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09-22-2001, 01:15 PM
Black marker, colored pencils, coffee, computer print. A4

I have been reading The Kalevala, and I thought I could try to make some illustrated pages for the poems. This is one of them.


It doesn´t look very good, but I´m getting better and better doing old pages like this. The ornaments were challengin, since they had to look finnish/karelian design and not many places have pictures of similar style.

The text itself is about Kullervo, he was a sort of criminal who fell in love with a woman, and afterwards heard that she was his sister. The sister drowns herself and this is what happens to Kullervo:

Kullervo, Kalervo’s offspring
Grasped the sharpened sword he carried,
Looked upon the sword and turned it,
And he questioned it and asked it,
And he asked the sword’s opinion,
If it was disposed to slay him,
To devour his guilty body,
And his evil blood to swallow.

Understood the sword his meaning,
Understood the hero’s question,
And it answered him as follows:
"Wherefore at thy heart’s desire
Should I not thy flesh devour,
And drink up thy blood so evil?
I who guiltless flesh have eaten,
Drank the blood of those who sinned not?"

Kullervo, Kalervo’s offspring,
With the very bluest stockings,
On the ground the haft set firmly,
On the heath the hilt pressed tightly,
Turned the point against his bosom,
And upon the point he threw him,
Thus he found the death he sought for,
Cast himself into destruction.

W. F. Kirby translation

09-23-2001, 05:55 AM
Lovely piece of work, Topias!
I remember doing something similar years ago when I dabbled with calligraphy, screwing the paper up, staining with tea and burning the edges. Great fun!