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08-16-2004, 09:33 AM
Mornin' y'all - welcome to the weekly chat thread in the Illustration Forum. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and tell us what's happening with you this week. If this is your first time joining us, this is the thread where you share your thoughts, dreams, challenges, woes with your neighbors across the world - so come on in and tell us about what's happening -

Grab a cuppa joe and here we go!

g'morn'in folks! coffee is so wonderful when there is a 'chill' in the air. i found my first pretty 'fall' leaf on the ground, on a walk this past weekend. hard to believe the summer has slipped away so quickly. but, i must admit, 'fall' is my favorite season. that sense of anticipation/urgency & the smell of inspiration in the air.
anyone try to acknowledge a mentor from last weeks coffee break? i tried my darndest to find an email address of a professor i had back in school, but didn't get success in that. i did write a friend that might know so maybe i'll get to write my appreciation yet. i guess that idea stuck w/ me, cuz appreciation is hard to come by these days & especially to those that touch lives & deserve the recognition although not utterly famous themselves. makes ya think how silly 'hollywood' is w/ the star worship & their outrageous paychecks, when the people that are really inscribed in our memories are the ones that took the time out for us.
anyways...have a great week & watch for falling leaves!

Kathryn Wilson
08-16-2004, 12:16 PM
After Hurricane Charley went through Floriday, and thankfully left my mom's home alone (she lives only 10 miles from landfall) - and after it flew through North Carolina, I finally settled down to do at least something. I participated in the All Media Event on Saturday (WDE) and produced the boat in OP's -

and on Sunday, finally got back to soft pastels for a bit. Something Ted said in another thread about learning your medium and forgetting the overall look of the painting, got me to looking at this landscape, and find that everything is falling off to the right. This was a classroom lesson in the soft pastel forum and wanted to practice the 3 different techniques (glazing, feathering and scumbling), but forgot the basic compo!

08-16-2004, 07:14 PM
Ahhhh! I see you moved the coffee table! Well I am glad I ordered my coffee to go, cause I will have to just run in and run out! I finally, after 6 weeks of being couped up in my home painting, finished my large painting, and delivered it last Monday. *sips the hot coffee quickly* Mmmm, nice cup o jo.

Anyway, that out of the way I am now in negotiations with a museum to put a mural in there for promotional purposes. If that works out, I will be advertising nationwide on mural painting.

I have been doing logo designs, and other mural designs as well. Plus I am toying around with some anime. I shall post some when I can.

Now I have two paintings that I am wanting to get done for the big art contest that is due by October.

I keep this up, and I will be way into winter just trying to get ahead! LOL

Well, gotta run! I'll be back later this week for a sit down cup of java!


08-16-2004, 11:31 PM
yay...nothing like a rejection email to make my day...that's okay, i'll just enter 2 more shows by the end of the week.
now that i've released that & got it off my chest...
yes, kyle...i've been wondering how the hurricane filtered through to your neck of the woods. glad your ma faired well. i was in mattapoisett, MA during 'andrew' & after a scary night of window rattling...we had a shocking sightseeing tour of boats, where boats don't belong!
speaking of boats...i like your boat OP...in fact i wish there was more scenery to go with it or for more of the story about the boat in it's predicament. what sizes have you been been primarily working in w/ OP's?
ter...great w/ doin the museum promo thing. i hope that works out...i think what you are doing is a cutting edge kinda thing that could really fly ;)
w/ the thought of winter...i'm wondering what the heck i'm gonna do studio-wise. because i've been working large, lots of mediums, including wax...i really don't wanna do wax in carpeted basement, just not safe...i either move over into the laundry room & move the exhaust fan or put a heater out in the garage & do an exhaust out there. either way...it just stinks-ha ha. bye bye heat too.
sitting here watching the olympic gymnastics men's teams & it's just amazing...now if we can just work our craft & train as hard as they do--whoa.

08-17-2004, 12:28 AM
g'morn'in folks! coffee is so wonderful when there is a 'chill' in the air. i found my first pretty 'fall' leaf on the ground, on a walk this past weekend. hard to believe the summer has slipped away so quickly.

ROFL - first thought here - "where in the h*** do you live?" :D ........sorry, I don't doubt you.......just, struck me as funny......we don't see fall leaves till October (can usually still waterski till mid September), although as cool as this summer has been we may see some fall colors a bit early. Usually right now we would be running about 100 deg., upper 90's on average. This summers been quite odd though, about 10-20 deg. below normal. Must be way cool up north.

say - on your studio space - consider getting a couple of sheets of 1/4 inch plywood to lay ontop of your carpet in the basement. Not expensive oak or birch ply but cheap luan (pronounced looo-on). A 4 foot by 8 foot sheet shouldn't cost more than $10-15 bucks. Thats $30 bucks for a 8x8 workspace, by my remedial Arkansas math!

