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08-16-2004, 08:45 AM

I can't believe I'm getting to start the chat thread this morning. I'm at work as usual. Already had a user emergency and resolved it.

I'm planning on going home and working on jewelry this evening. Nothing else, just making ladybugs and attaching them to my necklace for the exchange project.

We have a wormen here at work that volunteers in a animal shelter. She has 12 dogs I think. She has helped others get pets here so I will talk to her about a dog to see if she has any that need to be adopted. She has been traveling for her department to trainings and is coming back in today. I did find the perfect breed of dog that reminds me so much of our little Blackberry. It is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. Unfortunately it is a rare breed and costs way too much. I look at the pictures of this breed and they are exactly like blackberry except for color (she was solid black with a dab of white on her chest). How did my neighbor find a rare breed 6 month old pup, sitting next to a rural highway in Anderson Co., Ky.? It is very peculiar. She even matched the breed temprament description.

I better get back to work. Maybe some more from me later toady.

08-16-2004, 08:56 AM
Hi Barbara and all that'll come later!

I'm already way in the afternoon here - did some shopping (turquoise and labradorite for rings) and started making the settings for them, but I don't think I'll finish them today, I'm just not in the mood.

Barbara, maybe this time you will be more lucky finding (and getting!) a dog, I keep my fingers crossed for you!

Everybody - have a nice day!

08-16-2004, 09:09 AM
Hello Everyone!!!

Barbara, i just cant believe the ongoing saga of the "adopt a dog series". I hope your co worker can help! ANd *cracks whip* get that lady bug design finished! (btw I just sent you my bulk order for the silversmithing class)

Andee, I get like that sometimes too. Just no get up and go!

As for me, I have to finish the paver lock this morning on my mini patio I made by my new flower garden. then it's beads beads beads! I need to get on the ball and get some more made for the show and oreders. ;)

Have a great monday~

08-16-2004, 10:35 AM
Mornin' all,
Barbara--I hope you find the dog of your dreams soon. I can't imagine being without a cat for long. It just wouldn't seem right. Although, with all the cats that I have being strays and the word being in the kitty street world that there is always a free lunch at my house, I don't think I would be kitty free for very long! Good luck!

Andee--I can sympathize! I just worked 4 days in a row and was fairly busy. Today is my one day off before I go back for 3 more. I NEED to do things today and all I want to do is lay on the couch and read something! Or, since it's a nice day here, maybe sit on the deck and vege. How do you get yourself motivated if you feel like that? Hope the muse returns to us both soon!

Mary--I can't imagine you having any non-productive days! We probably shouldn't put you on the 'energy' pedestal that we do, but it just seems that you never stop. If you EVER tell us that you are having a non productive day, i will rush out and see if you are all right!!! Somehow, I always see you as the motivator for this group. And, isn't Chicago wonderful today!? It's warm, sunny and just a perfect fall day...oops, it's still summer. Well, it's wonderful anyway.

To all who follow, have the day of your dreams today!


Oh, and I never managed to get back yesterday...

Barrie, I love the pics! Your granddaughter is darling! What's the story with the Lion Cub? I missed that.

Shirley, Love, love the pic! You two look like you have a very special bond!

08-16-2004, 01:42 PM
Hi all!! Beautiful here on the other side of the lake as well! And we had another great sailing day yesterday. This weekend we're transporting a 41' Hunter down to Michigan City IN for an in water boat show. So keep your fingers crossed for good weather - it should be a blast!

Hope you get a dog soon Barbara - my heart goes out to you! And the pictures yesterday were great!! I love getting glimpses into your worlds...

I'm headed out to get a few beads made today. The first part of my day has been spent working out details for the Bead Expo we're putting on in October. So much to do!!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

08-16-2004, 01:56 PM
To all who follow, have the day of your dreams today!

Thank you Deb! What an excellent thing to say. And I wish the same for you!

And also "hi" to Barbara, Andee, Mary and Nancy. "Hi" alll who follow!

Today we rest and putter around the house. We will try and all have early bedtimes, tomorrow we get up really early and take Zach to the Neurology clinic at Children's Hospital Milwaukee. He will have a full evaluation for a variety of symptoms. (I do have his EEG and it's normal, yay)

Then on the 28th I drive him to Glenview to see a second ENT. He may need a lymph node biopsy. His lymph nodes have been huge for several months, and antibiotics don't effect it. Also, the nodes are not painful to him. You can see them sticking out of his neck. It's worrisome, however, I have this gut feeling all is going to be okay. I don't have his recent bloodwork yet.

It's never been simple with Zach! I love him so much, I wish you could all know him. He begins 1st grade next week. He will be having special services from the school, he still has trouble holding a pencil and writing his name. He can read well and has normal IQ however. So he will have OT (occupational therapy) services. Also special help for math learning disability. He is in a good school.

Here is my gorgeous son!

