View Full Version : What makes Artspan better than freeservers.com?

07-29-2004, 09:14 AM
PthaloBlueGirl asked us this question a few threads back. Good questoin, Pt! Here's the abbreviated answer... Artspan is much more than a server for websites!

First, we're all about art. Our members are all artists (and soon we'll launch a sister site for galleries), and the tools they get with their sites are there to help them manage, control, and promote their marketing on the Internet. Artspan is a community for artists -- not just a server for their websites!

Next, as a site that's all about art, the look, feel, and functionality of members' sites are designed to satisfy collectors and buyers -- make it super easy for them to navigate the site and search for art, and show crisp, enlargeable images of members' work with no download delays.

Finally, and most importantly, Artspan is investing in search engine optimization and advertising to give our members high visibility and top ranking in a search for art on Google, Yahoo, and all the major search engines. This is an expensive proposition -- way too costly for most individuals -- and it's crucial for anyone who has a website.

The simple answer to Pt's question -- No ordinary web hosting service gives artists the tools, the support, or the Internet visibility that Artspan does!

08-15-2004, 11:53 AM
That sounds great. But I don't like the templates much and you don't have complete control over how your site looks unless you just pay to have your own files put on your server.

It would be GREAT if you could make non preformatted sites also a part of your database. Why not? We are still paying you a monthly fee. I know there must be some technical reason but, I'd be more inclined to pay you to have my web page if I were still able to benefit from the art part and not have to have one of those templates.


08-16-2004, 12:46 PM
Would love to have non-preformatted sites as part of our offering. Problem is that for the images to show in our Artspan search results, they have to work with our programming. Perhaps, I have not understood what you have in mingd.
One thing: we are adding more designs and listen closely to what our members want. I have used the dark grey design for my site, its very different from the other designs, but I realize that design (or the other ones) are not for everyone. Which again is why we are adding more.
Setup fee is only $20 and hosting fees are also quite low, so members are getting a great deal even if they are less than enthusiastic about the designs.

Small correction: these are actual sites in that the URL's are either stand-alone domains (www.artistsite.com) or sub-domains. This is important if you use the site to promote your work, its just a lot more effective that simply having a "page" on someone else's site.