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08-10-2004, 03:47 PM
I was trying to capture the early morning light coming through the trees on our front walk. This is assorted pastels on Wallis size 9X12. Comments welcomed.


08-10-2004, 03:57 PM
lovely colours Judy..... and definately got the wonderful sunshine feel filtering down onto the shrubs....... some how the canopy of leaves doesnt quite work for me though..... not sure how to adjust that..... sorry cant be of more help

08-10-2004, 04:52 PM
Oh pretty piece, Judy- very inviting. I think you need some really dark darks in those leaves, though- looks like there should be some backlighting going on.


08-10-2004, 05:49 PM
You captured the early morning freshness of the scene with those cool blues. I have to agree about some darker values to create more form...without creating leaves :)

The one thing that bothers me is how your pathway juts into the corner....although that may be the way the scene actually is, you could take some artist's license and curve it more away from that corner. Then it would be more of an invitation to stroll into the cool shadows of the trees.


08-10-2004, 06:58 PM
I have to agree about the canopy....if it were darker, the light would glow more, I think? You've got the same problem that's prevented me from trying out back yard in the morning....the lawn out there is a delightful tracery of dark green shade and brilliant patches of light. I can't quite figure out how to paint that convincingly, but you've done a lovely job with your front garden for sure! (At least you have some plantings of things and not just grass!)

08-11-2004, 03:11 AM
Have to agree with other comments so far; early morning back lighting does tend to darken the foliage, do double-check one morning and see if yu can match the tones carefully.

Also ... although I daresay this faithfully represents your garden, standing where you did has given you a less-than-comfortable composition.

The image is composed mostly of verticals ... the tree trunks...and horizontals ...the foliage, and the flowerbeds. And then, slicing into the composition uncomfortably from the corner, is a strong diagonal, which is quite disturbing.

Standing in a different position in the garden would solve this. Doing a thumbnail sketch before you begin, would also help, because you could have spotted it at an early stage, before putting colour to paper.

If you cover the corner with the path, and the hard diagonal brown line at the base of the flower bed on the left, with your hand, the picture becomes more comfortable, in terms of shapes, immediately.

Here is an idea for a simple fix. I cropped the bottom, making the pic a more interesting shape anyway, and softened some of the brown hard lines of earth at the base of each foliage shape, giving curves which take the eye in.

I also tried to darken someof the overhead foliage, but did not do a good job with a digital brush! Sorry!


Hope this helps. It is only an option, and feel free to reject it.


08-11-2004, 06:14 AM
What a lovely scene Judy! I think your choice of palette is so beautiful that at first I did not notice the small defects that have been commented on- which I agree to. The canopy of leaves can easily darkened to advantage & I think if you continue the path around the bed Curving & fading into the distance you will finish up with a painting to be proud of . Cheers Alexandra :)

08-11-2004, 09:27 AM
hmmm...I've already dardened the canopy of leaves overhead and it does help. Wow..Jackie, that crop does change the look for the better. I dont' know why I didn't notice that diagonal walk..it stands out like a sore thumb!

Thanks for your advice everyone.

08-11-2004, 12:01 PM
I like Jackie's crop too! That looks great.
I would just like to add the comment that it sounds like you did this "plein air" and considering that, I think you did a great job. It is not easy capturing much of anything out there sometimes. And this is not far from being "there"...good for you!