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08-10-2004, 12:00 AM
Mornin' y'all - welcome to the weekly chat thread in the Illustration Forum. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and tell us what's happening with you this week. If this is your first time joining us, this is the thread where you share your thoughts, dreams, challenges, woes with your neighbors across the world - so come on in and tell us about what's happening -

Grab a cuppa joe and here we go!

thought i'd initiate this, this week. perhaps nobody has the time but thought i'd at least start it up.
I DO KNOW...that somebody (not mentioning a name) went on VACATION last week (lucky dog)...so perhaps HE, oops, or she...might share the fun details of that adventure.
i am now up to 33hrs. on my fiberglass vase project & it has been truly grueling at times...but am nearly done now. for a bit there, i was afraid that i might have to put a NFS on it for this upcoming competition because being too new to command a price worth the work involved, but i think i'll be fine & it's turning out great. i really need to finish because i need to get slides developed.
today my youngest (almost 3) decided to pull every piece of yellow hair off of a poor wooley catapillar! was it sqaushed...no...but it sure was naked--how he managed to pull that off (oh, not funny) i'll not know.

08-10-2004, 12:43 AM
Woaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!!!!! *buckles down with a cup o java and take a sip* ahhhhhhhhhhhh

So. sitting here. Plunking away at a friend's resume so he can find another job and stay here in the city! YEY!

who went on vacation now?? do we get pics?? i wanna know enough information so i can sit and think about not being here and being in the place in question instead lol Ahhh yes... vacation... I'm thinking myself that I might take a spiratic trip to new brunswick this weekend, before I gotta go back to school and before I never have time to excape and do anything. Not even sure why, entirely, but I know I would like another set of woodless pencils before the school year starts up. My old set is getting old and missing pencils, so, new materials are good!

I'm trying not to chuckle at your catterpillar story. I know its aweful. But. Well. LOL. jeeze... Go figure... Poor thing! silly kids!

Its so exciting to here that your vase project is coming to a close. It'll be exciting to see it done! When you do get it done, and get some pics, you should start some sort of "what i do outside of work" illustratio thread or something, and we can all jump in and share on the non-illustrating stuff we do to keep us busy between commissions and jobs. yeah??

Anyways, i should hop off. Gonna leave you guys, tho, with this pic of my cat kaity! Because everyone likes kittens :)
who, as pointed out by dave, looks like William Shatner.

We call it Catner:

And, because its not fair to leave anyone out, heres my new little(HUGE) one Lexxie who keeps peeing on my floor:

08-10-2004, 12:53 AM
We had a distressing time this weekend when my little boy lost his nose. Luckily we had some playdough and I was able to fashion a new one for him.


I just finished up one of those fun jobs where I had to illustrate something not only boring, but that I couldn't draw: the human heart. Client liked it well enough, anyway.

I found out that art used to be part of the Olympics. For the first half of the century, a painting or a sculpture or an architectural work could win a gold medal. Imagine that. They quit it because of the whole "professional / amateur" thing.

I bought an old book for four bits the other day called The Golden Book of Camping. From the fifties. One of those great old books that is filled to the gills with illustrations rather than photos and vector images and bad cartoons. If I'd illustrated this book, I would consider it my full body of work. On a whim I tried to look up the illustrator, because the watercolored line drawings were so skillfully done and I have learned a lot from just looking at them. He was very prolific, but finally I came across his obituary from about three years ago.

When I started doing my comic strip, it started on the day the last Peanuts strip ran. And I was close to getting the chance to finally meet one of my idols, but he died soon after. Many whom I'd admired have died and it's too late to just write a note and say Thanks. Shortly after Schulz died, I got a letter from a reader. He said he wanted to write me and tell me how much he enjoyed my strip because he'd had that same experience. He didn't want to wait anymore to write those little letters. Something to think about, maybe.