I keep this up, and I will be way into winter just trying to get ahead! LOL

Terry - Way to go man ---- I'm with ya!


I love the olymbics. Particularly all the off-beat sports. Got the biggest kick outta watching Ping-Pong, Badminton and Dressage! Can't wait to see things like - archery, shooting, and shot-put.

Shot-put now there's a sport. How far can you heave a lead ball? Or the Hammer Throw! (ya know the ball and chain thingy!) Javelin - Deadly! :D :evil: :D

I'm not trying to make fun of any of these sports --- really, I'm not --- I just think its great to get to see anything other than the big three - baseball, football, and basketball. Wait - big 4 now - NASCAR.

08-17-2004, 12:30 AM
Oh - Kyle - I like the light in the second one! The landscape. Very warm, nice mood.

08-17-2004, 09:22 AM
i'm not say'in leaves are roll'in off the trees here, yet...just found some harbingers...ack, my coffee is gone, wait while i go fill up the IV!
whew, that was a close one...now where was i? ah, yes...moving on to the flooring idea...i am thinking more seriously about moving over to the concrete-floored laundry room..it's connecting my studio, & separated by a shower curtain of sorts. the wood idea is better, but concrete is best for safety cuz i got a hotplate burn'in from 300-350degrees w/ the wax.
yesterday i go to pick up slides i need for a competition & mind you...i dropped them off last thurs. "oh, we're sorry...they didn't get sent in to the main until today...they'll be done on wed." i am def. going w/ a diff. company in the future...last time they didn't include the mounts separately like i asked, and made it a huge circus & wasted trips for me to get them. i was forgiving & nice then, now i'm :mad: God help them if they lose them or give them back mounted. :evil:
well, i've got so much to do...thanks 4 procrastinating w/ me...sorry i'm not very entertaining.

08-17-2004, 09:55 AM
When I had the spare room in the apartment upstais the floor was carpeted but I got a large tarp and a bedsheet and covered the floor with it completely and stapled it down with a staple gun. I use to paint and do all sorts of messy things in there and it never got through to the carpet so worked very well. You had to wear shoes though when you entered the room, as the staples could be quite uncomfortable on your feet and I always worried about them coming out and someone getting a staple up their heel. Taking everything apart when I moved was easy too, it came out easily enough and you'd never know anyone ever painted in the room... also was the cleanest area of carpet to boot ;)

So I have yet to get my computer back. Feeling a little bit of withdrawel. Appearently the guy who was messing with my computer is moving out in a few days so I think I'll claim her back soon. I definately need thinks up and running before school. I can't beleive it... there's like 2 1/2 weeks left before I go back. Scary. I hsavent even payed my tuition deposite yet lolol. I'm just happy there hasnt ben any autumn leaves to be found yet.. Mind you, i love autumn. But. well. I love being able to walk about without a jacket just a little bit more. And winter is always nasty. Best not to think about it.

Anyways, i'm not home at the moment but I thin I'll make my way there soon. I'll see you guys later.

Kathryn Wilson
08-17-2004, 10:33 AM
I love the olymbics. Particularly all the off-beat sports. Got the biggest kick outta watching Ping-Pong, Badminton and Dressage! Can't wait to see things like - archery, shooting, and shot-put.

What channel are you seeing these sports on???? I've been frantically looking for the equestrian sports and not finding any. Help!

08-17-2004, 02:05 PM
kyle -


All of them, I guess, are owned by NBC. So far BRAVO has been the best one for the offbeat sports, usually in the morning. Have been at home with the kids in the mornings this week as their daycare is closed to get ready for the fall semester.

So this morning I got to see, Tennis - USA vs. Spain - USA won!, Eventing - the cross country part of the Equestrian trials, Rowwing - mens doubles and quadruples, and Trap shooting - some dude from the United Arab Emerates set a world record. All of these were on BRAVO.

On USA Network - I caught a bit of basketball - not sure who was playing, saw most of the quaterfinals (I think) soccer match between USA and Australia - they tied.

I'm luvin it - couldn't have picked a better week to have to stay home with the kids.

Kathryn Wilson
08-17-2004, 02:11 PM
I suspected that - we don't get Bravo - waaahhh! We get just about everything else, but don't see it in the line-up, unless it's under another name.

