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Kathryn Wilson
06-28-2004, 10:51 AM
Welcome to another week of the Scumble! Join us in our daily chat - keeping it to family, friends, chores, triumphs, woes, pets, and anything else you want to chat about.


Dee and Sooz - I hope you will be getting some rain this week! From the weather maps, it does look possible.

Hubby and I spent the weekend finishing up renovating the bathroom - a 3-month project turned into 6 months. Nothing exciting going on here!

Several pastel forum members had shows or art fests this weekend and they turned out well for each - yay, Sandy and Tammy!

If you haven't checked them out, both Kitty Wallis and Jackie Simmonds now have their own forums as IP's (Industry Partners). Beginners will especially enjoy Jackie's new forum where she will be helping out the newbies get started in pastels. Kitty's forum is open to questions on her products - Wallis pastel paper and her hand-made pastels.

The forum has been quiet this week with members gone on vacation or trips. Lots of excitement in the Oil Pastel forum over the proposed weekly op event and Dyin's classroom project. Take a peek if you haven't, op's are a fun medium to try out.

This month's project is slowly getting finished entries in - we need to encourage all those who participate by commenting even if you haven't tried out the project yet.

What's going on in your neck of the woods/desert/seaside/mountain?? :D

Deborah Secor
06-28-2004, 11:44 AM
Rain? YES!!! It's been gray and cloudy, and we actually had drops fall two days ago! Today is gray and promising...

I spent the whole day yesterday with my husband at the homeless shelter. I got to go to his Sunday service and then we took a group of 13 people up to our church, attended that service and then they were all baptized! It was a glorious day!! It was sunny and warm all afternoon and the new baptismal is really beautiful. I didn't have the presence of mind to bring my camera (getting up at 4:30 AM is not conducive to memory, I find) so I have no photos. :( But the pool is so neat that I've actually thought of painting it, so you may see it one day.

Today I'm off to take mom to do her errands. I sure wish she lived closer. I have to drive almost 50 miles to her house. Is it any wonder we've put 20,000 miles on our car since last October?

Tomorrow I'm back to the computer to writewritewritewrite some more, but should be through that by Wednesday. Then I get to write the next one... :rolleyes:

I don't see much chance for painting soon, since once I finish the writing I must finish bricking in the patio, and then I need to paint my kitchen. That's part of the reason I took the month of July off from teaching, so I better not grouse too much! I just hope mine doesn't stretch to six months like yours did Kat! Glad you finished it, though...


06-28-2004, 12:03 PM
Wow - it's quiet alright on the threads. Ah Summer!!! A time to relax.

Dee - glad to hear you got rain. I know how much those trees needed a drink and this has go to feel welcoming. I'm afraid I can't sympathize about the 50 miles being a long drive to your mom's. My mom is 3,000 miles away and yet aren't we lucky to have phones? She's also coming to visit in July which will be good.

Kat, there must be a pleasant sense of accomplishment in your bathroom project. Congratulations.

Ever felt like a goldfish? or a zoo animal? Well I'm in that predicament this week. We have window installers coming in 30 minutes and it meant removing all window treatments and furniture away from our windows. Ok - not a big deal if you live in the country, but try living across the street from high rise apartments in the city. It's odd!!!

More later - off to check out the threads and put on my chameleon outfit so I can blend in with the walls and furniture.

Barb :o :)

06-28-2004, 12:09 PM
Kat - I haven't posted here before but have had a look-see a few times, what a nice place to keep up with each other. Isn't it great to complete a project, especially one that takes double the time you thought it would. I hope you are happy with the results. Thanks for the info on Kitty and Jackie's forums, I'll have to check them out, and the oil pastel forum too, I haven't been to see them since the split.

Deborah - Yah!!!! for the 13 baptisms, what a wonderful thing to witness and be a part of, I can hear all of heaven rejoicing! I'm also so thankful for the recent rain, everything smells and looks so fresh. Good luck on your writing and bricking and painting your kitchen, but I hope you find some time to paint also.

I've been busy at my house and had a hard time keeping up lately. I missed the WDE this weekend, but hopefully next weekend will work out. I have my 7 yr old grandson visiting til the middle of August and am very happy to have him here. My daughter, his mom, is coming this week for a 2 week visit also. We had a birthday party last night for my husbands side of the family for 4 members, and my grandsons is on Wed. so we are planning another. But I'm gonna try to paint at least an hour or two a few days this week (I hope).

K Taylor-Green
06-28-2004, 12:12 PM
Lots of home improvement going on! You go guys!!!

I spent my weekend playing rotate the horse, a great game in which I get to haul horses in a three county radius, anticipate problems, and hopefully stay on top of whole procedure! :eek: Actually, it went much smoother than I thought it would. As a result, I have an Arabian stallion visiting for a couple of weeks, to re-breed my mare. Then we have to play the game again, in reverse! :( Oh well, I will get a beautiful foal next spring.

06-28-2004, 01:19 PM
Ahhh, equine matchmaking! Sounds more like spring! Good luck with that this time! And you couldn't pay me to haul horses around like that! Looks terrifying, for the driver AND the horse!

Barb, we went through the window thing a couple years back...it's well worth the trouble once it's done, but it IS a giant pain while going on. We had the added excitement of shifting four, no it was five then, dogs from one part of the house to another as the installers progressed from room to room. We also have a front window that makes every bite we take at meatimes and every move we make in the living room into the neighbor's and passersby entertainment; I truly hate that. We just haven't figured out a way of put up anything for privacy that the dogs won't tear down in ten minutes.

Anyway, Barb, my best advice to you is to rent a french can-can outfit and practice up on a rousing song and dance role from Oklahoma! or something! You might even pick up some cash if you put a hat out on the sidewalk! :D

Kat, I envy you having the bathroom done, finally. We have one upstairs that is still awaiting and new shower surround and another that desperately needs a yucky wallpaper tear-down and sink renewal. We had our kitchen re-done about a year ago this week...it looks wonderful now and I love it, but at the time I thought I'd surely wind up in the looney bin before it was done.

pjo, I hope your birthday party goes well and your daughter enjoys her visit!

So happy to hear about your great weekend, too, Deborah; must feel very good to help folks like that and witness their salvation! Now....WRITEWRITEWRITE! :cool:

Now to the subject of RAIN! We had TWO AND A HALF INCHES IN AN HOUR yesterday, this following about four days of other fairly heavy thunderstorms, so the yard is VERY happy. The hail was minimal, thank heavens. BUT apparently the reservoirs are still so low that water rationing is going to become tighter yet by late summer, so we had best enjoy this now. The only problem is that heavy storms like yesterday tend to overflow the house guttering and fill the front flowerbed which causes the window well in the lower basement to fill up with water and flow down the basement wall onto the carpet....it's never catastrophic in scope, but a pain to clean up for sure. We've learned not to store anything important on the floor that side of the room. Anyhoo....Deborah, I hope you get some of this down your way soon! I have this feeling that once this stops, it's gonna be one long, hot summer.

06-28-2004, 01:20 PM
Happy Monday, y'all. Another week, another 14 different pieces in my head all clamoring to be put on ground somewhere, somehow, by somebody. Drives me nuts.

Gorgeous green and blue weather up here again- this is *SO* unusual that I don't mind blaming it on global warming and buying hairspray with flourocarbons just to keep it going. Okay, so the rivers would be lower- but I'm having touble figuring out why the salmon would be poorly affected- seems to me they'd have an easier time swimming upstream if the snow melt wasn't pouring down in torrents. Two years ago when everything flooded due to record setting mountain snowfalls, Greeners were bemoaning the poor fishies' fates because they were dying in flooded fields- seems like SOMEONE needs to make up their minds. Utopia doesn't exist, Folks; climate is what you expect, and weather is what you get.

Congrats to all and sundry on shows, awards and monetary jackpots- that's a good feeling to have buzzing in your head. New bathrooms, kitchens, patios and colts will be enjoyed, I know, and are worth the hard work in the end. Me- I managed to do some weed-eating and cleaned the front porch (again) so I can sit out there of an evening without being distracted by all the chores needing to be done.

Today is a trip to Mary's, then home again to work on a piece and a few sketches and maybe scoot to town to get a GOOD tripod (it broke this morning as I was trying to get some backlit pics before it got too warm and I hadda close the blinds), and maybe a nap or at least a dreamy doze in the sun. Halibut for supper with, if I'm feeling energetic, slaw and fries. If not, well- rice is nice.

Be well y'all- happy days!


06-28-2004, 02:17 PM
Greetings ya'll..this week I will start repainting and decorating my bedroom using a painting obtained friom a wc member as my inspiration...all shall be revealed!!!! I bought all the paint, supplies, and large area rug for the project yesterday.

