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09-24-2001, 05:27 AM
pastel, detail...size ? scanner size... im lost between centimeters and inches... thank god for abstract, thank god for pastel... i think if i did art in the womb, it was pastel, and probably abstract too... ach gut !

09-24-2001, 11:11 AM
Pretty :cool: looking, maybe you should give it the title "Art in the womb";)

09-24-2001, 01:20 PM
Very tasty.

For me, the pinks bring it to life & pull me in.

Thanks for sharing.

09-25-2001, 03:07 AM
for your nice comments, and for looking... yes, i agree, bracero, it is the end of an illusion. for some it was stronger than for others. and for them the illusion may go on in a different form. but im all for illusions, as long as they dont hurt anyone.

09-26-2001, 10:04 AM
It looks like a very little baby. I see his large head and left shoulder.

09-26-2001, 10:08 AM
wow, and young woman's face (right uppermost dark curve).

09-27-2001, 01:42 AM
Very nice and soothing. I get the feeling that I have been to this place long time ago. Thanks

09-27-2001, 02:33 AM
:angel: this piece was a blessing today. seem to be doing some deep inner work and it is bringing me to places that feel like this looks, very soothing. it is so soft and soothing for me to look at.
thnks for sharing it.

09-27-2001, 08:00 AM
hey sergey, thanks for looking old pal...

sukant saran, what a nice thing to say ! i love art that takes me somewhere...and am glad you felt that looking at this.

reynolds, i too am being pulled into the deep these days. im glad this image met you on a deeper level. that means a lot to me...