But thanks anyway - :crying:

08-17-2004, 02:22 PM
So Sorry! I feel rather lucky myself - we just started getting it this summer.

08-17-2004, 06:04 PM
Know what I hate? Secretaries! Got thwarted by one today. :mad: Sales pros call 'em "Gate Keepers" and I let one keep me out. ARRHHHHHGGG.

Ok, so I don't really hate secretaries, they have an important function. I hate getting thwarted. I know how to get past them and I blew it. I've gotten outa practice.

I know the owner of the company on a first name basis, we met and discussed the project just yesterday. He has a new secretary I haven't met yet and she wasn't there yesterday.

I took the written proposal and samples back today, the owner was in a meeting, and I LEFT THE PROPOSAL WITH THE SECRETARY. Stupid move, don't know what I was thinking.

Cardinal rule of selling - never, ever, ever, leave a proposal with anyone other than the person doing the buying. period. Samples if its a first meeting might be ok, but we were much farther along in the sales process, and I just gave him a way out.

He's been waffling, unsure about the amount of money and the benefits. I needed to be there, IN PERSON, to drive home the value and advantages of buying. Now I have to call on the phone and its much, much easier to say no on the phone.

What I should have done was to hang on to the proposal and made an appointment or tell the secretary that I would be back later.

Ahh well....maybe I'll get lucky....

sorry for the rant......feel better now..... :D

Kathryn Wilson
08-17-2004, 06:45 PM
Hey, Dave, you've just run across the greatest "gatekeeper" in the legal industry. :evil: Now I can see the story from the other side - ROFLOL! Just remember, that poor secretary probably was told that if she put anyone through by the name of "Dave", it would mean her job - :p

Thank goodness I don't have to do that to people any more - :clap:

08-18-2004, 08:57 AM
hiyas...sitting here w/ my frankenstein coffee (kids drank all the milk last night...so i mixed up powdered milk). let me tell you it tastes much better than it did when i was growing up & we ran out...but it's just not coffee. i can't even explain it. maybe i just shoulda stuck w/ extra creamer.
ding. ding. ding. in corner #1 we have ex=secretary and Oil Pastel diva...Kyle
and in corner #2 we have architectural rendering guru...Dave, dishing it out in this weeks 'GruDgE mAtCh'! ding. ding. ding. ROTFLOL
makes me reflect on all the jobs i've ever done up to this point...picked strawberries at a farm w/ in bicycle riding distance, baskin robbins, dairy queen, pop can factory,commercial cleaning, freelance ill., graphic design, everything but printing in 2 print shops, residential cleaning & fine artist. i think i must be all growed up now. any of you have an interesting work history? the funniest job proposition i ever got was when i set up a new bank acct....the guy waz offering me a teller job on the spot (that is extremely funny cuz math isn't my forte'...just not wired for that stuff).
hey kyle...i asked earlier, but maybe u missed it...what basic size are you doing your OP in?
can't believe school starts in less than a week now. i still need to go out & buy some stuff 4 my kindergartener. guess i need to buy a fabric writing pen & label his coats & such. i'm just not ready for this routine coming up. dred. dred.

Kathryn Wilson
08-18-2004, 09:16 AM
Sorry, Jen, I just slurped up the last bit of my coffee, or I woulda shared - :rolleyes:

Sad story innit - being a secretary all one's life, being cooped up in tiny cubicles dreaming of being an artist someday - now I got there - then hubby and I decide I gotta go back to work this fall until I can retire - 2 more years of misery. Wish I could figure out something else to do! But with my work history, no one is going to give this old lady anything else but secretary work. Everything is so specialized these days - any suggestions??

Jen, I've worked quite small (mostly 8 x 10 or 9 x 13) in the OP's mostly because I'm still learning - but going to bite the bullet for a larger piece. Bought a 18 x 36 gessoboard and a set of Sennelier LeGrande OP's for a panoramic painting of Mesa Arch in Utah. Just gotta get the guts to start it - :D

08-18-2004, 09:42 AM
awwww :( well, all i could suggest is just find the best atmosphere to be a secy'. w/ all your experience you're very valuable in that field, and besides...been there done that...so it's not incredibly hard for you.
18 x 36...wow that will be awesome! u know the way you have to work w/ OP seems to be like how van gough painted--a lot of rich color that does an optical trip on ya from a distance. you know, i never was interested in V.G. until i saw his stuff @ V.G. museum. it's so captivating in person...no pict. repro. can do stuff like that justice. since u just got a thick set...it should be a lot quicker than w/ the lil' nubbies!
wonder'in how axl's tattoo gadget study'in is go'in. that tarp'in the whole floor idea... every art student should do...that's brilliant. no matter how careful you think you are...at 4am of an all nighter...the reflexes just don't cooperate & brushes fall, wash water gets dumped & all kinds of yuck.
well think i'm gonna try creamer laiden coffee & get my day started.