Got my new Dell laptop...slowly learning the xp program, but my typing still stinks.

Going to Keaton Beach, FL Thurs, and Fri with a friend from Atlanta...this is a beautiful fishing hamlet that so desolate you can't use your cell phone. Hopefully I will get some good pics. It is the place that my nephew and his 3 friends put out for a deep sea fishing trip last Nov. trip, encountered a storm..the boat was found but no bodies.....its time to go do some healing.

Paula Ford
06-28-2004, 03:51 PM
Hi Everyone!!

Got back from vacation/airshow in Fayetteville, AR...where the water is so high in the lakes that it's up several feet. The show went well and everyone was safe. We took a drive (raining so we couldn't fly) to an airpark in Clinton, AR. The runway was on the top of a mountain. It's a place where they sell lots and you build your home and an airplane hangar right next to eachother. It's really beautiful there. We spent a couple of days just driving up in the Ozarks and had dinner in Eureka Springs one night.

Got home and have been too tired to do anything. Haven't even picked up a pastel in almost 2 weeks. :crying: Hope I can remember how to paint.

Deborah, what a wonderful day you had!! Hope everybody is well and happy. Have a great week.


06-28-2004, 04:40 PM
Well, I was going to go and do some plein air this weekend, but the battle was to get out of bed, something kicked my Asthma out of balance and have trying to get it back into balance since... :mad:

Preston, no cellphone - sounds like heaven!

Paula, I am sure it will give the thoughts/visions time to focus and the results will be stunning

Sooz, Glad its started raining.. Hope you dont need rationed..

Kathryn Day
06-28-2004, 04:43 PM
Hi to all,
I made it to the Arts and Crafts fair in Albuquerque this weekend. Went on Friday and got to see Maggie Prices' lovely pastel paintings and to meet her. Paintings even more beautiful in person. There were several pastelists showing their work. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, and was cloudy and breezy in the early evening. My sister bought a metal abstract dyptch for her new house, and some prints, and a beautiful mirror.

My Mom decided to go back home, she was feeling homesick and decided she was not needing full time care. I do understand, as it would be hard to leave your home and give up your independence. She even drove her car and came to the baby shower for my nephew and his wife on Saturday in Albuq. She lives about 20 minutes away in Los Lunas.

Hope everyone has a great holiday on the 4th.

Mary Robinson
06-28-2004, 09:10 PM
Going to Keaton Beach, FL Thurs, and Fri with a friend from Atlanta...this is a beautiful fishing hamlet that so desolate you can't use your cell phone. Hopefully I will get some good pics. It is the place that my nephew and his 3 friends put out for a deep sea fishing trip last Nov. trip, encountered a storm..the boat was found but no bodies.....its time to go do some healing.

I'm sorry for your loss, prestonsega, I hope the trip serves it's purpose and helps ease some of your pain.

SBJ, after you left with your stash of books, the flowers starting blooming, the cosmos, the dahlias :D . As for the weather not being normal up here, they've been telling me that since I got here last year, I'm gonna give it 5 yrs to stop being abnormal, if it hasn't by then, I'm going to move to Costa Rica.

Congrats to those of you who had shows and horses and rain and baptisms and things, way to go!

Glad you finally got your remodeling finished, Kat, I remember those days.

I'm glad you had a nice vacation, pford, you are relaxed and ready to paint, right? :evil:


06-29-2004, 09:35 AM
((Prestonsega)) I am so sorry. That sounds heatwrenching!

I am glad to hear everyone else also had good shows! It is not to be rewarded in some way for all the hard work. It makes me feel like there is osme validity to what I am doing.

Barb, just be careful what you are wearing when you step out of the bathroom! :D
It reminds me of when we had our roof worked on...there is a little roof right outside our bathroom and even though the blind was closed it was very unsettling being in there with guys right outside. Bleah!

We are having drizzle and grey right now but it is supposed to clear up. I have a busy week but am hoping to do some painting. This morning a friend from our art group is coming over and we will work on a postcard advertising an upcoming event. At least it is art related! :D

Have a great week all of you!


Deborah Secor
06-29-2004, 12:54 PM

Yep, some of that moisture made it past Sooz's place and fell down here last night. I can't tell you what a thrill it was to wake up and hear that sound. I had to get up and close the windows on my French doors to keep it from splashing in--but I wanted to just open it all up and get wet!!! It smells like the sweetest perfume you can imagine out there this morning. I almost took a photo of a puddle to post here--but then I figured most of you have seen them lately.... ;)

I just pray that God sends MORE our way!

KATY, I went to the NMACF too. In fact, I posted a thread in the OP studio sharing the website of a painter I admired. Her work was great--very typical of northern NM with bright colors. Her name is Jennifer Cavan.

Four of my former students were showing, three of them men and showing there for the first time, so it was fun to visit everyone. I admired so much of the work--not just the pastels--and it was all very inspiring.

But today I have to write...she said, reminding herself of the timer ticking away over there. (I had to set it or I'll get all tied up in here again!)


06-29-2004, 03:54 PM
So sorry to hear about your sad anniversary, prestonsega! Horrible thing to happen to anyone!

Deborah, I'm SO glad you got some rain! Yep, it's like magic when you finally have a shower after months of drought, isn't it? I think we're finally drying out up here, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't mean hot and dry now for the rest of the summer. It's still cooler than normal and that's nice all by itself.

I have GOT to spend the day vacuuming dog hair! The border collie is leaving clumps everywhere and runs off every time I wave a brush at her...I can't see how she can have any hair LEFT looking around this house!

But I've also set up a veggie still life downstairs....had I slept better last night, I'd already be down there painting it, but alas...last night was one of those where nobody in the house seemed to rest well; I often wonder if it's the phase of the moon or something...

06-29-2004, 06:23 PM
What a kaleidoscope of other people's experiences and events we are privileged to view in the Weekly Scumble. There are so many Pastel sub-forums these days and this place which I've come to love now feels so fragmented that I feel I'm more pressed for time than ever, and don't always get the chance to catch up with everyone's news. Preston, I hope your trip is a healing one. Everyone else with family worries, I wish you well.

I put six pastel sketches up for sale on eBay last week for the first time and was thrilled to find buyers for five of them. I didn't sell them for huge amounts, by any means ... just wanted to experiment, put myself 'out there', and see which selling options seemed to work for me - and which didn't. It's also interesting to see how many watchers certain items get ... you start to get a feel for what kinds of pictures the market is after. Anyway, I'm having fun, and have at least made a profit in my first week :)

06-29-2004, 08:50 PM
Too cool, EJ! I have tried and tried, but have not yet found ANY of you guys on eBay...lots of other WCers and others, but you guys must be hiding out! This could be a bad thing, because the people in our forum can run rings around so many who are on there and I'm not surprised at ALL that you sold well there, EJ! What I've seen, so far, is not nearly the quality of the work we get in here...of course, they don't seem to be selling very well either! :D

A profit the first month is a GREAT thing in and of itself! Good going! You're going to pay my way into Wicken Fen, then, right? :evil:

Kathryn Wilson
06-30-2004, 11:25 AM
Going to Keaton Beach, FL Thurs, and Fri with a friend from Atlanta...this is a beautiful fishing hamlet that so desolate you can't use your cell phone. Hopefully I will get some good pics. It is the place that my nephew and his 3 friends put out for a deep sea fishing trip last Nov. trip, encountered a storm..the boat was found but no bodies.....its time to go do some healing.

Preston, my thoughts will be with you this week/weekend . . . very sad circumstances . . . heal well!

Paula, welcome back! Sometimes a break from painting gives one a fresh look at things - I'm sure you will be back with your wonderful painting in no time at all!

Domisoft, how's the allergies? I've been battling a stomach virus this week and I know feeling under the weather hinders the artistic urge -

Dee - so glad you've gotten some rain! Let's hope this weather pattern holds for a while and that you get more!

Sooz - how's that still life coming? If you do a search on Ebay with "4WC" in the search, you'll come up with most of the members on WC selling on Ebay. I think there is a link on the Home page of WC that will also take you to members selling.

Take care everybody!

06-30-2004, 11:27 AM
Where is everyone this morning?

I love having a glimpse at everyone's life in this thread. EJ - congratulations on your sales with e-bay. I had heard it was kind of dead out there right now but you've proven that wrong.

Rain - good news for those in drought and yet I feel for the folks in Texas who are onto their 17th day of rain. Dee - I've seen a puddle - lived in Seattle thanks anyway!

Sooz - I know what you mean about a sleepless group. It seems to be cyclical. I've also discovered that my decaf coffee isn't always really decaf and that last cup of the day catches up with me.

