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09-23-2001, 05:08 AM
Here is an Oil painting I did a few years ago. It is 20x24 oil on canvas. It is from a photo I took with an instant camera. The cat is larger than life, and l heard somewhere thats a no no.
What do you think?


09-23-2001, 05:38 AM
Why a no-no?
I think he's wonderful - gorgeous face, almost like a panther, but also almost human!
Great work!


09-23-2001, 06:04 AM
here is a better size for most viewers. http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/23-Sep-2001/Spooky1.JPG

09-23-2001, 07:39 AM
it certainly is spooky.
the no no's are to be yes yessed in a free country.
powerful dark presence in this.

09-23-2001, 01:16 PM
thank you both....This is what I feel is one of my very few best works. I am a self taught oil painter, I have tried other mediums, but like the oils best. I have been away from it for some time now. Trying hard to get started again. I think its time to put my stuff back in the kitchen, where this painting was done. This time I'm going to stick to what I want to do like this painting, instead of trying to paint what might spark and intrest in a buyer.

Thanks again, Danitangel

09-23-2001, 06:32 PM
Danitangel Welcome to Wet Canvas. I'm teaching myself how to paint also. The people here have helped me a lot and are very good at encouraging you to keep at it. I love these people already *S*
They really want you to succeed. *S*

Had to come back and edit this. *S* I forgot to tell you I just love this painting. You better get back to it quickly *S*

09-23-2001, 07:14 PM
I'm reminded of my childhood - the rug, the furniture- fond memories of exploration and rolling around the floor as a kid having a good time. Funny how the little things in my childhood leave such impressions.

That is what caught me the most. Oh yeah, the cat is tremendous! :D

09-23-2001, 07:38 PM
Spooky looks very beautiful to me WOW :cat: He dosn't look larger than life to me. More cat the better. :D Here is a larger then life. lolol

09-23-2001, 10:51 PM
I love your cat, those blue highlights are wonderful! I don't think it matters if he's larger than life. His presence will be more apparent.

I've only done one painting larger than life and I had a specific place in mind to hang it before I started (high on a wall in the great room.) My reasoning was you couldn't see it unless it was big!

Best wishes on returning to your painting. I am just starting to paint myself after years and years of drawing and it's so much fun I'm not sure why I never tried it before!


09-26-2001, 12:50 PM
Thanks everyone! I hope to be painting again very soon...going this weekend to replenish some supplies. Hopefully you will all see some new work posted soon....Thanks again!:clap:

Mud Mixer Linda
09-28-2001, 03:15 PM
White fur - black fur, both difficult. You handled the black fur very nicely with the blue highlights. Love the cat's eye view. Normally, I think a table above might not work, but here - couldn't be without it. Love cats - hard to paint contour in the face - love cats.
I like larger than life, makes viewers notice, kind of a punch to the senses.

10-06-2001, 04:36 AM
Beautiful! And really spooky.... It's so difficut to paint black fur, I like these blue refections...