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10-08-2001, 09:43 AM
Looking at the dew on morning grass or the sparkle from the sun glittering like diamonds on the lake behind my house.
HELP, what color can I use to capture the this "sparkle?"
I tried spattering with white, doesn't work.

Midwest Painter
10-08-2001, 02:06 PM
You may want to consider offsetting the highlights with darker colors. Where you put the light, place a dark right next to it.

10-08-2001, 11:35 PM
You could try using your acrylics like transparent watercolor and layer colors. When you have an underpainting of lt. yellow and paint over it with a transparent color..the sun appears to shine thru.
Creating value with lights and darks also will help.

10-09-2001, 09:07 AM
Thanks for your suggestions, maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself. LOL I am a beginner and starting to notice colors, shadows etc. and want to try all of it like I'm an old pro.
Practice, Practice, Practice!! LOl
Thanks again.

10-09-2001, 05:35 PM
Hi dj,

Depending on what level of detail you are trying to achieve and what colors surround the area where the "sparkle" will go will determine what to use.

Generally, white is the last thing to use, after you have used other colors that directly reflect the actual light that is glinting on the water. The water acts like a mirror at times and can dazzle the eye with it's movement. You are trying to capture this movement on a static painting. It can be done fairly easily...it's using the right color in the right amount in the right place and with the right shape. Sometimes pure white is appropriate, but can generally make for cool, dull water, rather than the highlights you're trying to achieve.

Spend lots of time observing the water. Is it transparent, is it translucent, can you see through the clear water or is it murky? Overall, does it appear brown, aqua like a tropical sky, blue...how big are the waves creating the highlights...does the water fold over itself...is the light overhead, behind, to the left or right of the wate...is it reflecting a yellow, orange, red sun?...etc.

To learn from our resident master of water, Larry Seiler, do a word search on WC. He has written much in many forums relating to creating water.

All the Best,

P.S. There are also good books on this very subject and technically structural shapes to look for to simplify painting.

10-10-2001, 06:23 PM
Here is another way to get "sparkle."

1. get a color wheel.
2. find the shade of color you want under the sparkle. (On water are you talking blue, green, brown etc.)
3. Paint the color directly opposite to it on the color wheel.
4. Let it dry.
5. Paint touches of the colors adjacent to the color you painted...small specs...here and there.
6. Let it dry dry dry.
7. Now paint the color you want most of the water to be in the area you painted...blue, green, yellow etc.
8. Let it dry
9 Now mix some while with that color and the colors adjacent to it on the color wheel and paint specs over the area....leaving a lot of the base color showing.
10. Now mix lighter shades of the colors...plus sunlight colors...light light yellow etc and place them on the water in small dabs again....

You have or should have sparkle.

I suggest if you like this approach try it on a small practice piece...try different shades of water and different amounts of sparkle. I know it takes time and practice....ALAS!!!!!!!

10-10-2001, 07:51 PM
Thank you, I love this site, everyone is so very helpful.
Now I have alot to practice with. :D