Mary - your flowers sound wonderful. Oh how I miss those cosmos and how they are bountiful in the summer in the Pacific Northwest. They also last so looonnnnggg....

If I've forgotten anyone - forgive me. Just too many folks.

Went to class last night and had someone come up to me and tell my my oil painting (just the drawing), looked like a da Vinci. I laughed out loud!!! It was a model who is lying back with his mouth open and eyes open and it's like a visit to the morgue. He's an older man and it's just haunting to see what folks are coming up with. Perhaps I'll shoot some photos and share them at some point. At least the class is lively.

Sandy - my postcard I designed came out pretty good. Kinkos is printing it up and I'll look at a proof tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement - felt like I had someone here with me when I was working on it - knowing you were just a PM away.

Well - off to enjoy the fabulous folk music I'm listening to on line - UMass Boston's all folk. Yahoo!!!


06-30-2004, 11:29 AM
Morning Kat - you posted after I was already done. HOpe you have a good day too!!! B

06-30-2004, 01:19 PM
Kat, I've done what you suggested a couple times and tho I only spent maybe a half hour at it, I never did see anybody I'd ever "met" in here. I KNOW what it is....they don't want me to see 'em selling like pancakes at a Weight Watchers convention...! Maybe they have nothing on there right now cause they already sold OUT?

Barb, you're doing dead people now???? Or just consciously challenged old folks? Either one would be a challenge, I think. And how did you window thing go? Did you flash anybody?

As to the still life...well...I set it up, took some pics of it in case I had to take it down for some reason, then got tied up with first one thing, then another and most of the veggies are looking ready for the rubbish heap! Ah, well....hopefully, I'll get to it later today or tomorrow and for the carrots, etc., I can always look at the photo. Best laid plans, you know!

06-30-2004, 01:38 PM
I not only see dead people - I paint them.

Here's the oil painting I'm talking about - you tell me... he looks dead doesn't he? Mind you he's about 60+ and showed up in green velvet bell bottom trousers. I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!!!!


Deborah Secor
06-30-2004, 03:25 PM
ROFLOL! Barb--you'd like Madrid, New Mexico then, too.

This is a really beautifully done painting--it has a Leonardo-esque look! Leo did dead people, didn't he?


06-30-2004, 03:28 PM
[QUOTE=KATY87301]My Mom decided to go back home, she was feeling homesick and decided she was not needing full time care... She lives about 20 minutes away in Los Lunas.QUOTE]

My son and I just moved to Washington D.C. --- from Los Lunas!

I can understand why your mom was homesick. It's (relatively) peaceful in Los Lunas, with horses and pastures, the river and the acequias. D.C. is a big beautiful city with so much to see and do, but after 4 weeks I'm homesick for horizon and sky, red earth and mesas. I never realized how much I counted on the Sandia Mountains to orient myself. Also, what I wouldn't give to eat at Teofilo's and order the carne adovada enchiladas with red chile...

I hope everone is having a great week.


Kathryn Day
06-30-2004, 03:51 PM
Gosh, it would be really hard to make that major of a change, from small rural area to big city. But, there are advantages to living in a big city too. I hope you are settling in and hope you find lots of artistic challenges.

06-30-2004, 05:49 PM
Barb, you nut! Well, this guy looks like he's snoozing on the job to me! Talk about a relaxed model! Velvet bellbottoms, eh? How...er...retro...or whatever they say these days.

We're getting a little MORE rain today! If we're not real careful we may hit 4" for the month! Been awhile since that happened!

You know, getting old is really the pits! My fingers have been aching like nervy toothaches all week...must be the weather, but I LIKE this kinda weather! Wahhhhhhh!

Oh, well, maybe holding pastels will help...catchya'all later.

06-30-2004, 07:22 PM
Bring on the rain! I hope it continues for all those folk in need of moisture.

Barb: looks like your model is having a divine revelation...just before kicking the bucket perhaps :D Very beautifully rendered though, and I'd have said the same thing - very da Vinci.

I've just spent a few days in a cabin by the beach with the kids. Building sandcastles, searching rockpools, sketching briefly while they played on a big sea-turtle playground, feeding possums and lorikeets. It was lovely. Now we're back to piles of laundry, and cleaning out a very sandy car. School holidays are exhausting on your own, but at least it's exhaustion caused by having fun :D
Winsor and Newton are having a half-price sale on their pastel sticks, so I bought about 42 sticks at the art store in Bundaberg. They tend to have this sale same time every year, so I stock up big-time.
Don't know when I'll get the chance to get back to the easel - have a great pic I'd love to do for the 'Moody' project.

The cane harvesting season has just begun, bring on the dust, smoke and noise!

Have a great week all.


06-30-2004, 07:50 PM
Oh! Barb, I just thought of a good title for that portrait! "Oh, These Pants DO Make Me Look Fat!"

cj, sounds like you had a wonderful trip to the shore! Can't wait to see lots of pastels as a result! Also the cane harvest sounds like grist for a whole painting mill all by itself!

I finally got some rice flour and am having fun cleaning off my dusties with it...of course they won't STAY clean, but....they look nice for a while anyway.

ACK, hubby just came waltzing in from work and promptly fell down the stairs! Sounds like a perfect ending to a tiring day...I'd better go fix him a drink!

K Taylor-Green
06-30-2004, 09:01 PM
Gee Whiz, Sooz, Please tell me he's not hurt! I laughed at your description, but that couldn't have been funny, unless he does it on a regular basis?
That on top of the truck horn incident, gives me a realllly bizaro picture. :D

Barb, Love the "dead guy". You made him look good.

Hope everyone who needs it, gets plenty of rain. We haven't had any here for about 10 days. The humidity is down, the sun is shining, and the nights have been cool. Typical Southwestern Ohio, just wait a minute, it'll change!

Went back to the horse pasture to check on my equine honeymooners. At least she's quit kicking him in the chest!! Mares can be so mean, and the poor stud just keeps beggin for more! :evil: Meanness, I mean. One thing about it, the mare runs the show, no matter how much posturing he does!!
But Caseyn is a good stallion, showy, but not agressive. The perfect Arabian gentleman.

Took a walk back some of the fields while I was out there. I saw some common yellow throats. Such beautifully stricking little birds. I also saw something different in bird behavior. As I was walking past a fence row where a red winged blackbird was giving warning calls. One of their fledglings took wing in front of me. Daddy bird flew over the youngster, and pushed him to the ground! How protective. I love to watch birds.

Hope the rest of the week is good for all!!

06-30-2004, 11:21 PM
Awww baby birds are so cute! Nah, hubby's fine...but thank heaven's for padded carpets! Last thing he needs is to hurt himself since he's already paid for his airline ticket to Oregon next week to see his mother. *I* sure don't want to have to use it!

Actually, your concern over hubby's fall reminded me of another swan dive thing he took one time down there when we used to eat in front of the telly....he kinda skidded down the last half flight with a fully loaded plate of spaghetti and meatballs....was a really interesting study in motion and gravity dynamics, that was....those of us lucky enough to witness it, saw the plate and spaghetti separate from each other BUT, both sailed across the room at the same approximate velocity with the plate landing on the hearth just a split second ahead of the spaghetti mass which landed ON it with barely a noodle strand out of place! One meatball did roll off the stack onto the bricks, however. We all just stared in amazement....sadly, such was not the luck with hubby and his glass of iced tea, as evidenced by the cursing and flying ice cubes. Ah, those were the days.....

OK, back to the kitchen to do them dishes!

Mikki Petersen
07-01-2004, 04:38 AM
Hi all! I'm trying to be back from vacation...actually this past week has been no vacation...I came down with a bad cold the day we re-entered California some twelve days ago. I also woke up the last morning in Oregon with a bursitis in my left hip from overdoing a hike in the sand dunes. Made the drive home just ducky! Anyway the cold rapidly turned into sinusitis and bronchitis and the bursitis is VERY painful so I can only spend a few minutes sitting at a time and I have to walk with a cane...I feel so ancient!

The vacation trip to celebrate my grandson's 6th grade graduation went beautifully. In Seattle, his Auntie treated him to a Seattle punk hair-do that she promised would wash out before we returned him to his Mom.
He wanted some fake tattoos and fake body pierces to go with it because it would really freak his Mom out but I'm a coward at heart...

What a whirlwind trip...we spent five days in Seattle visiting our daughter in her new house. Then we spent three days in the Olympic Nat'l Forest. From there we went to Mt St Helen. That was eery...24 years after the eruption, the area is still completely devastated and all the talks, films and guidebooks focus on the fact that any of the Cascade volcanos could erupt at any time and that St. Helen was actually a very small event compared to many eruptions.