08-10-2004, 09:38 AM
*sllllluuuuurp* 1.2 java has been received.
boy...what an emotional rollercoaster u 2 have put me on....ax i did LOL A LOT at your 'Catner'. oh geez & the 'hulk' nose on your son, ted....but the end of your post is very treasurable & heartfelt. this is something that can be applied to every realm of life. it is darn amazing for my age to still have BOTH sets of grandparents & realizing w/ every visit...it could be my last goodbye. my g-mas brother passed away last month & when she went thru his house she said he saved all my letters & pictures. that really made me feel good...like i mattered to him. so let us all raise a java toast to those that matter to us (i'm getting a visual...the ending toast in the movie "waking ned divine")...maybe to even make an extra effort this week to voice appreciation to those near & dear & then LET'S LIVEN UP again :p .
if you go thru posts you can figure out who our vacationer is..but maybe they will wander in here & give us more fun details.
sunday i was at a church for a dedication of a painting they bought from me. did a press release for it this morn, cuz i fear if i don't initiate it..it won't get done. any of you do the press release thing for non-fine art stuff?
have a good'n

08-10-2004, 10:23 AM
Hey everybody,
Just found this thread. I guess I'll join in here.......I don't drink coffee, just lots of orange juice. Well,....lets see...this week has been just a little chaotic so far. I have one child just back to school and another mad because he can't go too, (too young). I just got my router fixed and working again for my home network. Now I can move from room to room again with my laptop computer and carry on my work ....no wires attached except for my youngest hanging on to one pant leg while my little boston terrier is tugging at the other.... (note to self) Must explain to youngest son that daddy's laptop computer screen is not for coloring on with markers :rolleyes: Oh well, life in the 21st century...but some things never change :D :D

everyone have a good day and week :D :D :D


08-10-2004, 10:46 AM
Howdy y'all!

Yes - [he hanges his head low] - I was on vacation last week. Sorry, I didn't say anything - it kinda snuck up on me, I had to scramble to get a couple projects done and get ready to leave, and I thought I would have some time to log on and post while we were gone but that didn't pan out.....ah well.....back now....and in the words of the immortal Ted Nugent .....
"I'm cocked, locked, and ready to rock doc!" :D

well....after some caffein maybe.... :rolleyes:

So, yeah, vacation. 13hours in a small SUV with a 4yr old and a 1 1/2yr old. Hmmmmm.....don't know about how lucky I was....but we survived.....and when we arrived, we found ourselves in the beautifull state of Colorado! My wifes family lives in the suburbs of Denver, so we went out for a little family time. Kept it pretty low key for the most part. Stuft ourselves silly at Casa Bonita! Took the kids swimming at a Rec Center. Fought horendous traffic.

Snuck out by myself one day and went to Denver's most kicken' art supply - Meinegers! Although I rarely buy anything anymore, as I order most of my supplies online these days, I like to go and get my grubby mits on a few things now and again to try before I buy. (Our only art supply at home is a Hobby Lobby and a couple of mom and pop craft stores)

Spent a few days in the mountains, camping. Nothing hard core, the town of Frisco was about 1/4 mile away and we went fishing in a stocked pond behind Wal-Mart. :rolleyes: But we slept in a tent in the mountains and its beautifull up there no matter where you are. My daughters first time in a tent and my son's first ever camping. Three days without a shower or a shave. :eek:

I made it a special point to take my sketch book on the trip and then I went and forgot it down in Denver. :mad: .....ah well....I did remember my camera and one morning got up for a truely beautifull sunrise (see attached pics)! It was cold (to me) about 35degress that morning. The sun was just peeking over the mountains and the clouds and the reflections on the lake were stunning. While everyone else was sleeping in, I hiked around and took lots of pics. So many of them turned out good, I had a hard time choosing just a few to share with you. I might try a painting of one, but I don't think I could do it justice.

Ted - I chuckle every time I see that nose....kids can be such fun when they're not poopin' or fussin'.

Axl - I see your cat's resemblence to Shatner. Yes I do. Cats can be such fun when they're not poopin' or fussin'.

jen - I'm here I just type slow....Typing can be such fun when I'm not....oh well...TMI ..... can ya' tell I'm tired of poopin' and fussin'? :p

Roger - welcome! Good to have ya!.... So.....you know wireless routers, huh? Help me please! please! please!......I fried my first one, the tech support said it was defective, but I know, somehow, it was my fault. My issues are with security and networking my computers, perhaps we can have a disscussion and get me straightend out?

