing it.

Deborah Secor
08-20-2004, 02:44 PM
I gotta tell you that the colors look overly 'sweet' here! Sort of leaves that saccharine aftertaste! ugh

Your comment on the comp is interesting, Julie. I checked the original and one thing that saves it is that the freground plants are somewhat darker than they read here, which I think keeps the emphasis on the top part.

It's rotten of me to ask questions of you and try to tell you what the painting really looks like, so let me see if I can get a more accurate photo now that the sun shines again!


Deborah Secor
08-20-2004, 03:21 PM
I hope this one is a little more accurate. I'm getting frustrated with the color on my monitor and may need to recalibrate it!



08-20-2004, 03:43 PM
Richer colour, I agree. Clean shapes, strong and confident technique.

I like many things about it, especially that clean colour- that's very appealing to me.

08-20-2004, 04:06 PM
I like the colors in the top half a lot! The colors in the bottom half are okay too, but not all of 'em together...all together, they kinda put my teeth on edge...but that may also be a reaction you want? The bright, brash colors are great, but the discords are a bit too sharp for me.

08-20-2004, 04:15 PM
Sorry Dee, the choice of green for the trees, still doesnt work for me ..... I tried it in PSP, and a more Blue Green had greater appeal ........ but thats my personal preference...... so just feel free to ignore

08-20-2004, 04:17 PM
but not all of 'em together...all together, they kinda put my teeth on edge...but that may also be a reaction you want? The bright, brash colors are great, but the discords are a bit too sharp for me.

Ohhhh thats funny you should say that, because thats exactly what I thought, put my teeth on edge lololol, but I didnt wanna say that :D :) ...... but it was the green that did it

08-20-2004, 05:08 PM
Now see? The colour doesn't bother me- I LIKE that. I think it is just a bit too abstracted for my tastes, though. It's strong and clean to my eye- the pink is especially grabbing, it's just not to my taste. Doesn't mean I can't see it's darned good art, though.

Deborah Secor
08-20-2004, 07:50 PM
I'm very devoted to that green, Sue! LOL Sorry! Y'know what I think the problem is? I think it's that purple-lavender in the wash (roadway, river bottom, whatever you want to think of it as being). Maybe what I need to do is orange it up a bit. I'll noodle in psp and see what it does. There's a time of evening when the chamisa are that turquoise and I love what it does with the orangey pinks.

Thanks for your thoughts... I'm still open, as I won't be doing anything before tomorrow or Sunday.


08-20-2004, 11:06 PM
I keep looking at this and looking away again. The thing that catches my eye every time is the bright aqua bush clump in the lower right hand corner.. and I don't think this is what you intended to be the focal point but rather the three conifers. Just that they seem so dark in contrast to the bright aqua.. just my 2c.. but I do like it a lot!!! :D:D

08-21-2004, 03:11 AM
oh no..your getting away from the now famous WC style of painting!!! lol Have you been to a Wolfe Kahn workshop recently???? I wish I could honestly say I like this, but I don't even understand it. My lack of appreciation is more of a reflection of me than your work so my reply holds no validity. What was the motivating force behind this work? Help me to see this through your eyes.

Deborah Secor
08-21-2004, 12:08 PM
Preston, this was my class demo, done in about 20 minutes total painting time, to show my group of about 16 experienced art students how to distill to shapes--NOT details--and how to manhandle color to the max! I wanted to shock them, take them out of the usual, go to color so crazy and unexpected that they would darn near scream. It rather worked...

The paintings I saw out of them were outrageous and strong on the whole. So the motivating force was CHANGE. Think outside reality. It was a class on how to begin abstracting--not staying in that box where you're comfy and happy and do things well. I wanted them to change color, format, methods, strokes--just everything--but rationally and thoughtfully, so that the changes were noticed. This was not some willy-nilly do whatever ya feel like, spread pastel around on the paper class. I actually did about an 40 minute lecture--then pushed 'em out the window with this demo!

So the reactions here are veddy in-ter-es-ting. :cool:


Kathryn Wilson
08-21-2004, 01:19 PM
I wanted to shock them, take them out of the usual, go to color so crazy and unexpected that they would darn near scream.

If this is what you were after, I think you succeeded. I think Sooz' comment on teeth-on-edge is right on - and more for me, goggled-eyed! I think it's the wash color that's doing it for me - just divides this whole painting in half. I did a crop in my mind and like the top-half, with just a bit of the wash/road and the tips of the chamisa showing and that worked well. Not sure about those salmon-colored buildings - but I understand what you were going for.

After working on this, no wonder you screamed for more darks/color in my washed-out, minimalist OP I posted - :evil:

Deborah Secor
08-21-2004, 02:52 PM
Yeah, I loved the teeth-on-edge comments! LOL I wasn't trying to hide anything, just thought I'd see what others said, too. If I was going for beauty or a placid look I'd do it completely differently. I purposely divided it in 'half' (tachnically not--but so close) just to see what happened, to challenge my students to 'break the rules' in their paintings, if they wanted to. I've trained them too well--no one did that but me! :D

Kat, your delicate painting is the antithesis of this one! I love that we have room for all kinds of things here, don't you?