From there we meandered down the Oregon Coast, toured the Tillimook Cheese Factory and generally did whatever struck our fancy. Then we cut inland and camped at a place called Diamond Lake, completely surrounded by volcanos (quiet for the moment), which was a bit unsettling with all that new info from St Helen's fresh in our minds. Woke early in the morning to catch this glorious shot of Mt Bailey across the lake from us.

We visited Crater Lake (spectacular with 10 feet of snow in the middle of June!) then zagged back across to the coast to Oregon Caves. From there we mossied down the coast and through the Redwood Forests. Finally we were greeted home to a big family do at our son's house with swimming and BBQ and a slide show of course.

I am proud to report that bought a Van Gogh travel watercolor set and did two plein aire paintings with it and one pastel painting of Elliot bay from my daughter's front lawn. They are all hideous but I learned a lot!

Oh, and my visit with SBJ and AkaMorgie was great fun but much too short! It just amazes me how familiar we WCer's are when we meet.

Sooz and Dee, I'm happy for your rain. We are on fire watch here already in June because the forest is so very dry. A real shock to come home to after Washington and Oregon where fire danger was posted very low.

Kat, glad your remodel is done and now you can just enjoy it.

Kathy, hope you don't worry too much about your Mom...at least she's within fairly easy reach. My mother-in-law was a four hour drive away for us and in her later years, that got very tiring. I can sure understand the desire to stay independent and in familiar surroundings.

Congratulations to all who have won them. Dee, I'm sure God is smiling on you for your big heart and all your good works.

Don't know when my hip will let me paint and surf WC but I'm thinking about you all.

Mikki Petersen
07-01-2004, 04:42 AM
P.S. Re my grandson and his punk look...it was a lark and a great pretend for him. I'm happy to report that this week he is away at Bible Camp and all is normal again. Praise the Lord!

07-01-2004, 04:52 AM
lol...Sooz, I love the way you make the mundane such an entertaining adventure!

Well, I've had a wonderful day. I received my box of 30 Schminckes today, along with a set of 24 Caran d'Ache OP's, and 24 set of Cray-Pas Specialist OP's. What a great time I had testing the OP's out on a bit of Colourfix, while the kids *created* mini masterpieces with the 'other' op's I have. Wow, what a difference - the Caran D's are just wonderful compared to the Faber Castells, and Cray Pas Expressionists (the kids have inherited them :D ). Even the Specialists are not too bad, they come in distant second at the moment. I think it's going to make a really big difference with my OP experiences. I've given up on the Van Gogh's as well - lucky I only had a few of each - I don't feel like I've wasted too much. Can't wait till I get my hands on some Senneliers! *drool*
As for the Schminckes - I've just been oggling them in their lovely wooden box, not daring (yet) to taint them by mixing them with *the others*. :D
My most immediate project will be to make a colour chart of all my softies. I can remember way back in the threads, something about making charts on mid-toned paper? I wonder if grey is OK? Any hints?


07-01-2004, 04:59 AM
Mikki, we cross posted. I hope your hip settles soon - take it easy.

Your photos are just beautiful, and your trip sounds so interesting - it will be great to see some paintings from your adventure - when you are feeling better of course!


07-01-2004, 08:11 AM
Mikki I hope you are feeling better soon! What a lousy way to end such a nice trip!


07-01-2004, 10:55 AM
Sooz, I'm so glad you're around to give us a good laugh. We can sure use it. I was kind of depressed when I got up this morning.
Mikki, I hope you feel better soon so you can paint some of that inspiring scenery & show it to us.
I've got to help my 19 yr old son (with ADHD) get packed for a mission trip to Mexico. Which really means I pack. lol When he leaves tomorrow I'll be free to do more what I want for the next 3 weeks. PAINT! & maybe some shopping. I really need to clean house & clear out our junk room.
I'm starting to remember more to bring up that I'm an artist & do pet portraits. I worked it into a conversation where I went to pick up a prescription at the doctor's & actually gave out my business card! :D Usually, I think about it after the fact & wish I'd thought of it at the time.
Have a great day everyone!

K Taylor-Green
07-01-2004, 11:56 AM
Sooz, I,ve seen your work, and know that you are a talented artist, but you really, really, really, need to write a book!! I laugh more at your stories than at any professional comediane I know.

Mikki, Hope your hip gets better real soon. I was down in the back last week, so I know how you feel!! :(

Tammy, Yeah, that networking thing is important. The more you do, the easier it gets, though I have found myself unprepared a time or two, and mentally kicked myself all the way home!! I also carry a small photo album I can whip out at a moment's notice. It holds 4 x 6 photos of my paintings. Hey, you never know. ;)

Mikki Petersen
07-01-2004, 12:09 PM
Thanks all for the wishes...I've discovered that I can spend a little time here by hooking up my laptop on the kitchen counter so I can stand to view and type. It's miserable not to be able to sit!

Tammy, good for you! I carry business cards with me everywhere, but like you, I never remember to hand them out. I'm coming closer to wanting to sell some stuff to support my habit. Now that we are fixed-income types, a little extra money would be nice...sigh...

CJ, the part of the trip that most inspired me and always does is the Redwoods. Trouble is...how do you make a composition out of something so awesomely large?
We got some good shots of an Elk in the Olympics. Thought I might try working one in to a scene to help give reference to the size. Anyway, this will be my challenge.

Tammy, how does your ADHD son do now that he's post-pubescent? My grandson, Jacob, the one we took on the trip, is also ADHD. It can be a real challenge to cope with him if he gets off his meds or otherwise gets overstimulated.

Sandy, thanks for your thoughts...yes, it was a lousy way to end a trip but it seems to be a pattern for me. I have a desire to be a full time RV'er for a couple of years and I think getting sick is a sort of resistence to coming home...

Mikki Petersen
07-01-2004, 12:18 PM
BTW, all...this was the first trip where I used my digital camera exclusively. In a lot of cases, I missed my specialty lenses and filters, but generally, I was quite pleased. I took over 300 photos. Each night before going to bed, I downloaded and reviewed the photos I'd taken and then cleared the cards to be fresh the next day. What I found was that I took a lot more shots of things from different angles because there was no cost involved. Also, it was quite convenient to be able to review everything each day without having to pay for 1 hour developing (which I find often ruins the quality of the photos). I have to admit that without a laptop, it would have been quite constraining but since I had both, it worked out well. Also, since all I had to carry was my little digital camera (an older model Kodak), I took the camera everywhere. My Minolta SLR is a great camera (almost 20 years old now) but heavy, and all those attachments get quite combersome.

07-01-2004, 12:52 PM
Sooz - your story had me laughing out loud once again. I agree - a book would be wonderful.

Mikki - fabulous photos. You've made me so homesick for the pacific northwest. I hiked to the top of Mt. St. Helens years ago (after the blow - I figure I saved a few hundred feet hiking) and can tell you it's every bit as devastating on top. that was a good trip.. ah...

So.. did you create that lavender colored carpet through the redwoods. It comes out lavender on my screen anyway. I'm with you - can't praise digitals enough.

Hope your body heels quickly and you can sit again in comfort.

- I feel the same way about business cards. I frequently stop people with their dogs and tell them I paint portraits but never have any samples or cards with my work. I've decided to print out business cards with samples on the front or back - so that they can serve as double duty.

- Love the stories of the stallions. I bet I can tell you about humping pigeons in the streets of San Francisco but that's as close as I get to "wildlife" of the non-human variety.

Off to Kinkos to pick up printed postcards for an art show I'm chairperson of next month. Wow - it's going to happen!!! Barb

07-01-2004, 12:53 PM
CJ - have fun with your new pastels. I know the feeling - that elation when you open the box and see all those clean brilliant colors. You want to try them out or perhaps just close the box and open them again for the wonder of it all. Just like Christmas!!!


07-01-2004, 01:37 PM
My most immediate project will be to make a colour chart of all my softies. I can remember way back in the threads, something about making charts on mid-toned paper? I wonder if grey is OK? Any hints?


Yep, I have several charts tacked around which I actually sacrificed some of my Wallis 12X18 pad for...the Belgian Mist greyish color of that sets off the colors perfectly....much more useful for reference purposes than they would be on white like the printed color charts. Grey Canson works okay too, but not so well as the Belgian Wallis. Charts are fun to do, as well...you get to "taste" the colors as you go!

07-01-2004, 01:41 PM
I also woke up the last morning in Oregon with a bursitis in my left hip from overdoing a hike in the sand dunes. Made the drive home just ducky! Anyway the cold rapidly turned into sinusitis and bronchitis and the bursitis is VERY painful so I can only spend a few minutes sitting at a time and I have to walk with a cane...I feel so ancient!