08-18-2004, 04:21 PM
LOL - guess I should lay off the caffein for a bit.

Kyle - please don't think I was meaning to demean secretaries - I think they serve an important function and it is honorable work. I was just mad at myself.

Wish I could figure out something else to do! But with my work history, no one is going to give this old lady anything else but secretary work. Everything is so specialized these days - any suggestions??

My suggestion. Sell your art. You may be doing that already (I don't know) if you are kick it up a notch or two. No one says you can't sell just because your learning. I sold crap in the beginning (at least I would consider it such) but it was the best I could do at the time and it served the client well. On the job training I say. Think outside the box. You don't have to have gallery rep., nor a killer C.V., to make a living selling art. There's lots of venues for art sales.

any of you have an interesting work history?

First job - batting cage operator at local softball park, also score keeping for softball games. Was a Waiter for many years, started as a busboy. Fine dinning and Banquets mostly, did a little Bartending but not enough to get good at it. Can make some serious scratch if your good and in the right restaurant. Worked for a larger Illustration firm, doing the type of Pen & Inks you see in Plan Books on the Magazine Rack, worked my way up to Art Director (hollow title). Left there to strike out on my own. Worked various positions at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore while I got my business going. It was distracting and continually getting in the way. Finally realized I wasn't gonna make it if I didn't jump in headfirst and start swimming. So I quit, before I told my wife :eek: She took it rather well, I must say. Was interesting to be sure. Being self-employed is the most interesting part. Needless to say I luuvv it!

Oh....yeah....somewhere in there I also tried my hand at Telemarketing! We had one of the larger ones here locally for a while (they went belly up with the new gov. do not call lists). They paid very well and I figured I could set a side my morals for a while to earn some money to pay a few bills. Plus I could work evenings, thus leaving my days open for my business.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do. I left every night with a headache. Turns out I couldn't stomach it. I didn't believe in the product - it was crap and I knew it. Plus they have everything scripted out, all the rebuttals, everything. The whole sales process is on a computer screen in front of you and you have to navigate all the different screens based on what the prospect was saying. Then they put tremendous pressure on you to perform. They had a bullpen leader who would constantly be egging you on and setting up contests among the staff, and nightly quotas. They claimed you didn't have to meet any quotas and that as long as you were trying they wouldn't fire you - it was just smoke and mirrors to keep the gov. off their backs.

After the trainning period (which I did good at) I lasted about 3 days before I quit. I did sell durring those three days, but I paid for it with my conscience.

But who best to tell you about the road to righteousness - a sinner or a saint? :evil:

can't believe school starts in less than a week now. i still need to go out & buy some stuff 4 my kindergartener. guess i need to buy a fabric writing pen & label his coats & such. i'm just not ready for this routine coming up. dred. dred.

Next Monday! My daughter starts kindergarten too. We're actually excited about it. Having her out of daycare helps the pocket book tremendously (we've been paying over $1,100.00 a month for two kids in daycare!) We've also tried to make it exciting for her so it doesn't become one of those deals where she's fighting not to go everyday and to help ease any fears she has.

Kathryn Wilson
08-18-2004, 07:01 PM
Hi Dave! Hey, no hard feelings here - I can understand your frustration fully - a hint for you, make friends with the secretary and she'll go through hoops for ya!

I would love to sell my art - just don't know where to start! We have one art fair here a year, galleries are all filled up and not selling - it's definitely not a tourist town. I'm working on it, but in the meantime, gotta pay the bills.

Working on another idea so that I can stay home and work - I'll let you know if it works out. Trying to think outside the box.

Congratulations on the new schooler - it will certainly be a big change for everybody!