Anyway, I'll attach my pics and move on now......good to "see" everyone! [there's an old saying I like - "I see!", said the blind man, to his deaf son on the telephone.]

08-10-2004, 10:55 AM
Ahh... doin the rounds... my morning routien is usually fairly simple. because i work night shifts i get to bed late, then get up around 11-ish. first stop is usually the computer, which sits right by my bed (i sleep on a coach in my living room... argh don't ask LOL) I never get any email. I come here. surf my boards looking for problems and things to add butt icons to. Then grab something from the kitchen to eat while looking at my livejournal. And eventually make my way to the bathroom to get dressed.

I've been schedualed my first morning shift in...... MONTHS (perhaps my 4rth shift ever) next saturday *gasp* A slight desturbance in my little universe.....

School has already started for your little ones?? Up here we dont go back until september. Working at an office supply store this is appearently our busiest time of the year. I cant wait :( They speak of horror storries like our security guards directing traffic in the parking lot, and people returning huntreds of items they baught weeks ago only to have them refunded and baught back for less money. Atleast at my desk. I hate my desk. LOL refunds for NO ONE!!

Maybe we should make a point to all send a letter to someone who inspires us, and we can all report back when we did it, who we sent it to and stuff. John Sibbick was the illustrator who inspired me to draw when I was a little kid. I have stacks of books about dinosaurs and stuff, but one in particular was filled with illustrations by him. His skillful inkwork and gouache paintings were very inspirational. I'd send a letter off to him if I could.

Your right jen about the grandparents. And everyone, really. My mum appearently nearly had a stroke about a month ago and now shes on all these diets and pills. Very scary to think my mum could die right now! I only have 2 g'parents. My dad's father died shortly after my brother was born, and my grandmum when I was about to start school. My memories are very faint and sparce about them. But I have this one antique clock that My g'mum gave me and I always remember it was hers.

Anywho. This is where I get dressed in my morning routine. Then hop along to find something to entertain myself since I don't work today and dont have any thing I have to do.

*twiddles thumbs....*

08-10-2004, 11:01 AM
Dave! it looks BEAUTIFUL up there!!!! (or should i say down there)

Like its the most calmest place in the world! I love camping. i havent done it in a very long time but its very temping to just get out there for a while and hang with nature for a day or too. I loved camping and canoeing, and swimming too. 3 things thats been a while since i've done!

Got a big chuckle out of your walmart comment. Around here i think the only place you can go camping would be in the business park so go figure. Or across the street on cidital hill??


Maybe its time to go fishin in the harbour.

08-10-2004, 12:49 PM
Yeah - it was a very peacefull morning. You'd never know that I-70 runns about 2-300 yards behind the trees in the last photo! ;)

08-10-2004, 12:51 PM
I googled John Sibbick and he must be one of The pre-history artists if not The.

Couldn't find a physical address, but did find this:

Contact him at fax.: -44-(0)1225-422011, or e-mail [email protected]

He also has a website, www.johnsibbick.com

I envy someone who seems to know exactly what he wants to do with his work.

I'll have to think about who I would want to contact. I believe all my Big heroes have passed.

08-10-2004, 03:16 PM
AHHHHHH yes i meant to leave a link to his website. Thankyou for that.

I must say i'm envious too. It would make thingggs so much easier to actually *know* what one wanted to do... lol

On a completely unrelated note i'm having roomate problems around my computer. See my roomates BF moved in. hes only been there for 2 weeks. I let them use all my stuff, all the furniture in my apartment is mine, the dishes and stuff are mine, and I let them use the computer.

He keeps downloading tonnes of stuff on my harddrive, continually does things to crash it, and just treats it like crap. Anyways today he decided to be smart and make so the firewall on my computer which is online 24/7 does not turn on durring startup, and neither does my antivirus. "oh you dont need antivirus and firewall, it'll run faster.." which is FINE IF YOU ONLY USE YOU COMPUTER TO PLAY REDICULOUS VIDEO GAMES!!!! Does this guy not realize I keep hours and hours worth of work on my computer????? Its a TOOL not a TOY *squishes head!*

Anyways. No computer for them!! I've set up a password but i'm afraid hes going to get mart and hack into it through DOS to use it that way. I'm mitghly ticked and ready to pack up tne entire tower and keep it at a friends until they move out.