Ohhh, my sympathies! I finished up a trip to California and back years ago with a horrifying case of sciatica (from sitting so many hours in the van, I think). I literally crawled up and down stairs and nearly became an alcoholic before I got better with that one! I bet long car rides are resonsible for MANY back problems like that! Please take it easy and do NOT push yourself too much!

Forgot to mention....the photos are LOVELY! And the redwoods one is a lovely composition in itself! Maybe include a small figure at the far end of the path and you've got scale, as well!

Are you going to post any of your pics in the library???? Hint, hint.

Deborah Secor
07-01-2004, 02:21 PM
Wow, Mikki, thanks for the travelogue! What gorgeous pictures. I agree with Barb, the lavender carpet through the tall trees is stunning--even if the color is 'inaccurate.' I love taking my digital with me now for all the reasons you mentioned. I also had to hoot at the hair-do (how did mom react? Did he have fun being 'scary'? LOL) Sorry you aren't up to par and I hope it all goes away really quickly! Sitting is a necessary part of life--at least of my life. (I need to do more exercising, I'm so good at sitting...)

CJ, a chart on white works best for me. I find that way I can make a mark of a color on the edge of a piece of easily-accessible white paper and match it to the chart color. If it's on a gray I always wonder if the colors rally match unless I make a mark on gray. And the reason for a chart is so I can find and replace my colors.

[Oops! Guess we cross-posted, Sooz. Well--different strokes (or ways to make color charts!) I guess...]

Show us the postcard, Barb!


07-01-2004, 05:28 PM
CJ - have fun with your new pastels. I know the feeling - that elation when you open the box and see all those clean brilliant colors. You want to try them out or perhaps just close the box and open them again for the wonder of it all. Just like Christmas!!!


Lol...so glad I'm not the only one! I feel like Gollum with his "Preshuuuussss".... :D

Sooz and Dee: thanks for the chart tips - concensus now stands at 50/50 :)
I suppose the one reason I want to make it is to be able to scan it at greyscale to identify tones across the spectrum. And of course I want a record of all my colours so I can replace them, or compare them between brands. I find I have bought different colours from several brands to end up with many that are identical. I mean, a certain colour in WN, may match another colour (differently named) in AS. :rolleyes: so then I have to decide which one to phase out.


Kitty Wallis
07-01-2004, 06:53 PM
Last thing he needs is to hurt himself since he's already paid for his airline ticket to Oregon next week to see his mother. *I* sure don't want to have to use it!

Hmmmm Why not come to Oregon?

07-01-2004, 09:53 PM
Hmmmm Why not come to Oregon?

Oh, I wouldn't mind going to Portland at all! I could maybe catch one of your classes while I was at it and I've always wanted to check out Mt. St. Helen's after the eruption...used to love seeing that peak floating on the horizon when I visited my grandparents up there in the 60's. If I could afford it, I'd move back up there in a minute....but not to Eugene and not while his mom is still around. We don't call her the dragonlady for nuthin'! She still hasn't forgiven me for staying married to her son the last 39 years! :D

07-02-2004, 12:48 AM


Deborah, let me send some of ours over your way - it has rained 20 out of 30 days in June - 9 days straight! We just don't get rain like that around Texas this time of year! I need a machete for my backyard and the mosquitoes are as big as small aircraft! YIKES! :eek:

Paula, I had all of these imaginings of all the painting I was going to do this summer, and I, too, have not picked up my pastels in over two weeks. Its just been nuts! But we did get back from the beach on Monday, and I have tons of reference photos to work from, so hopefully I'll get something posted here soon.

I did have a bit of good news - a dreaded backdrop that I had to paint on satin (I think I mentioned this in an earlier scumble) was finished this week. I wasn't happy with it. It is a red satin drop, 11' x 7', with the illusion of theatre curtains painted on it. The illusionist I'm working with to do it decided that he would purchase it for his personal use after the Nat'l Youth Gathering in July (he's working with our church high school youth on this amazing drama/illusion - so, originally, I did this gratis for the event).

He was SO excited about it - I just got excited with him and said how glad I am that my work makes him happy. Then I went home and laughed - I realized, as a newbie to the business of art, that sometimes people want to buy the stuff we're not crazy about. And that's ok, because it is easier for me to part with it! :D So, it will be seen by 37,000 people in July, and then it will be a part of his regular show after that. I had (bad)dreams last night of this snowballing into theatrical backdrops - I've done them off and on - and I'm not sure that's where I want to go. I like sitting in my garage and doing pastels. But, despite my whining, I love the challenge his project posed. Painting on satin! And keeping the paint thin, so we didn't lose the flow of the fabric.

Enough rambling- this is the pastel forum - but that's been my week. Sounds like everyone is quite busy with summer, too. Happy 4th to all - may you have no "duds" in your firecrackers and may your watermelon be sweet and juicy! And no flies in your potato salad! :p


Mikki Petersen
07-02-2004, 01:15 AM
I'm with Deborah on the color chart preference. Mine is in a notebook on white paper. I use other methods to determine values.

Deborah, by the time we got home the color had faded dramatically but I thought she would faint when she saw the photo of the new 'do. I take particular delight in helping my grandchildren create mischief...sort of like it's my job to give them some room to try new things (within careful limits). I believe grandparents are an important part of a child's life because they can offer different perspectives. Now, my children don't always agree with this but I am "The magical Gramma" to my grandkids.

Sooz, Deborah and Barb, that lavender path is an acurate color pretty much. It was an overcast day and you don't get much sun on the ground in the Redwood Forests anyway. The light can play mysterious tricks with color.

Sooz, I was thinking of culling my vacation photos and maybe hosting a Riot with them...whatcha think? I have a wide variety of stuff to choose from.

07-02-2004, 01:19 AM
Deborah, let me send some of ours over your way - it has rained 20 out of 30 days in June - 9 days straight! We just don't get rain like that around Texas this time of year! I need a machete for my backyard and the mosquitoes are as big as small aircraft! YIKES! :eek:


Sounds like LOTS of water! Seems like it's a feast or famine, doesn't it? Have y'all had any West Nile down your way??? I'm thankful to live in too dry an area for mosquitos to be much of a problem here! But we have had our first couple cases of horses with the virus out on the plains and that's bad.

Hoping you'll share some of your photos...hint hint! :D

07-02-2004, 01:29 AM
Hey! Welcome Back, Mikki! Glad you had such a good trip- it was great spending even just an afternoon with you. Whoever's next up this way hurry 'long, 'cause I need to go to Dan'l's again.

I miss my in-laws, Sooz- but my aim's improving. :D :angel: :D

Deborah Secor
07-02-2004, 01:35 AM
Oh yeah, Mikki, do a riot for us with your pix! Maybe we could paint the lavender path through the woods... I expect to see Little Red Riding Hood coming along. BTW, I love that you create safe ways for your grandkids to stretch a little... My mom always says she and my son have a common enemy--me! :rolleyes:

Kristen, I can't imagine painting on satin in my wildest dreams. Of course, I can't write my name (so you can read it) in paint--unless I finger paint! I'm too into this immeadiatly tactile stuff I guess. Brushes make me quiver... Sounds neat that you did this though. We may need a photo, if you have one!-----Oh, and I'll take any spare rain you care to send this way! That really does sound like too much, so surely you have some spare....? :D

Funny thing is, we've had West Nile Virus around here! I was amazed to hear it, but it was down in the river valley (not up here in the mosquitoless mountains.)

Gotta get to bed!


Deborah Secor
07-02-2004, 01:42 AM
I'm homesick for horizon and sky, red earth and mesas. I never realized how much I counted on the Sandia Mountains to orient myself. Also, what I wouldn't give to eat at Teofilo's and order the carne adovada enchiladas with red chile...


MMMM, I'll toast you with the red chile when I next have it, Paula. Thanks for reminding me of all the good things I have here: mountains and mesas, the big sky and that endless horizon, and RED CHILE... You'll be back to visit, I hope, and it's neat that you are finding the good things there, too.


Okay, now to bed, really...

07-02-2004, 02:58 PM
I miss my in-laws, Sooz- but my aim's improving. :D :angel: :D

LOL! Well, there was a time when she was okay...back when she thought she could control everything I did, etc. Over the years, she's become more and more mean-spirited and has managed to ruin my brother-in-law's FOUR marriages with her constant interference and carping (bless his heart, he's living in Eugene again now and TRYING to help her since she's getting rather senile and vague). I try to be compassionate, but she makes that difficult...she and my father would have made the perfect pair -- both filled with bile and razor-vocabularies, etc. Add to that the fact that she's an alcoholic who's beginning to lose her grip... With outright dementia setting in, I expect things will get worse before better. I figure my best avenue is to support Gary, steer clear, and keep my mouth shut! :rolleyes:

07-02-2004, 03:03 PM
Sooz, I was thinking of culling my vacation photos and maybe hosting a Riot with them...whatcha think? I have a wide variety of stuff to choose from.