08-16-2004, 02:21 PM
Donna - Zach is gorgeous indeed, what a cute boy! :) I keep my fingers crossed for him and for you that everything will turn out fine!!

Deb - compared to you I sure have no reason to feel exhausted, as I spend my days doing nothing (except looking at job adverts and making jewelry)... However, this whole needing-to-find-a-job-stuff is nerve-wrecking and not very inspiring...

08-16-2004, 02:28 PM
Hello to all!

Donna, ((hugs)) you are a special person, too. I wish we could know Zack, but at least we can see how wonderful he is through your eyes.

08-16-2004, 03:41 PM
Zac is beautiful! I'm sure he would rather be called handsome, but he really is a beautiful kid. I hope things go well for him. He reminds me of a very young Harry Potter.


08-16-2004, 04:02 PM
Hi Everyone :)

Thanks for the photo Donna - Zach is a gorgeous child! I'm sorry to hear he's got so much stuff to go through - I know how hard it is for an adult to have that stuff get in the way of life - can't immagine how it is for a child.. hope you all get it figured out soon - hugs!

Barrie and Shirley your photos were great too yesterday - I want a lion! And Nancy you have a gorgeous son as well ! Andee, good luck with the job search - I know how hard that is around here - took my husband about 6 months to land a new job... but he did finally.

I've been just exhausted lately - I'm still getting over my cold/virus thingy from 2 weeks ago and have been staying up too late doing the peyote necklaces - must take a break from them!!! In fact I'm off to torch - the baby sitter should be here any minute - but I"m not sure I can hold my arms up for 3 hours - I might just come in and do some paperwork instead. Or! Take a nap - now that would be a sane idea!

Well she's here - gotta go!


08-16-2004, 05:09 PM
Good day all!

Donna, I'm sending one up to my guardian angel to look out for your angel! I know just how you're feeling. You're such a good mom (((HUGS)))!

Well, I've cleaned all day, not that it looks really clean, but I know it's cleaner. It's amazing the mess 3 teenagers & 2 dogs can make. Gab and I made sugar cookies this afternoon. I had to end up rolling & cutting because she didn't like it. Now I have to frost the other half of the batch. She's "TIRED" from frosting & sprinkling. I think it's a good thing her father just took her out for ice cream. Between her & the dog pulling cookies off the counter I'm ready to shriek! I have no patience, need to get me some!

Good evening to all who follow.

08-16-2004, 08:33 PM
Here is the evening portion of our thread.. *grins*

Although I have had a fairly productive day, I feel lazy. I did do laundry and make a couple of inches of turkish roundmaille, only to figure out that I probably won't have enough rings to finish AND it will deplete my supply of 16g 3/16" copper rings. I'm not sure if I like that. I'm debating whether or not to dismantle. I also, already, need new pliers. =(

I had to put some of my babies up on e-bay--my carnelian and peach aventurine chandeliers. I really hope they sell, I could use the cash--but I won't be heartbroken if they don't *grins*

I hope everybody had a good rest of the day. I work the rest of the week, all closing shifts--so I'm certain to fall right back into the "sleep all day, stay up all night" pattern that I am so familiar with.

Blah. :)

08-16-2004, 09:23 PM
there have been too many posts to comment on individually but, whoever said zach looked like harry potter was right on - whata cutie Donna, your son zach has such happy eyes. (this is no comparison but) my sweetie grew up with Tourettes Synd. and still has it, but tells me that as a kid he could never understand what the fuss was all about......... :D kids see things so much differently than we do.

doesn't it seem like there are too many days in the week where life gets in the way of making?
good night all

08-17-2004, 07:03 AM
Thank you so much everyone! ((hugs)) We are off to Milwaukee now! :D :rolleyes: :) I really appreciate your comments, each one! And all good thoughts from anyone who read and took a moment to send good thoughts his way! He sure does look like Harry Potter! (He hears that all the time... ;) Especially now that his hair is getting a bit darker... he plays the game on his PS2 all the time, although he is too scared to watch the movies!)

Wear is the coffeeee!!!!!!!

See you all tonight! I want Wearables eye candy to see later on! :D ;)

08-17-2004, 09:36 AM
Donna, Sorry to hear about the med ical problems for Zach. I actually met him and his brother last year, what wonderful children Donna has raised! Very lucky indeed to have a mother who cares and loves them so dearly. Good luck To you all today!

08-17-2004, 04:37 PM
Thank you everyone!!!!! The neuro visit went as well as it possibly could. Basically, everything is ruled out (siezures and other things) so we can call him ADHD now! He doesn't need any medication at this point in time. (I am not against meds when needed, but I am happy that Zach doesn't right now.)

My boys still remember you well Mary! And not only because you brought them goodies! ;) :D

Thank you everyone for the good thoughts for Zach, I am beyond thrilled that we don't need an MRI or stuff like that at this point in time woo hoo!