I donno what it is with roomates and thinking they can treat my stuff worse than they treat their own stuff??? Like its not even THEIRS to fiddle with!?!?!?!?! I thought it was just good manners not to fiddle with other pelople's things and keep it in as good or better condition as when they started using it?????

Maybe I'm just old fashioned. Either way I'm not pleased and hiding at other people's houses until they move out. Rar. I can't wait until september. I probably sound whiny and petty but i'm tired of all of this!

*puts down the coffee for something a little stronger...*

lol i feel bad for continually turning this into my own personal ranting posts lolol it feels so good to get it off my chest!!!

08-10-2004, 03:59 PM
[hands Axl a stiff whiskey] there, there, it'll be OhhhhhKaaay....

seriously though, I understand, I get jittery when my wife uses my computer just to check e-mail (she probably knows what shes doing better than I do), I can mess up my computer my own damn self thank you very much.........[Dave takes a nip himself before putting the bottle away] :p

Your right passwords can be hacked. You work at a Staples right? Go to the computer dept. and get yourself a hardware key, sometimes called an encryption key. OR, as your computer boots, press the "esc" key to enter the bios and set a password at that level. The computer won't boot without it and unless he knows how to bypass a bios level password you'll be in business. (it's not hard if you know how, but you have to be comfortable opening the case and messing with the guts of your computer)

I think a hardware key is your best bet, though, if you want to leave it in your apt. Basically it pluggs into an available USB port and once set up the computer wont run without it.


One of those great old books that is filled to the gills with illustrations rather than photos and vector images and bad cartoons. If I'd illustrated this book, I would consider it my full body of work.

I have a few like that. This is what I was talking about in another thread about computer drawn artwork. That one has to be carefull drawing on the computer as it has a tendency to look alike no matter who does the work.

I picked up one on log cabins that is way cool. Beautifull pen and ink work. Originally published in 1920. I have others from the late 1800's to the 1960's and the present and you can track a kind of general sterilization of the artwork in many cases. More effort seems to have been put into making images with character prior to the 60's, precisely because they were drawn by hand (IMHO). Perhaps once we "get over" computers ability we will as a whole be able to add that character back into our illustrations even those done on computers.

I strive every day for character in my work. I don't want my work to look like any of my peers. I want someone to see my work and know immediately who did it. I'm not always, or even mostly, successfull at it, but I try. Thats partly why I refuse to do computer renderings.

08-10-2004, 04:56 PM
Hey guys,
It's me again....glad to see this thread still going...great fun. Dave..you were asking me about my experience with networking and routers...well, I'm no computer guru, more like a computer goof. I have one of those Linksys type B routers and it keeps locking up on me...so I have had to reset it now about 5 times in the last 2 months. Only have my son's computer and mine right now. As far as security goes......it only takes a little knowledge to get into anything you want....and chances are there are tens of thousands of little "script Kitties" out there just waiting to see what damage they can do. I'm only smart enough not to ask "where the "any" key is when I'm talking to some tech support in India....Had an argument with a tech the other day over meta codes .......kept telling me I couldn't use them with the website authoring program I used. Well, later he sent me an e-mail apologizing and told me how. I had all ready figured out how to paste the codes in my editor and upload them on my own :rolleyes: I usually keep my important files on a cd.........and constantly destroy deleted files with a program I have just for that purpose.......even with that...stuff still can be retrieved...but a little complicated, so I set it at the highest level..they garauntee it..wasn't the Titantic garaunteed too :rolleyes: :rolleyes: . I have both a firewall and anti virus running all the time........thats about all an average Joe like myself can do to keep other average "joes" out, I guess. Well, got to go to work so I'll talk to ya later.. :) :)


08-10-2004, 06:01 PM
It sucks when people impose on one's good nature. Time to get tough and tell him Hands Off. If youse want, I'll lean on da bum. Make 'im see things in a new light, like wit' stars if youse know what I mean.