GREAT idea! But man, they're scheduled months in advance...can we wait that long??? Ah, well, great idea anyway...can hardly wait!

Mary Robinson
07-02-2004, 05:18 PM
Glad you had a good time up here, Mikki, sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, hope you get better soon. :) .

My in-laws showed up a day early, yesterday, but they are leaving Monday Morning instead of Tuesday. Hubby's sisters, they came to check out the new little woman, to make sure I was good enough for their brother. And hubby kindly warned me about them beforehand, told me there would be an interrogation. So you know I had to be bad.....try to distract them, so to speak.... :evil: I put up all the fantasy (nudes) I had lying around the house. Put up the Boris Vallejo calendar. Put the others away (the strawberries, sunflowers, etc.), in my hoard room where I hide all the bad work. They managed to find them anyway and commented on them. I replied with well take it with you when you go, are you sure you want those, though? I offered them the nudes... :D . They politely declined and are happy with the iris piece and the strawberry piece. They are off visiting other relatives, so I've snatched a few min to myself.

SBJ, are you up for a run to Dan'l's on Monday, I'm ready to go now and not come back til Monday, but I don't think the sisters are gonna let me get away that easily. I've not finished answering all of their questions yet, but I did manage to shut them up temporarily by telling them about my ex hubby :evil: . Well, they insisted on knowing, so I told them. (Briefly, for those of you wondering what could possibly shut them up, my ex sort of decided he would look better in a dress than I did and I strongly disagreed, I've got better legs :D ). In any case, if I don't surface before Monday (they are coming back, soon), send a rescue party, one of those St Bernard's will do nicely, with lots of booze, I'm gonna need it.


07-02-2004, 05:49 PM
Dunno about Dan'l's yet- haven't been told if I'm a regular housewife, or a Social Director on Monday. Let you know if that particular decision ever gets made.

Toldja we shoulda gone to the Casino tomorrow night- I could've helped entertain 'em. Besides- they might really LIKE the gold-stilhetto-heeled shoes piece....

07-02-2004, 06:03 PM
With all the talk of drought (and now rain :clap: ) thought I would post a photo I took last year during the peak of a drought.
Every year they burn the cane paddock right next to the house and the skill of the fellas to manage a very fast moving cane fire, in tinder dry conditions, within 25 metres of the house, is just amazing. All they have is a small water tanker towed behind a tractor and a hose. My son Ryan decided to have a bath at the critical moment, and I snapped this great shot as the fire roared past. The hose through the window is connected to the irrigation system and we were forced to use it in the bath to conserve water. This photo appeared in The Australian Cane Growers Magazine last November.
And I just love the sweet smell of burnt sugar cane..... :)


Deborah Secor
07-02-2004, 06:25 PM
Yikes, CJ, for a gal who lives in a tider-dry forest that's just waiting to explode into a California-style inferno any second, and on the cusp of our Independence Day celebration where people seem to think they must celebrate with fireworks, this photo is a bit dismaying. We have a volunteer fire department, but I suspect they aren't as skilled as the men you mentioned. Still, ask them if I can borrow that water tanker and the hose, would you?--oh and the skilled firefighters, too! ;)


07-02-2004, 06:40 PM
Skilled fellas as they are - I think their knees would quake in one of your 'California' style bushfires. They did have a fire get away from them one year, and burnt six of the neighbours mango trees - he was a bit cross about that.

Just saw in the Swap Shop a full set of half stick Great American Artworks for sale if anyone's interested (I'm not taking commissions) but it seems like she's had them there for a while.....


07-02-2004, 07:07 PM
ummm... speaking on behalf of VOLUNTEER firefighters: They're as skilled as "paid" firefighters- they receive the same training, and must keep their skills as updated as their paid Brothers. Now some departments are better than others, *shrug* that's just like it is for any endeavour, but if the choice is a volunteer fire department or NO fire department, you'd better believe I'll take the volunteers. A fire department is a very expensive proposition, whether staffed by full-time employees or volunteers. And tell me just how long before a lawsuit comes tumbling down if a fire department sent men and equipment which was out-dated because they did not have the budget to buy better, and someone died...? Keep that in mind next time they ask for a levy increase.

The volunteers have one thing going for them their paid Brothers don't: To them it is a desired past-time, something they WANT to do- not a job, not a political/rank/duty pitfall complete with bad feelings over who got promoted and who got passed over. This is not to say paid firefighters do the job for a lesser reason- ALL firefighters have this really weird bent which makes them LIKE going into burning buildings- but when it's a job, no matter how much you like it, it's a job, not a vocation.

NFS firefighters are even loonier- they LIKE jumping out of choppers, hiking a few miles, generally uphill, carrying 125 pounds of equipment, and then digging ditches along ridge line while flames and smoke eat closer and closer. What too many homeowners and politicians don't understand is, fire is a natural occurence- whether started by lightning or humans- the Earth IS flammable, and Nature doesn't stop going on just 'cause your house is there.

Up here, (listen up all you Mama's and Granma's who have approaching-young-adulthood-kids who have no clue what they're going to do to stay out of homeless ranks) a volunteer is PAID to go to the FireFighter Academy, which is paid for, and then PAID to get their EMT certification- which is paid for- and they are then allowed to volunteer and LIVE RENT FREE in some of the district's firehouses while awaiting the ever shrinking opportunity to get on as a paid firefighter in one of the districts. Not a bad deal at all.

My Dad was a firefighter, too, and he moaned and groaned about how house fires are fought today- mostly, the structure is allowed to burn if there's too much involvement (especially since houses today are made of MUCH more flammable materials), but, as I finally got him to see: Better the headline reads "The structure was a total loss" than "Four died, but fire contained to one room".

Mikki Petersen
07-02-2004, 08:39 PM
Poor Mary...does not sound like you will have much independence the weekend. Hope you have fun messing with their minds.

CJ, that is a very dramatic photo and without an explanation of the controlled burn, it could easily turn my stomach. Explained though, it's fascinating.

I live only eight miles from town center, but it is a 30 minute drive on very winding, twisty switchback roads. Our volunteer firefighters are the total heros of our community and the whole community diligently works to support them. The company has a paid Chief and Assistant Chief and all others are volunteers. Like Julie's volunteers, they go through the same training as paid firefighters and are EMS certified. In between fighting fires, they are very active in fire prevention. Right now, because of the serious fire danger this year, they are spending their "spare" time clearing the underbrush along the roadways designated as escape routes. Last winter, our electricity went out suddenly and we found smoke coming from a wall outlet. The fire crew was there within five minutes of the call. They determined we had a failed GFI on the front porch and used a infrared monitor to look for hot spots in the wall. They did not find any. Still they left a guy on standby through the night to make sure there weren't any problems. Now how much better service could you ask. So far this Spring, there have been four small wild fires within the community perimeter which were handled so quickly and skillfully there was no danger to any structures. Understand, we live in a tinder-dry mature pine forest just waiting to combust. Three cheers for volunteer fire fighters!

Oh, one more thing, the volunteers live right here in the community so they are defending their own homes as well as ours. How much better incentive could there be?

Just found out my five grandsons are coming to visit for a week beginning next Monday...they want to "help" Gramma with her hurt hip :( ... this should be interesting.

07-02-2004, 09:05 PM
(in my complete glee about the below, i changed the subject....hope I haven't hurt any feelings!)

Deborah and Sooz - Yes, I have picks of the (dreaded, but sold) red satin drape. I'm still laughing about it. And yes, Texas has had West Nile virus in birds, if I remember correctly - wasn't this year, so I might be wrong. We had it discovered in some critter that we have in abundance around here!

Ok, I'm no web knowledgeable person, but my #1 goal for the summer was to build a website. And I did! Yea for me! If interested, you can check out www.purplelizard.biz I'm grinning like a little kid - I just published it. If there's anything weird on your browser, let me know. I've tried it in two browsers, and two versions of one of those.

I'm not plugging my stuff - just darn proud that I made a simple site - its not done - I have several parts still "under construction" - will fill them in soon! And the red backdrop will appear under "special projects".

Kathryn Wilson
07-02-2004, 10:00 PM
Kristen - I looked at your site and it all looked and work perfectly fine. Enjoy!

Love your work - those tomatos are a special favorite of mine.


07-02-2004, 10:01 PM
I'm not plugging my stuff - just darn proud that I made a simple site - its not done - I have several parts still "under construction" - will fill them in soon! And the red backdrop will appear under "special projects".

