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10-12-2001, 01:12 PM
Ebay has finally gotten the new categories listed in the Antiques/Art area!!

I had a problem with getting my listing to work right because it kept automatically putting in the old category....so I had to clear all the information and start a new listing! You might want to do this before you upload your pics and then notice that the category for #551 is now called "other".

I'm excited to see this change...it should increase the traffic!

10-12-2001, 01:40 PM
all my current listings are showing up in the Contemporary artist-other category.

If you have no bids, you can revise that by clicking on revise and changing the # in the category to 20158 (Self-Representing artists) or to #20135 (Paintings:Contemporary:American)...if you want another category, check the listing for the # before you go in to change your listing.

If you already have bids, you can't change the category and will have to let those auctions run out.

10-12-2001, 02:21 PM
I am quite confused at the moment...most of the listings previously in "painting" have been dumped in "contemporary, other" (over 16,000 listings). Everything is there, even paintings done in 1899. What good is the new cat doing?
How many people used to look in "painting" will now look in "contemporary'? Maybe time is needed to do the transition, but at the moment it's quite confusing.

10-12-2001, 04:39 PM
Wow! Thanks for the heads up guys! I've revised my listings so I'm not lost in the contemporary paintings category. :(

10-12-2001, 10:39 PM
Thanks for the info. I changed 2 of mine. The other 2 were listed in E-Bay Canada and cannot be changed. It seems E-Bay Canada does not have the new categories yet.

10-13-2001, 02:38 PM
Although I've done quite a bit of eBay buying and selling, I have NOT had much experience selling my art. Infact the few times I tried (I wrote about this in another thread a while back) I had no luck at all BUT I plan to try again since you're all so "up" on the subject of auctioning.

A few questions....
1) What might be the diffence between Self-Representing Artists and the subcategories under the Collectible Art section -- Artists Offerings or Artists' Works?
2) Is the Self-Representing Artists the best category when your art doesn't really 'fit' neatly into any of the other categories?
3) Is the category really all that important? Or do most people just search by key word anyway. When I'm buying I seldom look at categories, I just search.

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10-14-2001, 12:07 AM
Those are really good questions, Hairballs. I often wonder which is the best category. I used to always list under Fine Art, Paintings. Now I'm not so sure. I didn't realize that there were so many places that were more or less the same. I think with the Self Representing Artists category, that will at least separate us from the dealers and middlemen. Hopefully, some people will be attracted to the prospect of dealing directly with the artists. At present, there are a lot fewer paintings listed under the S.R.A. category ( some 200=) than under Paintings, Contemporary (some 16,000). That right there is an advantage.

10-14-2001, 01:47 AM
<<At present, there are a lot fewer paintings listed
under the S.R.A. category ( some 200=) than under
Paintings, Contemporary (some 16,000). That right
there is an advantage.>>

mmmm...I don't agree with you, Sumafra.
Buyers have probably not even realized yet the implementation of the new categories. They will continue to go to their bookmarked page "painting", without even noticing that it has changed name. Ebay has dumped everything that was in "painting" into the new cat and I don't think many sellers will risk listing in the new categories for fear of being ovelooked....It's a bit of a mess, at the moment, I am afraid....

10-14-2001, 01:14 PM
Hi Rita,

I agree with you, right now, until buyers become familiarized with the differences in the new categories, it may adversely affect hits and sales. I do like the idea of the self representing category and eventually I believe it will be good for all of us. That is where I plan to list all of my work. I too am confused by the New Artists, Artist Offerings, etc. There are now so many categories that I think a buyer would have to have the patience of Job and the time to review all of them.

Your pieces are getting good bids!

I had put on 3 new listings last week, all in the old Fine Art: Painting category, then ebay arbitrarily changed from that category to , Contemporary Art: 1950 to now. That didn't make me too happy, as one has a bid ( cat ) and I can't revise that listing, another is AFA, no bids, AFA listings cannot be revised period. The other listing, the best of the 3, is an Impressionist garden piece, no bids, also in the Contemporary Art category. I've tried to revise that one to the Self Representing Artists but can't due to that function not working, maybe because my listing was created with etusa.

10-14-2001, 01:44 PM
Well, I used to list in Art-Paintings. I'm very confused as to why all our items got shunted into Contemporary art if there's still a Paintings category??? Ah well, doesn't really matter. I do think most people search on keyword anyway.

As for other categories, I don't feel my work fits them. I'm not a Collectible artist - which in my mind means someone established with items that are either rare or good investments - ie. the general meaning of the word collectable, like with Beanie Babies, comics, and such. Collectable is similar to Antique, except the items aren't 100 years old (the definition of antique if you didn't know). I don't like the print category because I feel buyers don't know the difference between a hand-pulled print and a reproduction. The Self-Representing category is just that - artists representing themselves. No galleries, no dealers, no reps, no people selling on items they bought and don't want anymore. Just us. :)


10-14-2001, 02:10 PM
I'll do most of my listing in Self representing and I almost wish I could take a poll of all buyers to know for sure but I'd almost be certain that they are looking for certain subjects and that they use search for that item. I'd almost think also that some who are looking for art will just search for the term "Art"!
I do believe that the Self representing artists who already have their collectors may have collectors who will look under the self representing catagories for their favorite artists because they probably already know that they are ebsq etc.. once they get used to the catagory being there or they will just search for the artists names.

10-14-2001, 04:14 PM
the confused club! LOL

I will list in the Self Representing category...I think that is one of the main attractions of that category...being a single artist selling direct to the bidders. I hope it stays that way!

Sometimes I list in more than one category....when a painting is rather Folk Art in style...I list it there also. With my first couple of auctions after the change over, I've listed both in Self-Representing and in Paintings/contemporary....

I try not to depend on a category however to draw attention to my work. Using CARLYART in all my titles makes it easier for someone to find me...and I'm always amazed when someone new finds my work! Using watercolor helps too....many of my buyers tell me they use that for a search word. Oil on canvas is used a lot for search and so is FLORAL, Landscape and Figure. Using keywords when appropriate, helps a lot.

10-14-2001, 11:04 PM
It is indeed a confused mess. I'm not sure where is the best place to list. And I also would love to be able to poll people to see how they find you, whether by category or by key work search. Maybe I should stick to the old category. I agree that many people will have it bookmarked and not even notice the new categories.

10-15-2001, 10:54 PM
If you have a list of buyers or an email list for prospective clients, you might want to send them a News Release type email letting them know where you will be listing your work at eBay now.

They might not notice the change in category right away....but eventually they will find you. Letting them know about the change would be good PR!

With my initial email, I ask how buyers found my art. Almost every time they tell me its because of a search word they use when looking for art! Some are even very specific...one lady used pink dogwood! And it just happened...that was the name of my painting!