Okay, how d'ya do that Quote thingy...

This is what I was talking about in another thread about computer drawn artwork. That one has to be carefull drawing on the computer as it has a tendency to look alike no matter who does the work.

Yeah, the whole thing comes down to learning basic art first. We've just got a bunch of people getting straight on the computer first. When I was teaching, the students just couldn't understand why it took six months before they ever got on the computer.

It's obvious when you see work like Phil's that he knew his stuff before he hit the computers. His digital work is seamless.

I may wind up doing some stuff digitally, but it'll have to wait until they make something like the Cintiq (javascript:openWin('images/Lg_Cintiq18SX.jpg','600','520')) that's self-contained, lighter and doesn't got so hot. Have you seen those? They're pressure sensitive writing tablets with LCS screens.

Oh, I almost forgot... >slurp< http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/10-Aug-2004/36907-smiley-swig.gif

08-10-2004, 06:11 PM

So I get online here on dave's computer. Go on msn. The girl roomie is online and i ask her if shes on my computer??? Appearently dispite the "DONT USE MY COMPUTER" (well, in much more colourful lanquage than that......) background and the passord he got around it and they were on my computer :( :(

Ofcorse we had a breif chat over the MSN... tho i'm fairly possitive he'll be suffering from withdrawel symptoms within short and will continue to use my computer, just without logging on to the MSN.

Tommorow I go to work, and on the way i'm stopping by and retreiving my tower. I have a bunch of work I gotta get done for thursday (a bunch of sample flash, as well as a portfolio of work) and I need to go somplace where I can actually *work* on it. I'm taking it to a friends house who'll let me work there for the night. I might end up leaving my tower there, and be put outta action, until they move out come end of august...

SIGH i need a laptop so i can just carry my computer with me everywhere i go! I'm just thankful this wont be a perminant problem. Tho I think I'll get my friend to set up that boot password like you mentioned. I have no idea why the login thing let them get on the computer. And ontop of that, how they can be ignorant enough to not get the messege on the login screne....

I don't get people!

08-10-2004, 06:34 PM
I'd like to get more into digital as a medium. I do do a bit of mucking around on the computer. Not nearly as much as I'd like to do with my work, i'd love to get my hands on a wacom tablet at some point. I find the mouse is very limited. Though I can't see my work going anywhere beyond regular 2d illusteations and stuff. I'm really not into 3d renderings and stuff - work like that just doesnt interest me even in the slightest i hate to admit.

I just lost my train of thought. But i gained a beer. hmm. oops.

Any of you guys travel much into the digital forum??

08-10-2004, 06:58 PM
well, i am jealous...everyone's 'on the bottle' & i'm going over to muslim neighbor's house 4 coffee in a little bit & alcohol is a big no no for them.

hey roger...my oldest is 5 & youngest is turning 3 in october--both very active boys. nice this forum can double as a parent support group-ha.

hey dave...beaut. picts. & i haven't looked at them close yet.

hey ax...when i was in college i hated my roomate & stayed w/ boyfriend a lot. she was such a turd...she even wore my clothes grrrrr.
well, no more time to chat i gotta go for coffee

08-10-2004, 10:52 PM
Axl, unplug the computer from where it connects to the power supply. Or unplug the monitor. Or the mouse. Better yet, just take the mouse with you when you leave!

Kathryn Wilson
08-11-2004, 07:52 AM
Hey y'all - just checkin' in to see what's happening -

Jen - glad you started the Coffee Break thread - taking a sip of cuppa while I peruse the posts.

