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07-25-2004, 07:14 AM
Hi there. I am stupid, no really, and so I am going to ask a few stupid questions. Now, $9.99 is all I am paying right? No set up fees or other costs?

What makes your web better than freeservers.com? For $9.99, plus some extra fees I am not sure of and waiting email answers, I can basically have as many pages as I want at my web page, emails, email forwarding to my main email address that I have had for ages, remote imaging-that means I can store a picture at my web page and have it shown at ebay for example, as well as my own www.whatever.com address.

How much server space do I get with you for $9.99? What if I wanted an opening welcome page and then two sections or three for my art? I don't want just one welcome page that also has thumbnail images.

I can do my own html and such and would like to have complete control over my page and sub pages.


07-25-2004, 04:58 PM
hi...what Artspan does with regard to hosting is a little complicated in that we host 2 different types of sites:

1. Artspan sites which are templates. These are the sites which show in the Search Artspan results. All images have to be in our database to work with the internal search engine. These are complete sites, they are not pages, and each has its own domain name. They have a lot of features, most notably the ability for artists to easily manage their own content. Full details are here: http://www.artspan.com/become_mbr.php

2. non-Artspan sites. This is what you are talking about. We have not had a limit on disk space, our server has plenty of room (But just to be on the safe side, how much space do you need?).If you are comfortable with the back end, that is loading up your own files, etc, there is no set-up fee. Monthly hosting is US$9.95. We would simply assign you username and pw and you would have full access to your site on the server. Any other questions, shoot me an email. Would be delighted to host your site!


Eric Sparre
[email protected]

07-26-2004, 02:51 AM
A quick note for those who are reading this forum.

I called freeservers and finally understand a thing about 'domain names' that I did not before. Domain names are the www.whatever.com names and those are NOT included in their service. What you are paying for is to have your web page at their server. You get a www.whatever.freeservers.com address. This is not the same as your own domain NAME. The domain name is just something to call your web page that is simple and easy and you can type easily on a business card. That domain name has to be registered. You pay $35.00 a year. Freeservers can do the registering for you if you want. So every year you are paying the fee, either monthly or annually, to freeservers as well as a once a year payment, every year, to the register for your domain name.

www.whateveryouwant.freeservers.com is known as a virtual domain. You don't pay a registration fee just the monthly fee to freeservers for your files to be on their server. If you have a domain name you are paying a place like freeservers for your files to be on their server and you have a fancy name.

Just thought I'd mention that since I did not understand that and thought that others might want to know.


07-26-2004, 03:36 AM
Was just at your server. There is a www.torywhatever.com at your web and then the other link I clicked on had the address listed as www.bobwhoever.artspan.com this is what had confused me before.

So I still get a long web address even if I pay you to be on your server.

Everything is nicely organized by the way.

07-26-2004, 08:04 PM
hi...thanks for visiting. Just to clarify. You can have an artspan site with a subdomain of artspan (what you call a virtual domain) and thats free or you can have a site with your own domain. You can get a lot better pricing on those with almost any registrar including Artspan. I generally recommend that people get their own domain, looks more professional and is easier for people to remember.

You can also have your own stand-alone site, but without the Artspan site management tools, that would need your own domain.