08-18-2004, 07:32 PM
kyle... i realized after i posted...'duh, should've added 'make & sell art' to the job list'. i guess i had an idear from previous posts 'where your at' w/ your art & that it'd take a while to get up to a pay of a secy' per year, when why not just do that 2 years & do art on the side & get it over w/. anyways...if that money can't wait...do the above...but bust butt researching the business of art during that time. in fact i'd say spend equal time researching while doing art so that when you are finally free...you won't be a frustrated artist. you'll know what you want & will be able to paint all day if you feel like it & will know what galleries to tackle, what shows to enter & such. if cash can wait & u get gradual income thru art to make up that retirement gap...then stick w/ the art.
dave, i'm a sinner too :evil: i made phone calls for my husband for prospects for a short while & hated it. he did too...bad company. so he quit & started his own. problem is...it'll take a while b-4 he can do it solely; yep...he has a day job too. that's why i dred the routine of school. i love my kids...it's just a lot of burden on me when i have so much of them & all the other things i have to do to make our world go round. gotta admire those strong, single parents that do it every day.
i am dissapointed...sitt'in here ringside, and nobody's gonna fight :angel:

08-19-2004, 12:57 AM
a hint for you, make friends with the secretary and she'll go through hoops for ya!

I usually do, and will with her, just she's new and I haven't yet.

I would love to sell my art - just don't know where to start!

Two things. Tourist areas are good can't deny that. Try this - market yourself to local Interior Designers. They're always looking.

Next - get yourself to Senkarik.com and get one of Jack White's books on Art Marketing (he regularly writes for Art Calendar). All are worth having and the first one is a real eye opener.

i am dissapointed...sitt'in here ringside, and nobody's gonna fight

Naaaw - we're too civilized here. :evil:

I keep tellin' myself - "stay outta debates, stay outta debates, stay outta debates!" and then what do I go and do? I went and participated in the Debates Forum! Ohhh Pandora your box was so beautifull I could not resist...........

Kathryn Wilson
08-19-2004, 08:03 AM
Dave, thanks for the encouragement and info - I will look into all these sources!

Hope you have your boxing gloves on when you go to the Debates Forum - it can also be very addicting! We may never see you here again - :(

(Anybody else notice the new smilies?)

08-19-2004, 10:24 AM
about the book.....ooh, i clicked on 'excerpts' & read it for the 'mystery of making it'. sounds wonderful. may just have to get that one...but need to research...don't want no computer version--yuck! need something to earmark.
about the smilies...i saw the kitty pop up on the smilies the other day, but now it looks like a barnyard over there. IMO all of the stationary ones should be the only visible ones & the crazy ones be listed under 'more'...cuz it's really damning to a body's peripheral vision a? guess i'll just be shortening the screen.
got my slide film yest., fixed & packaged all up entry for competition. i forgot to take detail shots so that will hurt me w/ one of the pieces that had nice textural elements (always learning, i am, i am).
i am starting to go thru and organize paperwork, art info. & slide stuff for the studio. decided 2 go w/ envelopes w/ all art creation info + picture on outside & slides inside. then divide the envelope housing into compartments, to place those envelopes into, that shows where that piece of art is currently at. then of course, folders for all the paperwork. i even have a little calendar that lists shows & all important dates so i can lay out what's best to shoot for & also so i avoid overlap & such. don't enjoy doing it, but it's high-time i act like a professional.
anybody got any organizational tips to share?
later taters,

08-19-2004, 02:45 PM
yeah the smilies are a bit odd.

:wink2: Liked the other winky eye better.

:envy: I at first thought this one replaced the mad smilie and was gonna say it looked more like envy - but now I see it is envy.

:cat: Have yet to understand a reason or need for this one.

:wave: I kinda like this one.

On the book. It is only available online (he self-published). I got one of the last printed copies. What you could do is download it and then go to say Kinko's and get it printed and bound.

On organization. Don't got none here. I keep trying though.

08-19-2004, 05:26 PM
Hello all. I am new to this area. I am usually in the Oil Pastel forum. Hi kyle you look familiar somehow? Hee hee. Hi Jen! I told you I would be here sooner or later.. just turned out to be later. Thanks for the invite. Interesting how studio space was brought up. I was thinking about that today. I live in a loft that is not mine (rented) and I have started a soft pastel of my cat and I don't have the carpet covered. I am thinking that that may be a good idea before I press ahead. I am a pretty messy girl. No falling leaves here in Dallas, just rain. Such a strange summer, but a much cooler one than usual so I am not complaining.

I have had many jobs. Lets see... waitress, ambassador of tourism, retail clerk, grocery clerk, estee lauder makeup girl (oh man I hated that one - talk about pushing products on unsuspecting customers - I just am not the person to do it), workstudy workstudy workstudy, graphic designer II, graphic artist, art director (funny how the titles vary so much from job to job but somehow the higher the hollower in my experience) and finally a Sr. Graphic Designer that actually matches the title - and exceeds it. I am also the illustrator. Nice mix of traditional art and digital art. I have been here a year and still love my job (freaky.)