Axl - take the keyboard and mouse with you! Don't let that rat get away with it. I would call it stealing if you ask me - you're paying for the time to be on the computer, not him! I would be irate - :mad:

We had wonderful weather this last weekend so took advantage of it and took time to scout areas for possible paintings - the good ol' southern towns like Southern Pines and Pinehurst are full of great architecture and spanish mossy trees if you get my drift. :)

Still messing around with oil pastels - did a painting of a pair of horses that turned out more like an illustration than a painting - was pondering why last night and figured it out - the light source was not good in the photo, so the modeling on the horses is flatter. It was commented that it would make a good children's book cover - :D

Been pondering on who it was that inspired me in my early years - who got me thinking about art. My earliest recollection was a friend of the family who painted in his home and we got to see what he was doing - as a child it totally facsinated me that someone could paint such a huge painting and everything looked so real. Then after that it would be Walt Disney and UB Iwerks(?) - I was a huge comic book fan. I have different tastes now, but think back on those wonderful artists and how they inspired me.

See y'all on the forum!

08-11-2004, 02:29 PM
LUNCH TIIIIIME! - Just munched a most tasty salad from one of those make your own salad bars at the grocery store! I wasn't up for the leftover spagetti I brought with me.

Ok here's where I get confused with this networking thing. Bought a Laptop this spring so's I could take some work home, maybe get caught up. Was hoping to do computer work at home and reserve studio time for artwork.

So the Laptop I ordered came with a wireless networkcard. I get all excited and buy a wireless router so I could network my two computers. I want to connect my two computers thru the wireless router and I want both to access the internet directly. Windows XP seems to insist that I can't do this. That for my computers to talk to each other they must first share the internet connection, or the network isn't safe. According to Windows XP only one computer in a network should have direct access to the internet and all others should communicate thru it. Seems silly to me that my Laptop has to first communicate with the wireless router then my Desktop then back to the wireless router to get to the internet.

There has to be a solution, and I will propably end up talking to tech support again. I just haven't felt like dealing with them yet.

Other than that I'm as secure as it gets - wireless router with many factory defaults changed, firewalled, and anti-virus.

Axl - I love my Laptop it has been a real life saver at times. One warning however, Laptop monitors don't seem to be as good as desktop monitors and I have a hard time getting colors adjusted accurately (at least on mine). Also graphics work is a bit slower. Even though the Laptop I bought technically is as powerfull as my Desktop unit, Photoshop tends to run noticably slower on the Laptop. Partly I think because Photoshop wants you to run your scratch disk on a different physical hard drive and the Laptop has room for only one. But the portability offsets those drawbacks.

Ted - the Cintiq link won't work for me, but I'm guessin your talkin bout Tablet PC's? If so, yes I have seen a few and they are way cool. My stepfather is Chief Pilot for the University of Arkansas and they recently bought a couple to use in their airplanes. They're sweeet. They put all their flight logs and manuals on them. So where before they carried some 10 to 15 flight manuals on each plane, now they just have the one tablet PC for each. These are custom tablets too, bout half the size of a regular tablet PC.

08-12-2004, 08:41 AM
Okie-doke, let's try again:


Say, I ran across an interesting article... apparently you don't even need a router:


I've had much better luck perusing internet forums and tech pages than I ever have with actual tech support. No matter how difficult the question, I almost always find an answer. That's just with searching and browsing, not posting any questions myself.

08-12-2004, 09:47 AM
Sweet pic! technology can be so cool!

Thanks for the article - I read thru it, but the author sill has you set one computer as host with internet connection sharing enabled. Maybe that's the only way it can be done, it just dosen't make sense to me. I just can't get me brain around it! Most of the time I can find answers to my questions with online searches too. I just haven't had any luck with this one.

The shopping center I'm in just had a computer tech store open up a few doors down from me. I think its time to meet the neighbors. :D

08-12-2004, 07:07 PM
42hrs into this one. hoping it makes it into an upcoming show :rolleyes:
since this weekly forum thread isn't huge...it might as well double as a 'show & tell' for 'other art' anyone is doing besides ills. (geez, i don't wanna be the only one) besides...this thread is about 'what inspires' us so i think i'm in line.
any of yous got any purdies to show?
well, i'm being given 'the look' because someone needs to use the phone, sos talk 2 yas later,

Kathryn Wilson
08-12-2004, 07:17 PM
Still messing around with oil pastels - did a painting of a pair of horses that turned out more like an illustration than a painting - was pondering why last night and figured it out - the light source was not good in the photo, so the modeling on the horses is flatter. It was commented that it would make a good children's book cover - :D

Jen, that is an incredible piece of work - you are a huge inspiration to your kids - and to all of us!