The site's looking great, so far! Good for you! I love that backlit oil still life!
More! More! :clap:

Deborah Secor
07-03-2004, 12:58 AM
Okay, I have to tell you all about the fire in our neighborhood. Maybe 10 years back a house down the block 'caught' fire (well, it's a seamy story, but suffice it to say a very angry woman set the house ablaze...criminally). It was daytime, the house was burning and the firefighters, who are less than two miles away from our very publicly accessible neighborhood, showed up too late to save it. Now, I have no idea of the politics involved in this, but I will say that the neighbors were thrilled to have that house burn all the way to the ground. (Do you suppose no one called the fire in???)There had been more than one criminal problem in the area that was traceable back to all three of the family members who lived there. So, the firefighters stood there keeping the fire from spreading to the forest, while the neighborhood literally cheered. One man was heard to say, 'Why is it that bad things happen to bad people?' It was a very sad day, in so many ways, but I have to tell you that the crime rate decreased markedly after that. :rolleyes:

I sure hope we don't have a fire like that again soon--if it happens we'll all be on the run, trust me. I'm packing boxes of important stuff to keep by the back door so if it happens I can bail quickly--those and my hard drive and the dogs in the neighborhood with families that work in town, and I'm outta here.

Kristen, your web pages look great! I'm love your delightful still life paintings, and the backlit one with the reflections is WoW! I'm also very impressed with the beautiful stage backdrops. That first one is very powerful. I wish I could see them closer... but the scale is amazing when you see the people in front of them. And I agree with you, I love the reminder of God in the light! (May I print them to show the pastor who oversees our arts group?)


07-03-2004, 01:14 AM
That first one is very powerful. I wish I could see them closer... but the scale is amazing when you see the people in front of them. And I agree with you, I love the reminder of God in the light! (May I print them to show the pastor who oversees our arts group?)


oh sure, print away - but I fear it won't look so good - I'd be happy to email you a regular size image - understand that the original, which no longer exists, was 20'tall and 40' wide. The second one (which I was never quite happy with - there's a lot of detail you can't see, such as "peace" in over 50 languages, painted in a little lighter than the background) grew by 10' - 20' X 50' - and if anyone wants the details of "how to", email me! oy!

PM me if ya' want that pic! And thanks y'all for peeking at my site! Kind of a birthing process, it is!

and y'all quit with the fire stories - you're creeping me out! ;) As a child, my house caught fire - chimney issue - all ended well, but absolutely terrifying!

happy weekend! Kristen

07-03-2004, 01:20 AM
I guess there ARE advantages to living two blocks form the closest fire station, even tho the noise of sirens and trucks growling by on the boulevard can be disconcerting at times. Fire is a very frightening thing when it's out of control, just like floods. The stuff of nightmares!

Mikki Petersen
07-03-2004, 01:46 AM
Kristen, congratulations on publishing your cyber-gallery! I visited and was quite impressed with your paintings. It's always nice to see an artist's work in a collection rather than a piece here and a piece there. Gives a much better sense of the artist's accomplishments. Those stage props are very impressive...can't imagine trying to keep something that size in perspective.

07-03-2004, 02:33 AM
Deborah, if the fire was through a wall, or in the ceiling/attic/crawlspace area, there's a VERY good chance they "let it burn". The new philosophy is even one death isn't worth a house. Especially with construction less than 25 or 30 years old, the materials used are extremely flammable- like chipboard- it's pieces of wood held together with highly flammable glue- or carpet- usually nylon- which burns hot and fast. Spray ceilings, wall coverings- when they burn, they put out poisonous fumes- firefighters have learned to save people, THEN see if there's a way to save the structure. Sounds kinda hard, but again, the headline DOESN'T read "Four Dead in Housefire".

07-03-2004, 08:41 AM
Deborah, if the fire was through a wall, or in the ceiling/attic/crawlspace area, there's a VERY good chance they "let it burn". The new philosophy is even one death isn't worth a house. Especially with construction less than 25 or 30 years old, the materials used are extremely flammable- like chipboard- it's pieces of wood held together with highly flammable glue- or carpet- usually nylon- which burns hot and fast. Spray ceilings, wall coverings- when they burn, they put out poisonous fumes- firefighters have learned to save people, THEN see if there's a way to save the structure. Sounds kinda hard, but again, the headline DOESN'T read "Four Dead in Housefire".

You have to agree with that philosophy, especially since most of us pay through the nose for insurance these days...a modern built building isn't worth the risk. Our firefighters are famous for saving not just human lives, as well. They've done some extraordinary things rescuing cats, puppies, horses, etc. And here, they spend a ridiculous amount of effort and risk rescuing nitwits off cliffs and mountainsides despite signs posted to warn them about the hazard of Colorado granite (which has a notorious habit of crumbling beneath climbers' feet). They're just another profession that never gets paid enough for what they do when they're needed.

07-03-2004, 01:19 PM
Kristen, I love your paintings & those backdrops are amazing. I worked on a large mural once & it was more of a disaster than a success. Quite a challenge to work big & then on silk! Congrats too on your website.

Well, our son is on his way to Mexico & we feel free! I'll just be responsible for me for 3 whole weeks. He just still has trouble remembering & doing things that are important- homework, paying tickets, turning in library books, etc. We feel like if we left it up to him, he would get nothing important done. He would be a champion computer game player. We love him but it's wearing to still be doing this for 20 yrs. We'll be really glad when & if he ever grows up & learns how to cope on his own. I feel guilty but kind of sad he has to come back in 3 weeks. Maybe his grandparents will turn him into a model citizen. :evil: lol

Today there is an art trail event in our city. I plan to go & enjoy seeing some other's work - even at least one other pastelist. I need to get better connected - join the local art society (costs money :( ) I might could have been one of the artists.

Kitty Wallis
07-03-2004, 07:56 PM
Well, our son is on his way to Mexico & we feel free! I'll just be responsible for me for 3 whole weeks. He just still has trouble remembering & doing things that are important- homework, paying tickets, turning in library books, etc. We feel like if we left it up to him, he would get nothing important done. He would be a champion computer game player. We love him but it's wearing to still be doing this for 20 yrs. We'll be really glad when & if he ever grows up & learns how to cope on his own. I feel guilty but kind of sad he has to come back in 3 weeks. Maybe his grandparents will turn him into a model citizen.

I know you know that this is not unusual behavior for young adults. Not all are like this but many are. How have you been doing in the tough love dept? Are you able to let him experience the consequences of his non action? Some people don't grow up until they have to.

I know, I have a 40 year old that had a lot of trouble with this. I'm still learning how to quit protecting him from himself.

Mikki Petersen
07-04-2004, 01:26 AM
Tammy, I can fully sympathize with your dilemma. My oldest lived at home not contributing until she was 24. She worked but only to support her personal shopping sprees. Unfortunately, when she finally moved out, it was to move in with a very overbearing man whom she eventually married. Since she has never taken care of herself she feels trapped now and the three children suffer. So now we are helping to pay for the things the children need because I can be tough with her but I can't let my Grandbabies go without.

A child with ADHD is an even greater challenge. My oldest grandson is 12 and has severe ADHD and the beginnings of Bi-polar disorder which is a sort of progression often found with these boys. He has been in and out of counselling for a number of years and so have his parents (not the ones mentioned above). I have even had some training in understanding ADHD. These kids need much more direction than the average child and will mature much more slowly which is odd because one of the factors is that they are above average in intelligence. This is very wearing and frequently discouraging for the parents especially when there are other "normal" kids in the home. ADHD kids cannot be held to the usual standards without a lot of extra guidance.

I'm so glad you are getting this break. Sounds like it is long overdue. We keep Jacob for several weeks every summer and on school breaks just to give the immediate family a rest. Not just the parents, but the other children in the house need a break from him too. Jacob is also a great video game player and usually masters and completes games within a week so he's well known at the local game swaps. It seems that although they have attention deficit disorder there is something very ordered in the video games that gives them relief from the stresses of the overstimulation around them. We are all trying to direct Jacob's future toward some form of computer tech or game design because he thrives in that environment.

Finally...Tough Love takes on a whole new dimension with ADHD people. It is tough to be as consistent and persistent as necessary to guide these folks. Take care of yourself...and let go of the guilt over your feelings...you are entitled. Consider a Parent's Support Group. Your family doctor might know of one in your area.

07-04-2004, 01:50 AM
You painters amaze me how you can raise a family, some of you work at other jobs, and you still find the time to create art!!