I am actually going to get to work on an OP tonight. YAY! Also mentoring a beginner at the same time. kinda fun. Gonna pull out the wine and go. Not a lot of wine mind you. He he the older I get the faster it puts me to sleep. :)

Well I am glad to be here. Since I am an illustrator it make sense. Just gotta learn to balance both forums now. I have to take on these responsibilities slowly ya know - I AM right brained and that whole organizational thing is a problem. Always figured that my future husband would have to be left brained. However, the guy I see myself marrying is also an artist - now who is going to help us????????

Kathryn Wilson
08-19-2004, 06:19 PM
Hi ya Meldy! :wave: Pull up a chair and let me pour you a cuppa joe, or whatever is your beverage of choice -

Glad you've come to visit us - the more the merrier I say.

Meldy has been a great inspiration to all of us over in the OP forum - she recently started using OP's for a work assignment (hope that's correct) and has blossomed from there.

Nothing new here - although I can say that Jen's recent project involving OP's inspired an idea for me that I think is going to be real fun - working on it now - but gotta work out the kinks before I can show anybody.

See ya!

08-20-2004, 11:05 AM
Kyle thanks for the coffee - definately my beverage of choice. Of neeeeed this morning. You are too nice for saying I am an inspiration, since it was you guys who inspired me. I am looking forward to seeing your project.

Had art night last night with one of my friends who is a beginner at not only OP but art in general. She is really enjoying it and doing a great job. I worked on my OP for the weekly pastel and movie thread. I wasn't able to totally concentrate on it but it was fun and I really enjoyed helping her.

This morning is torture.. dreampt that I work up two hours late for work and then woke up when I was supposed to be leaving. So it has been a rush rush rush morning already. TGIF.

need more coffee...

08-20-2004, 05:08 PM
Boy - lotsa new people!

Hiya Meldy, thanks for joining in!

Just gotta learn to balance both forums now.

I know what you mean. I just survived my first debate in the "Debates Forum". WOW - gotta be on your toes in there. I also found that as I venture into other forums my subscribed threads list starts getting longer and longer requiring more time to keep up. Gotta watch that so's it don't keep me from work. :D

FRIDAY! Time for a drink! Belly up t'the bar an' pick yer poison!

Bourbon fer me, thanks.

Gotta get some rest this weekend, next weeks gonna be hella' busy. Slow times over, time to get rockin!

Kathryn Wilson
08-20-2004, 05:35 PM
Hi Dave, you can unsubscribe to threads you are no longer interested in. That should help. At the bottom of your email alerts is a way to unsubscribe.

Have a good weekend!

08-21-2004, 01:30 AM
yay...i'm outta town & have internet! (well, only cuz i fiddled w/ my parents computer a ton & got it up & running again...they live out in the boon-docks & i think their phone line is screwy...this thing runs slow & i bet if i took the tower home...it'd run faster than mine, cuz it's newer & meant 4 surfing)

anyways HELLO Meldy ;) glad u r here! you know i think i did a search & originally came across your sunflower piece in the OP forum--shweet. and, meeting kyle here originally...making an interesting network here.

meldy...my husband is totally left-brained, but he roomed w/ all rt-brainers in college & gained an objective, artful eye. i really value his opinion. financial stress is like the #1 cause for divorce so as long as one creative person in the house can bring home some bacon...it's a lot easier for 2 creatives. as far as organizing w/ 2 creatives...ha...draw a chalk-line over your 'newly tarped floor' & just put the bills & checkbooks in the middle-ha ha ha.

being outta town...i stayed my first night @ my sis's place which is under construction, so not guest friendly...so i didn't get my coffee till LUNCH. geez...first the powdered milk incident & now being totally deprived! now at my ma's...another unfriendly coffee environment, i'm bracing myself for another rough morning! just may have to go out for breakfast :p

well, i can't wait to get home & start paint'n again. i guess i :envy: you all (are you sure this isn't the 'incredible hulk'?)
have a good'n,

Kathryn Wilson
08-22-2004, 07:09 AM
Wha! No coffee! Jen - I couldn't do without that first cuppa in the morning. I usually get up fairly early, sit at the computer sipping coffee, and getting all my Guiding work done. Tough work this is - :) cheering everybody on, looking at wonderful art, chatting with people all over the world. Just tough.

Have a great Sunday everybody - going to curl up with the Sunday paper and another cuppa - :wink2: