View Full Version : Can you crimp Nymo thread?

08-03-2004, 06:12 PM
Well as you all know, I restrung that Butterfly Kisses necklace on just plain ole nymo thread. Well now its not stable enough anymore. It twists and turns and doesn't lay right. It layed better being on the beadalon, but then the droops weren't quite enough to keep the hearts dangling down.

What I'm wondering, is if I use the beadalon for the main part of the necklace and then run nymo through for the droops can I then crimp it with the beadalon and not cause breaking? So what I would basically do is, keep the part that is straight as the beadalon, and then run through the whole necklace again with the nymo to make the droops.

Am I making any sense to any of you? I'm at the point with this necklace that I'm ready to toss the whole thing, if I can't get it to lay right soon.

Do you think I need to make the droops longer to keep them laying right? Is there another kind of beading material that I could use that would be slightly stiffer than the nymo? I liked it very much for the bracelets, and I can see its need for things like working with lace and stuff like Oskadis does for example, (I know others do it as well, but since she was here, her stuff pops to mind most readily right now).

All help and advice is greatly appreciated from you wonderful people. I want something that is stable enough to lay flat, but keep its form, but then give enough for those droops to look good.

Hugs from Holland,

PS I'd be willing to trade beads for some stuff, but at this moment in time I have no cash on paypal so cash payments aren't workable. That is until I can get some beads sold. *boggle* Me sell beads? Nah, I give them away and horde them all! ;) Thanks in advance everyone!!!

08-04-2004, 10:25 AM

IMO, nymo is too thin to crimp.

JAM Creations
08-04-2004, 05:23 PM
Nymo will break if crimped. Make your base with the Beadalon (or whatever wire you're using), add your clasp & crimp. Then knot the Nymo onto the base--tye a knot, move a few beads, tye another knot for security. Sew in your drops & tye off the end when you are done. HTH!!