Don't want you to feel lonely Jen - so here's a few of my oil pastels. It's a medium I've been trying to conquer and find a style of working that suits me -

08-12-2004, 09:43 PM
yay! indeed yer horsey one does look like a book cover...that part at the top just perfect to slide a book title into.
i really like what you are doing w/ the oil pastel. i have been getting into it also w/ the other series i'm doing...but this vase i actually went over it w/ white O.P. & some turp & shoved it in every crevase...then wiped the excess & buffed it to a satin shine. it gave it just that little extra patina thing that it needed. been thinking about getting a larger set of O.P....it'd be nice to get thematic sets like: 'landscape' or 'portrait' only colors...but i think they only do that w/ reg. pastels. if you know otherwise...lemme know what brandnames do it.
kyle...i've told you b4...your stuff really looks a perfect fit for the greeting card industry!
anyone else got some neato stuff?...how about illustrations done w/ more experimental mediums (perhaps becoming obsolete w/ the computer these days, but it never hurts 2 ask).

Kathryn Wilson
08-12-2004, 09:58 PM
Hey, perfect timing Jen - we are just talking about doing stuff like this over in the Oil Pastel forum - someone wants to paint rocks, glass and other things - would you consider posting this over in the OP forum for everyone to see?

Sennelier does series sets - Landscape, Portrait, Floral - I don't like the floral, very muddy colors. Sennelier also has LeGrande OP's - large sticks that I just love. Holbein does not do sets, but you can buy by the stick in 5 value hues.

Thanks for the encouragement - I may look into the greeting card thing.

08-13-2004, 09:26 AM
since i only used it as a patina...& wiped off all the OP...i don't think this would fit over there. C, my stuff like this would fit more in the mixed media forum.
so you mean people wanna paint OP on glass? that sounds cool. rocks? how on earth preserve those? sounds like a grand adventure ;)
if i ever get some time i'll have to come over & visit OP forum. maybe after i finish the piece i've got in the garage that actively uses OP a lot.

08-13-2004, 09:46 AM
HEy all.........

Kyle and Jen - Nice work both. Kyle, I particularly like the landscape one. And Jen, your vase is excellent!

I have been working on some non art related studio projects, cleaning, repairs, caluking, fun stuff.....not! Actually, I have been working on a couple of things fgor the studio that I can post some pics of later, probly next week some time when I get them finished. Building a Picture Rail, some plant stands and rolled file storage.

Have had a couch on order for over 4weeks, its scheduled to be delivered today! :clap:

08-14-2004, 09:41 PM
So i'm at my mum's house right now :D Using the computer. My tower is at a friends house. I dragged it across the city (on a buss mind you!) Had to litterally carry it about 15 minutes to the bus stop.. then get on the buss and have to stand 3/4 of the way on an hour long trip with the tower and my printer in a duffle bag. FUN TIMES.

My arms are covered in bruises and every bit of my body aches! lol They set me up with a boot pass and a screen saver pass. I got my work done. And his roomate is going to tear it apart and clean it out for me too, which is awesome. No dusty computer for me :D

Things are sorted out completely between myself and the roomates though. He realized he was being a moron, she realized. well. she didnt really have to realize antyhing since she really didn't do anything. LOL. Either way, I'm probably going to lug the thing back home soon now that the passwords are on it and resume my life as normal.

So I'm officially learning to tattoo!!! I'm thrilled! My mentor ;) leant me the motor of one of his older machines. My first assignment is to study it and learn the mechanics of it and figure out how it works. So I've been spending most moments i h ave on the computer researching tattooing machines and staring at it, drawing the various parts, and hypothosizing and researching how it all works. There aren't very many good resources online, however, that show the mechanics of how they work. Rather dissapointing and making my task very difficult. Hope I'll figure it out soon tho.

Anyways your work there is beautiful!! I still think we shoulda started an entire thread to *other* stuff. Maybe at a later date.

Yikes. I gotta run.