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10-11-2001, 01:05 PM
Shilling is the practice of bidding on an item to cause the price to be raised without any real intent on buying. It is illegal at ebay!

I wanted to talk about this because in ebay's rules and regs, family members and business associates are highly suspect if they are bidding on someone's items. In fact, its "highly" discouraged.

I bid on other artists works a lot and I buy them when I get the high bid...I also have other artists bid on my paintings! I wanted to let all of you know about this because sometimes it is reported by another bidder that shilling has occurred if they notice that the bidder and seller have a business or family relationship...and they lost out on being the high bidder!

It will be reported if anyone notices that the same person starts your bid each time also...I think that is the biggest temptation for shilling!

10-12-2001, 11:39 PM
It's a shame that this happens as I believe it would put our Collectors and repeat buyers at a risk for people thinking that shrilling was going on. I have a new Collector for my work and she/he bought 2 of mine today using buy it now within very few hours of my having listed them. She/he knows to be on the look out for my watercolors. I don't know this person at all but I would look forward to a buying selling relationship and certainly hope that this will not be suspected as shrilling. After all, when they bid they really do buy the work and I really do send it to them. No hocus pocus here.
I'm glad that I have no family or close friends who get on a computer much less any who do auctions.

10-13-2001, 06:09 AM
If a friend or family wins your auction they aren't likely to be reported for shilling unless 1) they've been acting suspiciously or 2) they are continually outbidding another bidder AND that bidder knows what shilling is and how to report it. (Remember, it's estimated that 1% of eBay members visit those community boards.) Shilling is something that is repeat behavior, suspect behavior (the bidder ONLY bids on your auctions and no one else's usually), and never wins. A shiller who wins is a stupid shiller! The point of shilling to be a "fake" bidder who is artificially raising the bids, and a seller wouldn't want a fake bidder to win. And someone who always bids on your items, but ALSO other eBay items isn't very suspect. People reporting shilling look at the bidder's entire bid history.

There really isn't much to worry about. If a friend or family wants to bid they should proxy bid. A shill bidder would bid repeatedly in small amounts to keep outbidding another genuine bidder. A proxy bid shows a genuine wish to win the auction at a maximum defined price.

Please, let's not start paranoia about auctioning! :)

10-13-2001, 11:02 AM
Originally posted by timelady

Please, let's not start paranoia about auctioning! :)

LOL, You're right of course!
Since Carly put this here I thought I'd voice my concern. I was just wondering if they ever suspected repeat buyers. Guess that is why its good that I use "Buy it Now" cuz when the Collector wants it they will use it. Yep, if a shriller won it every time there'd be no point. :D

10-29-2001, 01:03 AM
I think shilling sucks. BUT, my father, who is a huge supporter of my art bids on about a piece of mine every 2nd or 3rd series of auctions. He bids to win, pays me via paypal or billpoint so I have record of it. My dad has every right as a stranger to buy my art:) What a good dad he is. Now if I can just get my mom to give to craps about my art:)

I think as long as a family member is willing to pay via paypal or billpoint you can always justify things to ebay,should someone lamo report you.

As far as repeat clients goes? I have 2 woman who have bought in total over 30 of my small paintings. EBAY got there money. They have far to much things to worry about than to find out who has multiple buyers on their items. BUT if some LAMO reported you but looking at your feedback...or at some kind of evidence that they might be getting SHILLED...then that is another story...they could report you...but I DOUBT anything would come of it as long as EBAY GOT PAID. Jessica

ps-and of course...shill bidding is a no no..and is BAD ethics on ebay. period.