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Kathryn Wilson
08-02-2004, 06:27 AM
Mornin' y'all - welcome to the weekly chat thread in the Illustration Forum. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and tell us what's happening with you this week. If this is your first time joining us, this is the thread where you share your thoughts, dreams, challenges, woes with your neighbors across the world - so come on in and tell us about what's happening - :D

Grab a cuppa joe and here we go!


This ol' grannie is tired! My granddaughters were here for the week and we had a great time (at least I did!). You never can tell with teenagers. The waterpark was a big hit - but I came home so sunburned, I still hurt. No matter how much lotion I put on, I always get something somewhere. We did lots of arts and crafts and I have a goodie box to ship off.

Of course, we had quite a scare with the terrorist warnings and the flights stoppage of all American Airline and US Air planes yesterday morning. The girls were 3 hours late, but made it home okay.

Now back to the norm (whatever that is) - hope to get some painting done this week.

08-02-2004, 09:15 AM
*yawns* just getting up. I gotta go to work. Its A HOLIDAY here and i have to WORK

This does not make me a happy camper. Not at all. Today is Halifax Natal Day so the rest of the city has it off. You think working in a department store, i'd get it off too, no? But we're open for special business hours from 12:00 - 5:00 so incase any you run out of ******in ink or toner for your printer, you can come and i'll sell it to you :rolleyes:

And what makes it even worse> Why i have to spend the entire time in customer service. I donno if i've ranted about this before but i HATE customer service lol. It is the bane of my working existance! I hate it! I hate dealing with all the complaints, and the people with problems, the morons on the phone, and having to order other people around and do things for me because I can't leave the desk. It is quite annoying. And I think they are turning me into a perminant CS girl. My next 6 shifts are ALL schedualed in CS. Its evil! Ihate it! I think I might pull my hair out in frustration, and then get fired because i'll have a bald head and we're not allowed to have "extreme" hair cuts. Heck I almost even got "let go" because of my tongue! lol


In other illustrating news, I'VE FOUND A WRITTER. Me and my friend Kenny, we're going to be working on a short graphic novel. I can't wait to get working on it. So far we've fiddled around and have come up with one character. I'll scan in the character sketches as things develope. Its quite exciting!

well, looks like my writting isnt getting me any closer to being in my work uniform. I should go change now. !!

Kathryn Wilson
08-02-2004, 09:29 AM
Axl, I hate to see you so unhappy in your job - I'm sure you need the money, but is the stress worth it. Can you find another job that suits you better? I worked in jobs my whole life and was miserable and let me tell you, it was not worth it.

On the other hand, you sound happy about your collaborative effort - looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Yawwwwning here too - still tired and sleepy. Getting to the airport yesterday at 5:00 a.m. with the grandkids has done me in!

08-02-2004, 11:23 AM
already wrote this once....how i love computers!
on my 3rd cuppa...took kids & visited gma for a week & so kids are entertained this morning cuz they missed their toys ;) kyle i bet u r pooped--really throws in a lot w/ extra bodies in the house a?
ax--i hate customer service too. guess that's why i'm in anti-social paradise w/ my 2 cleaning accounts that support my 'art habit'--ha ha. no one 2 bug me but an occasional cat or dog. glad 2 hear you got a writ'in pal--will be good experience for learning to push & pull w/ other creatives.
since i sold a good buckage ptg. yesterday am gonna splurge & get a new t.v. 4 the bedroom. current t.v. has had the tube slowly going out 4 the past 6 months,,,which means the screen sporadically goes completely blank until you get up & whack the side of it till it returns. 6 months of whack'in the t.v. :crying: ! new one will have dvd included so we can see movies on t.v. instead of computer!
project i started yesterday will be like one i 'hung up' in coffee break last month, only it will be on a thigh high circular vase w/ a narrow depth. still, a lot of surface area to cover! sucky thing is that i don't think i'll know how it's gonna turn out till i'm over 1/2 done w/ it & so it's a lot of shaky time investment. so either a success or an absolute failure...doing something new sure has a price 2 be paid. guess will have to wait 'n' see :confused:
have a good week, y'all

08-02-2004, 11:01 PM
hey...if you're gonna be on the net for like 15 min., hop over to: http://www.jibjab.com/ & download the funny political movie. (i did it while surfing elsewhere) it's that kind of cut & paste animation & a very good job of it. besides it's a hoot, so worth the wait.

