View Full Version : Artists to help kids deal with attacks

10-08-2001, 09:06 AM
Artists to help kids deal with attacks

By Sarah Garrecht Gassen, Arizona Daily Star

Local artists will be on hand this weekend at El Con Mall to help the public - and kids in particular - express their emotions about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with paint, clay and words.

"Art Aid for America" will run every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. through Nov. 11 at El Con, near the former Montgomery Ward store. Art supplies are free.

This Saturday muralist David Tineo, visual artists Janine Manemann and Loretta Bagdanowitz and creative writer Laura Donnelly will work with participants to create anything from paintings to sculpture to poetry.

Future sessions will feature visual artists as well as dancers, musicians, actors and poets.

Tineo will help children create a mural that will be sent to New York City for display, said Lisa Cuestas, from the City Council Ward 6 office, which is helping to put on the event.

Creating art can help kids work through feelings they don't have words to express, said Albert Soto, spokesman for the Tucson-Pima County Arts Council.

"The arts have proven to be such an important part of helping communities rebuild, and help people, especially children, deal with issues," Soto said. "Through this kind of therapy of using the arts, kids can use a way that's more comforting to the children than having to speak about it - a chance to have a discussion without speaking."