I want to thank each of you for your support and well wishes on my trip to visit the place my missing nephew was last seen. It was a healing experience...seeing that life goes on, the tide still ebbs and flows, I bought a bouquet of neon dyed daisies that we released off the pier into the water. Simple symbolism, but effective release, It was the opening day of scalloping season so the whole area was croweded with people and boats and trailers.....busy place,,,,,,,did eat some great seafood, though :D

07-04-2004, 01:52 AM
Tammy, you have my sympathies and I know exactly what you mean...I told my youngest the other day (after seeing her only once in three months) that I hated to say it but I had NOT missed having her around like I thought I would and that I'd really enjoyed the peace and quiet and preferred that she help keep it that way. She hasn't been diagnosed with any special "problems" and we're at the limits of our endurance where she's concerned. As long as she hangs out with the kind of people she seems to become attached to and maintains her current attitudes and habits, there's little we can do to help her in any case. I'm not longer willing to stand on the sidelines and see it happen, however...she'll have to go somewhere else to learn her lessons...

Even when there are medical problems with a child, there comes a time when parents HAVE to begin looking to their own health and peace of mind once in awhile. You deserve a break. Enjoy it. Don't feel guilty in the least about it. You've done and are doing your best for you child; now do something for YOU.

Mikki Petersen
07-04-2004, 02:08 AM
Preston, I'm so happy for you that you had a good experience saying good-bye. Bravo to you for searching for closure on a painful loss. I think your symbolic gesture was quite touching.

Mary Robinson
07-04-2004, 12:46 PM
Prestonsega I'm glad you were able to find a bit of peace ;).

Mikki, Tammy, my youngest daughter has ADD, no hyperactivity, but nonetheless, her growing up years were difficult. I would spend hours with her, helping her with her homework, learning coping mechanisms, such as putting your shoes in the same place, books by the door, making lists, etc, etc, so that it would become a habit to do things like this, which helped relieve some of the stress associated with ADD. And I think it's quite natural to feel as you do, Tammy. We literally spend most of our life helping them try to cope, our hearts break to see them having such difficulties. Mikki, you are right about how intelligent they really are, which makes it even more difficult as a parent to watch them struggling daily to connect the pieces that it takes us seconds to connect. But at some point they must learn to stand on their own, use the knowledge and things we've taught them to meander through life. So don't feel guilty, we've done the best we can, we've tried to give them the love and support they needed, and you still can, but at some point they have to venture out on their own. If they fall they must pick themselves up, there is no way you can live their life for them, but you can offer advice and support when they do fall, encourage them to stand again, but in the end, it's still up to them. And believe you me, it is far from easy to sit back and watch and say nothing until asked. Especially when it is instinctual to step in and lend a hand because it's what you are used to doing and natural for you to wish your child to not feel the hurt. So, hang in there Tammy, it gets better :) . And enjoy that freedom, it's amazing.


07-04-2004, 03:09 PM
Happy 4th to all!

As a teacher (K-2), kids are often in this age group when diagnosed w/ADHD. Its tough for parents - much like a grieving process when they find out their child is less than perfect. And these kids need structure to succeed - they feel safe at school, which is very structured. And I love them in the art room! I love talking to them, and their art work, for the most part, is extraordinary - their little brains go places where most don't - they are amazing children with gifts, like we all have - they just have to be guided in how best to use them.

But I can attest (sp?) to how tiring they can be, love them as we may!

and special thanks to all who peeked at my website- your comments were greatly appreciated!

Mikki Petersen
07-04-2004, 04:08 PM
Happy 4th back at ya Kristen and all in US. For everyone else, enjoy a little independence today anyway!

Kristen, I loved reading your teacher's view of ADHD kids. I too think these young people are very special and have amazingly creative minds. I see my grandson's parents struggling so hard just to cope with him day to day, they seldom get to his creative side. When he comes to stay with us, he gets lots of structure and solitude which allows his creative side to flow.

ADHD is not just about behavior problems...it is about incredibly bright young people trying to navigate through the world with swirling brain patterns...imagine how exhausting that must be for them too.

Off on another tangent here... HIP! HIP! HOORAY! My sinuses have cleared and my bursitis is doing a little better. Just in time for the descent of the grandkids...someday I will get to paint again...

Kitty Wallis
07-04-2004, 04:51 PM


I had no idea you were talking about ADHD. I thought you were simply voicing a candid parental feeling and hoped to support you. I hope you will pardon my mistake.

07-04-2004, 10:00 PM
Kitty, you didn't say anything bad. Tough love applies to ADHD too. It's just hard to know when to use it.

07-04-2004, 11:44 PM
Tough Love works, but boy does it leave scars on the parent. It's quite obviously correctly named.

Y'all at least had the- what- "tool"? "description"? of ADD or ADHD for your kid(s)- with my middle son, the Doctor refused to diagnose either- despite reams of recommendations from school teachers, counselors and principals. David COULD pay attention- to tasks he CHOSE to pay attention to- otherwise, his brain just led him a merry chase every which-a-way. He tested out with an IQ of 146- he was waaaaay beyond his classmates in reading, especially. I was constantly called in for "conferences" because David wouldn't sit still, David wouldn't be quiet, David should maybe see a Doctor...? Finally, in the fifth grade, David was given a teacher who understood him. During a test or classwork, when David finished first (20 minutes before anyone else) she would write a note, beckon him to her desk and entrust him to take this note to another teacher, or the office, or the library- and wait for an answer. She let me in on a secret: The note, sealed in an envelope, read "Please keep David here for ten minutes, then send him back with this, Thanks" It worked.

David was (and still is) one of those creative, inspiration-minds- he had ideas all the time- AAAAALLL THE TIME. At three or so years old, on a small military post in Germany, David turned up missing from a "stairwell party"- the older kids had gone to the movie theatre, and David had been told no- and promptly disappeared. Sure enough, he was in the theatre. Now that's not so bad, right? But he'd not only gotten in free- he'd conned somebody into buying him a coke and popcorn! Around seven years old, he came wailing like an ambulance into the house with a fist-sized snapping turtle firmly attached to his lower lip- he'd caught it and had the idea to see if its "house" was really furnished like on cartoons, so he tried to see down inside its neck. The turtle didn't care for the view, I guess. Once, in Texas, I found him up in a medium-sized oak tree holding a piece of TV antenna up to the sky during a nasty thunderstorm- he said "But Mom- Ben Franklin did it!" I said "Yes- and Ben Franklin is DEAD, David!" In Junior High, David was to keep a journal as if he was an immigrant in the 1800's. It was well-written, had little illustrations- great stuff. He made a cover out of brown paper, then decided to "stress" the paper as if it was really old. He used matches, naturally, to "singe" it in a realistic manner. Now he was smart- he did this in the bathroom with water running in the tub just in case; and was thrilled at the result- the journal looked "real". But he forgot to turn the water off- and the bathroom flooded....

I finally told David when he was about 14, that if HE had an idea, he must NOT act upon it without running it by an adult- because, no matter how GREAT his ideas seemed to him, they all had some fatal flaw. Recently, David has been telling me HE is the one who is "the voice of reason" in his relationship- apparently, Dave's partner was raised by a non-cynical mother who thought everything her son did was "Maaaaaaaahhhrrvelous!" "You're going to rent a farm 20 miles from the nearest town, raise your own food organically and live without heat in the winter? Maaaaaaarrhhvelous!"

"WHAT?!? Do you have any idea how to kill a chicken? Pluck it? Dress it? Do you really think an employer is going to provide parking for a mule?? Do they even make hair-care products for gay Greeners?!?"

They're starting to talk about moving into "a real town" within the next few months- apparently, it gets cold in the winter.

What goes around, comes around....

Mikki Petersen
07-05-2004, 05:38 AM
Oh, Julie...David sounds so much like my grandson, Jacob, who you met when we got together. Jacob built the Knex six foot tall motorized Ferris Wheel for his 12 year old cousin when he was only six. He did it right, it worked and he did it in one afternoon! But, he has difficulty following lectures in class and has trouble with his grades because he is supposed to correct his homework and turn it back in and he sees no point in this. He can watch a movie or play video games for hours without even twitching but he cannot sit still in church even though he is devoutly Christian. Last time he was at my house, the other kids came running in to tell me I had to look at Jacob...I went out and could hear him yelling at me but could not find him...because he was at the swaying top of a 70 foot Pine tree. I couldn't watch him come back down but when he finally did, we had a long discussion about risk taking. Jacob is small for his age because he has been on drugs for so long that suppress appetite (like dexedrine :eek: ). They have finally adjusted his meds to where he does not seem drugged, does not feel drugged and actually acts like a fairly normal kid...He describes it as getting to slow down enough to enjoy things.

When he was about 6 years old, we had a family gathering and Jacob got very wound up, was literally crashing into walls, he was running around so fast. Finally, I grabbed him, held his face to make eye contact and quietly said, "Jacob, slow down. I don't want you to get hurt." He looked at me with teary eyes and said "Gramma, I want to...don't you know how bad I want to calm down? I can't! My body just keeps moving!" How terrifying that must be!