08-03-2004, 01:30 PM
I had to jump in because i have exciting news!!

Just got back from my tattooist from my weekly dose of pain. Did another piece to my tattoo. I'm so excited, its getting closer and closer to getting completed!

Anyways i was talking to him. He says he really really likes the design, and has been really enjoying working on it, which really thrills me because I'm sure he gets tonnes of half-ass tiny flash designs, and has done more little chinese symbols than he knows what to do with. He says when its done hes gotta take a picture of it so he can add it to his portfolio, which is an honor because he has some great things in there!! I never EVER thought i'd make it, i know he does hundreds of people LOL.

Anyways when we're done, he wants me to come back and bring some work in. He wants me to do up some flash, similar to the stuff i'm getting done on my back and whatnot. Wants to make an "arrangement" and says i should learn to tattoo. I told him he should show me the ropes and in exchange for flash, and i think he's actually game.


Ahhhhhhhhhh axl the tattooist!! It would be exciting to actually do something i've WANTED to do for about 4 years now. And it would be exciting to possibly someday be able to quit working at the desk i'm currently stuck at and do something with my ART!

*flies around the room*

This is so exciting! His work absolutely awes and astounds me, hes an encredibly artist and painter, and quite an experienced tattooist! I'm so amazed!!


Anyways. must. change. for. work. now. But any updates on this you'll be the first to know! I cant wait for the work to be done cos i've been dying to show you all :D

08-04-2004, 10:09 AM
that is awesome news ax! always uplifting to hear people shooting for dreams ;) can't wait to see your work! so tell us...do you have to have some kinda accredation for being a tattooist since you work w/ needles & all? and what kind of cost is the equipment...i'm figuring 3-4 thousand bucks? well, hoping it'd be that or less....most businesses avg. 10grand minimum to start up including all accessories & rent & such & that's not bad at all. getting clientelle would be some work but doing your illustration in combination w/ this could be a great escape from being 'stapled'!!!!!!! the big fad here is getting something like a little butterfly on the big toe...my mo-in-law went & got one of those & there's like no detail on it...stuff like that would be an easy breaker for practicing w/ a needle. anyways, a fascinating new world there & a great combo w/ your talent.
i got a housecleaning appt. today...i've let my client hang one o' my ptg.s in his house & he really likes it. had to take it back 4 a show & he mentioned missing it during that time, so am going to take it back over tonight. i let him know i could leave it there permanently for xx price & it's the wholesale cost so he knows he's getting a great deal. he's been trying to sell his house so if that doesn't pan out i bet he'll buy it.
my encaustic vase piece is coming along...darn near 14hrs so far. it's looking 'alright' but will have to brainstorm what it will take to make it really kick after i finish applying all the shapes. if i get stuck...i'll post for suggestions.
my 9th wed. anniversary is tomorrow! hard 2 believe it's been that long. we've kinda agreed that the new t.v. doubles as an anniv. gift to eachother=don't wanna spend any more money on 'x-tras'...need to pay stuff off w/ extra money. i did find a bread maker dirt cheap @ a garage sale recently & hid it so i can surprise him w/ some fresh cherry/choc. chip bread, cuz he's loves homemade bread. i need to make a card...hmmmm.
well, that's all my chit=chat. anybody 'new' out there wanna share what you are up to...wanna rant, wanna rave...grab a mug o' something & join in the chat!

Kathryn Wilson
08-05-2004, 10:38 AM
Just finishing my morning cuppa. Doc says I shouldn't even be having one cup, but I need that little punch in the morning to get going.

That's fantastic news for you Axl! A dream come true - :clap:

And Jen - it sounds like you are keeping busy and "happy anniversary"! YUMMY - homemade bread - that will be a big hit I am sure - :)

My rant for the week is why the weather service left us going to bed with a "tropical storm" and then to wake up to "Hurricane Alex"! I know weather is not a science - but this could have been very dangerous and life threatening for those on the coast who thought it would blow over with little problem (which they continuously told us). We have one island that is cut off and flooded. Here in Raleigh, we had no problems - a lot of rain, but little to no wind. This makes me feel very pessimistic for the rest of the hurricane season which lasts through November - :mad:

Still working to conquer the oil pastels - not sure why I keep at it - is it the challenge? Would love to share, but the powers that be have not given us permission yet to have a "Show and Tell" thread.

Have a great day you guys!