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09-23-2001, 10:11 PM
Bear with me here... I mentioned in the thread with my painting, 'Tourist With Pina Collada' that I've done a series of works with the theme of idyllic / innocent settings with some dark intrusion in the background. So, I thought I'd show another painting, as well as the first piece I did with the theme, a drawing titled" 'Irwin at Ten / The First Dark Thought'. It's in following response post.

Painting is oil on canvas, 40"x 48"
Drawing is pencil on paper, 13-1/2" x 19" (Repro of drawing is greyer than it should be.)

09-23-2001, 10:17 PM
Couldn't get the 2 loaded together.

09-23-2001, 10:48 PM
it can be very alienating when everyone else isdressedfor the beach and you are wearinga suit. I will do that again I am sure!

09-24-2001, 01:03 AM
the colours rock in the painting
a pleasure to look at
vintage allanom

the drawing looks good
but i'd like to see it more clearly
it does come off fairly grey

09-24-2001, 07:58 AM
Darn, you are so cool, Allan!! :cool:


09-24-2001, 10:49 PM
jerry: Irwin isn't at the beach; he's on the threshhold of lost innocence.

Impulse: Thanks for enjoying the vintage stuff. As for the grey cast of the drawing: any pointers on scanning drawings so they come out with better than this?

Artyhelen: You are so sweet! Thanks a lot for commenting.

09-25-2001, 07:38 AM
that's the beach I keep finding myself at wearing a suit while others are more appropriately (un)dressed

09-25-2001, 09:05 AM
love the vintage style and colors also...
done in the vintage style of Allen...

where is that beach...?
haven't seen that one in quite some time,

can't help with the greys on the drawing...
but I do like the drawing...


01-01-2002, 12:53 AM
i love these, but i love seeing crows in the grave yard as well!!!
this is actually something of a tempest allan in your style!!!

01-01-2002, 06:57 AM
An outstanding use of shadows -- you are in control!

The Best,

01-01-2002, 11:06 AM
Allanom when I see a lot of your paintings I'm reminded of Rockwell. So family oriented *S* Just love your work. One of these days *S* I plan on growing up to be just like you too *S*

01-01-2002, 11:22 AM
Rennie: Thanks for reviving this thread. Glad you got to see it -- especially given it's psychodramatic overtones.
Posting a better version of 'Irwin at Ten' -- now that I know how to get (some more of) the grey out of the background. The locale of the drawing?: Where else?: the Maxwell Settlement..


Javier: Quoting you: "you are in control!" That's considered a creative disorder by some in these parts :O)). I take your compliment on face value and I thank you for it.

Luvy: Aw, Luvy.. you say some of the sweetest things.. But.. the trick is: don't ever grow up, eh... Just keep working as hard as you do and good things will follow. I take comparison to Rockwell as the highest of compliments. Thank-you so much!

Painted Melody
01-01-2002, 12:43 PM
The drawing is just too cool -- Great subject matter that depicts a twlightzone cinematic mood, I think the word I'm looking for is Irony (??) -- a young man dressed in a suit in a vacant desert.. What I enjoy most is the direct confrontation presented to the viewer, we are forced to fix into him, as he's fixed into us, and I can only wonder what possesses him to stare so intensely, and if there are any more sinister birds scouring for prey


01-01-2002, 01:59 PM
Wow! Very interesting! Is the raven flying overhead a symbol or omen of some kind? And, the blimp in the first painting that same ominous token in the sky? Very thought provoking...and incredibly well done!
Lisa Luree

01-01-2002, 06:23 PM
I really enjoy both of these. Thought provoking indeed!

01-01-2002, 09:18 PM
Jeremy: Happy New Year, eh! Looking forward to a year with more of your inspiring work...
Glad you enjoyed the drawing. As I alluded to in the original post, this one is about the threshhold of loss of innocence. The boy is staring out with that perplexed, crumpled look of pre-adolescent angst. He's uncomfortable in his clothes (his skin); his hands are too big for him; he stands on his own, with the wide open space all around him; the first dark, troubled thought just flew through the back of his mind.
Never thought about how cinematic it is, but you are quite correct. And the crow does give a kind of a Twilight Zonish feeling to the tableau. Great comments!

liluree: Thanks for taking a peek. Check the note to Jeremy above re: my thoughts on the drawing. And you are right: the blimp is an ominous symbol in an otherwise idyllic vacation scene. Appreciate your compliments.

AggieL: My intention on the first one was for it to be thought-provoking, but FUN; the drawing was a bit more serious in intent. Happy you enjoyed them.

01-01-2002, 10:28 PM
Never beeen to the Beach of Lost Innocence...we were land locked...and anyway, Jerry probably deflowered it for all of us.....

I like the twisted way you have, Allan....there is no mystery....it is all OUT THERE

and then

there is the mystery of a second look.

wow material as usual....like the IMPULSIVE one says....vintage Allanom:clap:

*I want to hug that kid*