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Stoy Jones
08-06-2004, 12:10 AM
I'm curious to know if discussions about framing could be held here. It seems relevant to studio tips, but someone expressed interest in a framing forum at the Drawing forum and before I move on to site discussions, I thought I would post here and find out what I can. The following post is the post in question (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=207466) for anyone interested. Any info would be great.


08-06-2004, 10:10 AM
I'm curious to know if discussions about framing could be held here. It seems relevant to studio tips, but someone expressed interest in a framing forum

I would vote FOR a specific framing forum since it is something not really related to many artist's studio practices. I'm thinking here of those artists who choose to have their work framed by framing shops rather than doing it themselves. But going to a frame shop can be intimidating in and of itself, with the huge selections of frames and styles and colors and etc, so discussions on the topic of framing would probably be useful to all artists.

OTOH, there is SOOOO much to know about use of shop tools for making one's own frames that I think the discussions relevant to creating frames and the "how to" aspect would be ongoing. I've seen long threads on the question of which matt knife is the best one to buy, as an example.

So yes! Let's have a framing forum! But until then, it seems to me perfectly appropriate to post to this forum any questions on framing and tools.

08-06-2004, 12:07 PM
Hello Jaxas and Stoy. Yes, you've come to the right place to discuss framing! You will see that there are lots of threads relating to framing here in studio tips. Also in the mediums forums (oils, pastels, watercolors, etc.) you will find threads relating to the framing of specific mediums.

If you want to launch a campaign for a Framing Forum, or as a sub-forum of Studio tips, you can set up a poll in the site discussions forum. In order to have just cause for a new forum, you would need to demonstrate that there are enough members who would make use of such a forum. As I'm sure you know, there's nothing worse than posting a question to a forum that nobody ventures into. 'Not much response to be gained that way!

So, my suggestion would be to start your framing discussion with a thread here in Studio Tips and see if there is enough interest in discussing framing to warrant a separate and unique forum for the topic. Then if there is, you can start up the poll. Personally, I think that the Studio Tips forum is not so busy that it cannot accommodate the framing discussions.


08-06-2004, 07:53 PM
I was kinda hoping for a framing forum too ! I was posting in Oil painting about framing till I found out it should go here :angel:

I think it would be a valuable resource, not only for us home-framers who are doing em in the hundreds per year but for those who are just starting and want a good frame for cheap . Personally, I am also very much interested in advancing the whole IDEA of taking some time to put a good frame on art -- I see soo--oo many crappy frames on decent paintings ! I just dont think people realize how important it is in selling thier work .

I've been doing strictly contemporary- looking frames the last couple years in water-gilded and oil-gilded gold leaf, but Ive done casts and copied old frames , tried dutch rubbed finish stuff , used compo , but Im always looking for new stuff to try . Im thinking of trying carved gesso now ... it gives like an inlay look .


Stoy Jones
08-06-2004, 08:44 PM
Thanks for the replies! I think WC needs some sort of resource for framing and matting also. I agree with Colin about the need for good framing and while I don't do much of it now, I may need to down the road and could use a forum or resource to refer my questions to those in the knowhow.

I posted a reply with a link to the poster in question to this thread to see if that person may pursue this further. While I don't have the spare time to do the actual footwork to get the ball rolling, I will certainly support any effort as I like the idea too. Thanks again for the info!


08-06-2004, 08:48 PM
maybe we could just change forum name to " Framing and Studio Tips " ? That way at least people would come to the right place .

08-13-2004, 07:57 PM
Glad I searched first and found this thread, I was just gonna ask in Business tips. :D

08-31-2004, 03:11 PM
i'd certainly think it merits its own forum, or at least a subforum of this one.

09-08-2004, 09:59 AM
I would like to see a framing forum as well, which would include anything to do with matting for those of us that use them. We can find the information in the different forums but it would be nice to go to one place to search for answers. How about placing it as a sub-forum of Studio Tips?


09-09-2004, 12:05 PM
Add my vote to establish a framing forum, or at least retitle this one as suggested above. I'm one of those artists home framing out of necessity. $$$

09-16-2004, 10:17 PM
Add my vote here too. I have many framing questions.
# How to frame poliptychs, diptychs and triptychs? Separately or together in one frame mounted in a block?
Anyone have any examples?

09-16-2004, 10:33 PM
Thanks everybody for your suggestions about consolidating framing issues into a subforum, etc. I have started a thread over in the Site Discussions forum making that request. The thread is here:

Scott has been really swamped lately, but hopefully he will have a chance soon to give his feedback on that request.


09-17-2004, 12:31 AM
Thanks, Jamie !

SanDL - I havent a picture to show, but one nice way i've framed small triptychs was by cutting out gothic arch sorta shapes in a panel, gold leafing the panel and then framing the whole thing in a large frame . Paintings were mounted to back of panel with clips and screws .

You could do the same thing but using regular rectangle cutouts, and maybe cut small moulding to go around each cutout . This gives an interesting multi-depth approach to the thing ( and also conceals any slop in yer cutout :) )

You can also treat the individual paintings as floaters and mount them to black panel in an interesting way , then frame . Ive seen really cool assemblies of many small panel paintings done this way and they looked great .

Another way Ive seen which has the advantage of being cheap is to pick up an old 6 over 6 window at the local junk shop and use that as your internal framing, then frame out the whole thing too . Heres a scan of a set of Durer drawings that gives the idea .

Yet another idea Ive seen ( and wanted to steal ! ) is to do a whole series of tiny, like 3 by 3 paintings and mount them in an old printers type tray -- they are a dime a dozen at junk shops and you could knock out and rearrange the little compartments to suit different size little panel
paintings .

I think for big paintings that are a set, it becomes a lot more problematic to mount them all in one big frame . Generally people just frame them identically and hang them side by side .

09-17-2004, 06:35 AM
Thank you so much for your ideas. I have a small poliptych and a medium sized one.

I love the idea of the gothic window for the small paintings. (it suits the theme of the paintings!) I'll post when they're done.