Oh, this came from a photo that Barb sent me (thanks Barb!), one she took while visiting here. Here it is, to help solve the mystery for ya!


I'm still interested in reactions to this one... even the 'hate it' kind. I can't say I'm in love with it either! And in time I may make it more beautiful or finished, since there are some parts I like.


Kathryn Wilson
08-21-2004, 03:01 PM
Kat, your delicate painting is the antithesis of this one! I love that we have room for all kinds of things here, don't you?

It might be a good idea for us to have a "challenge" to see how far outside the box people can put themselves and their painting. Or do a painting that is very atypical of what they usually do. Whaddya think? says one Guide to another. :wink2:

08-21-2004, 03:51 PM
:music: Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha :music:

I got it riii-iight!

Still, not my cup of tea, but well-done, Deborah

08-21-2004, 05:43 PM
ok......now that you've discussed the "what's going on" of this work, I can take on an appreciation of it. This is to me an example of work that is not the art, but a "symptom" or "side effect", if you would, of the real work of art...that being you and your life. Does that make sense?

08-21-2004, 05:48 PM
Now I REALLY like that photo...wish I could see it bigger! The painting looks a good exercise in something new and different from what you ordinarily do, and there's always value in that. The teacher I had last winter paints like this all the time and while I liked some of her paintings a lot, many of them just left me wondering....why? You could tell what the subject was just fine, but the clashing, almost neon colors seemed to have no purpose OTHER than to shock. I confess...while I can see the value in doing something like this...I'll probably opt for harmony or at least logical DISharmony in choosing my favorites. As always, your colors are rich and clean, even if a bit strange to my eye. AND there are probably LOTS of collectors who love this sort of thing, so don't dismiss it as a viable avenue...for you...:D

08-21-2004, 07:46 PM
You know how much I love color!! and I love to push a landscape beyond the local hues. To my eyes, the painting is halved....all the warmth at the top and all the cool at the bottom. There aren't speaking to one another right now :D so here's a 'poor' photoshop showing what would take me much too long to say....

Sky color added to grass and buildings for highlights and onto some of the bushes for glints. Deep purple from the road put in the trees to warm up their cool shadows. Just sort of traded some color from each area to get the conversation started :D



Deborah Secor
08-22-2004, 01:26 PM
Neat, Carly--thanks!

Even though you can't tell it from my photo, there are lots and lots of purples and turquoises in the dark part of the trees already. I like your highlights, though I'd be reluctant to put them on the 'dark' side of the chamisa. Love the touches on the buliding.

I'll see if I want to pretty this one up at all and if so I'll make some additions and show them here. Usually I just wipe out my demos after a time, but this one is on Sansfix, so I'm not sure it will work... Hey! Another experiment. We'll see..!


08-22-2004, 01:35 PM
Ok - I'm definitely late on this one but I have to say I love it and love the loose strokes and composition and abstract nature.

I've done a little change to it though - something to add to the list of considerations...

(see attached - hope you don't mind).

Mostly I just "cropped it a bit tighter cutting out a bit more of the lower right, I desaturated the salmon pink center - in the trees - just leaving enough to tie in the color and third I added a stroke of the same in the lower right to tie it in again.

It helped my eye bounce around the piece which is important with abstracts in my opinion.

Do continue on this series of thought - it's very inspiring!!!

Barb (PS - are you sure that's my photo? looks mighty out of focus to me.)

08-23-2004, 07:19 AM
I'm late chimming in on this one, but wanted to say I love it! There are definitely some things wrong with it for a finished piece, but the abstraction of the original photo into something less than realistic colors and details is great. I, too, like to make my students "think outside the box" even though I hate that term!

My problem with the picture is the bright pink on the road, creek, whatever that is. It is just a little too light in my opinion -- same with the tops of the foreground bushes. If anything, the light area would be much smaller as if the sun were just touching the very tops of the bushes -- not quite such a large piece of that middle value. To me, it makes the bottom half of the painting sort of "spotty".

Just looking at the photo, it seems that you really went with the color scheme of the photo -- just enhanced it somewhat with the bolder masses!

Great job! Doing something different is always such a thought provoking process.

08-23-2004, 09:51 AM
I would never have picked it out as one of yours, DEborah!
It sort of grew on me as I read down the thread and kept looking at the painting...I do like Barb's crop. I had been pushing the painting to the endge of the monitor doing the same thing in fact.
I don't think I would like to hang it on my wall but in terms of showing how shapes and color work I think it's neat. It sounds like it accomplished what you wanted it to for your class. It's fun to play around and push the envelope. I can't always do it...I certainly don't usually do it this well.
Interesting piece and interesting thread.