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09-20-2001, 06:43 PM
On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 I got up and finished packing the car for my business trip. I left the house just as they were announcing that an explosion of some kind had taken place at the World Trade Center. In the car I always listen to NPR (National Public Radio) because I love the programming and in the mornings they have really wonderful classical music that I don't hear elsewhere.

This morning there was no classical music.... I listened all day to a minute by minute account of all the days events and cried most of the way on my 5 1/2 hour trip until I got to the Coast of Georgia and turned the T.V. on. I could not believe and still can't believe what my eyes saw. To be very honest, I havenít even been able to talk to anyone about it without crying. My heart is too tender.

When I returned this past Monday night, I came immediately to WetCanvas! to see if everyone had checked in. I was so relieved to see and hear about each and every account, but still could not add my thoughts. I can hardly do that now...on the internet...much less in person.

I thought of all the people I loved and how much I needed to tell them that in a big way.... I thought about my son who is 28 and his girlfriend that loves him so.... I thought about all the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends and co-workers all lost in the huge masses of Trade Center debris. I thought about the doctors, the firemen, the police, the CEO's..... I thought about our President and all his staff with such heavy loads to carry. I cried and cried.

My local friends and I cried together, I even saw tears in my husbands eyes and he is the strongest man I know. I pray for those that have done this evil deed. That is all I can do other than send money and donate blood. I feel so helpless. The last thing that came to comfort me was Coco-Puff. She seemed to know that something was wrong and instead of being her general stand-offish self, she came to my lap with soft purrs.

Yes, I am proud of our America and how it's people come together. I proud of all the folks around the world that have shown support here and in e-mails to each other. I proud that we can show our colors and speak freely. I thank you Scott for this special forum to share our grief, show our true colors and love one another. It does feel good to finally get my words down even if they don't do my feeling justice.

Peace to everyone..... I love you all.

09-20-2001, 06:59 PM
Thanks for this Llis. Thanks!

09-20-2001, 07:42 PM
God Bless you lady :angel:

09-20-2001, 08:17 PM
Thank you.

09-20-2001, 08:21 PM

you've said so eloquently what i and i'm sure others have been thinking.

09-21-2001, 03:44 AM

thank you for sending your warmth through this cold computer screen. your hugs are the BEST!!!!


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10-01-2001, 01:53 PM
Thanks everyone for the hugs and understanding. I know you all feel the same...some can express it and some just hold it in.

Someone sent this link to me and I thought I would share it here. It is well worth looking and says it all.