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09-28-2001, 05:51 AM
Ok, for the ones just glancing through the pages lets start with the picture. It's oil on canvas board and it's 41cm x 33 cm (That's 17" x 13" for all of you nonmetricals).

For anyone interested I would like to add some more information about this piece.

It all started a long time ago when I sat at the piano composing a song. My friends listening all said it sounded like movie music. Ok, that's nice I thought. It would be great to compose for a movie, but what are the chances that I will ever get that oppurtunity? The idea got stuck in my mind though and as I composed more songs I started to write a theme to connect the songs. This theme soon developed into a novel. When I later got a beginners set of oilpaints for my birthday, I just couldn't resist trying to take my project even further. I started to illustrate my novel and this is the first piece that is finished. So this is where I'm at: I have a semi written novel, some 15 songs about the novel and this one illustration. The painting is called "Leaving Gwendalon" and it is actually the first painting I have ever done, so I sure could use some cood critique. For everyone of you who has recieved some cruel critique from me, here is you chance to get even. Please be honest and brutal, I can take the heat. I would love to get comments on composition, colours, technique, ...well everything. The quality of the picture is not very good (I had to stitch 4 scans together), but I think it gives you a pretty good idea of what the real painting looks like. For more info and some closeups please check out: http://www.artistnation.com/members/lofts/fairgrove/LeavingGwendalon.html

Let me end with including the following poem written as a complement to the painting:

Leaving Gwendalon

The heroes are leaving Gwendalon
In their hands we lay our fate
We hope they will find a rescue
We pray it will not be too late

The storm is getting closer
The sun is setting so slow
The valley lies calm and peaceful
In the wonderful evening glow

The castle will soon be surrounded
By darkness, horror and hate
It is time to put on our armour
It is time to close the gate

/J.H. Fairgrove


09-28-2001, 07:33 AM
I would like to see a few more brilliant highlights in the bank of red clouds. Maybe break up that bank a little.
I am not sure if the path should be the same width as it recedes into the distance.
Nice work on the castle!
Quite good for a first, I would be happy if my first looked half as good.
I am quite interested in the castle theme at the moment as I have to come up with some for a room I am doing. Thanks for posting.

09-28-2001, 08:50 AM
an excellent first that must have
required huge work
i can point out what i think
is a proportions issue
i asume the rocky looking shapes
are indeed rocks
they seem to be the same size
next to the viewer's eye on the lower left
and in the centre next to the tiny road
might use even less definition
than you have done
as you move further away

great work

09-28-2001, 09:34 AM
I like the geometry of this thing and the lighting, though it is a bit sharply rendered for my asthetic.
serendiptously posted with this one:
i find serendip interesting too.

09-28-2001, 05:36 PM
WoW~! This is wonderful. You have really come a long way from pooh bear!!!

[where's those darn little trees around when you need them?!] ;)

Mud Mixer Linda
09-28-2001, 05:54 PM
I expect to see the dragon Smog at any moment.

09-30-2001, 09:25 AM
Thanks for your input everyone!

Cap: I agree with you on the clouds. The sky is where I have had the most problems. I really don't know how to "lighten" the cloudbank without destroying it.
Maybe you are right about the path too. It could bring a greater feeling of depth.

Impulse: Thanks for calling it excellent and yes I've been painting it on and off since January. I guess I have put at least 50 hours on it. I'm a beginner and what I lack in talent I try to make up for in patience. ;)
I'm sorry to say that the round shapes not are supposed to be rocks, but trees. I honestly think it's easier to see that in the original. Nevertheless the problem with proportions is there even if they are trees. I don't think though that it's a big problem. The trees in the lower left corner are at least twice the size of the ones close to the road. But I agree with you that I should have used less definition further away. Thanks for your input.

jerryW: The geometry and the lighting was what inspired me to do this. I admitt that the contrast on the castle is too sharp. That would be one of my first corrections if I ever make any.

cagathoc: Thanks! This is more what I like to paint. Pooh was just a practise for a friend of mine. I was tempted to make this thread into a poll, so that you could grade me with my own trees, but I didn't know how many would get it. But please, feel free to rate me on a scale from one to ten, where ten is best. ;)

Mud Mixer Linda: Thanks a million! You have made my day! If you expect Smaug to appear, my illustration is all I wanted it to be.

/J.H. Fairgrove

09-30-2001, 12:21 PM
Well, Mr. Fairgrove...
it seems you are a multi-talented kinda guy...
I think this piece is really, truely wonderful...
The way that this mystical piece is rendered
goes well with your poetry...

what is the music like?

best of luck in your endevours...

10-01-2001, 01:35 AM
giniaad: Thanks! Well, talented is up to other people to say, but multi-interested at least am I.
I'm glad you like this piece and find it mystical.
My music is if anything a bit like the soundtrack to the movie "The Piano". That's at least what I've been told.

10-01-2001, 10:02 AM
aha...I have that movie...but have not viewed it in quite some time...it is kinda depressing...
but, I will have to look and listen to it again now...
with renewed interest...


Mud Mixer Linda
10-01-2001, 11:23 AM
I knew they were trees, and in a place like that I think having them a uniform size is just right. They get smaller when they should. Yes,yes, "Smaug", spelling is not my strong suit. I'm glad you knew what I was trying to say.