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06-12-2004, 06:24 PM
wheeewww!!!!!!! going out...will have to see everyones work tonight...it was fun!

06-12-2004, 06:30 PM
Nice ! I love the way you handled the light and those beautiful shadows. Is this soft pastel ? OP's ?

Beautifully done Preston !

06-12-2004, 06:39 PM
Yeah Preston :evil: - what have you used....inquiring minds want to know.....LOL. :p

Lovely though - whatever u did. :D


06-12-2004, 06:46 PM
aww man! You are getting SO good with those oilies! I'd be jealous, but I'm not that type. Congrats- great job!!

Kathryn Wilson
06-12-2004, 06:55 PM
Oooh, OP's - I thought it was soft pastels. Wonderful job Preston!

06-12-2004, 07:24 PM
Super, soft, 'photorealistic' rendering -- excellent capture of the dusty light & shadows. :)

06-12-2004, 07:38 PM
Nice work on this Preston...... I especially like the windows ..... I could of done with your help lol some time ago...... when I had panes of glass and didnt know how to do them without a view to the other side

..... nice one.... had my eye on this image too.... well done

06-12-2004, 07:42 PM
Beautiful soft light shining through dusty windows, and simple but effective pallette. I love that streak of sunlight on the bed.


06-12-2004, 08:53 PM
This is exactly how I pictured this as a pastel painting. Ya done real good! :D

06-12-2004, 08:59 PM
Preston, good going there I really like the mood you established with your colors. :clap:

06-12-2004, 09:00 PM
Preston!!! What gem of a painting, superb work. :clap: You 've really captured atmophere here, soft and slightly romantic feel, with a hint of mystery. So well done! :clap:

06-12-2004, 09:09 PM
Preston...boy you'd think you'd been doing OPs forever...great job in any medium but really great since you've only had the oilies what...a week??? :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

06-12-2004, 10:26 PM
Lovely work Preston :) is there a pastel forum seige going on today ? ;) Lovely lovely light -my favourite bit is the texture on the wall :clap: :clap: :clap:

06-12-2004, 10:31 PM
shadow and light feels right. A relaxing painting to look at.

06-12-2004, 11:01 PM
is there a pastel forum seige going on today ? ;)

LOL ..That was my thought too.....I just walked in the door from a wonderful dinner and Walmart run :rolleyes: I literally ran out of the door with shoes in hand the minute I was sure my post was successful...so I forgot to say that this is oil pastel on 9"x 12" Canson Mi-teintes (oyster).

I really appreciate all the glowing comments from my dust kickin' pals and friends from other forums....Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy seeing the rest of the work.....

Accolades to lisilk for the great photos!!!

Thanks again ya'll

06-13-2004, 01:01 AM
Preston, very well done. What is your medium? Really like how you have handled the light coming in the window. The whole painting is very pleasing.

06-13-2004, 01:21 AM
The color selection is great. I really like how the light from the window falls in the room. The window itself is absolutely great. I don't do windows (yuk, yuk). :D :p :D :p

06-13-2004, 01:28 AM
I don't do windows (yuk, yuk). :D :p :D :p

That's a good one!!!!lol ..thanks for commenting (and making me laugh)

Judy...this is oil pastels....I'm just getting these animals trained....they are nothing like the softies I was so used to.....and thank you also for you positive feedback.

06-13-2004, 11:12 AM
It took me awhile to wrest my eyes from the beautiful colours of the wall because it is so appealing, but there was so much more to reward my eyes in the rest of the painting !! Window- great treatment, and the barley-twist bed frame has great punch with just those few strokes. I think you didn't choose the 'oilies', they chose you- they are very, very happy to be in your service ! :clap: :clap:

06-13-2004, 12:14 PM
I just like everything about this painting. It creates a soft, dreamy mood. Good work with a new medium.

06-13-2004, 12:28 PM
This is a lovely moody painting. I like it lots. Great colours and light effects!! :clap:

06-13-2004, 03:48 PM
I keep looking into the bedroom all the time, you captured the wonderful atmosphere of that bedroom. :clap: :clap: :D

Precious Mazie
06-14-2004, 03:15 PM
It looks so old and dusty! What a great job! :clap: :clap: :clap: