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09-15-2001, 07:12 AM
It is still unreal to me. My daughter worked in the Blue Cross complex in the First Tower of the World Trade Center on the 29th floor. Fourty people in her unit are still missing. She saw the first plane coming toward the tower. Thinking it was rather strange looking, but already working, she quickly dimissed the thought. But, not for long.

They felt the impact. They didn't know the cause was the plane. They felt the sway of the building and she decided to group people in her immediate unit to take leave. In a group of five they headed toward the stairwell. Other groups were also going to the stairwell. They all began the trek down the stairs.

A man collapsed with an asthma attack. Andrea had her purse with her inhaler. She stopped to help him, gave him some puffs of her inhaler. She escorted, helped carry this gigantic, tall man down the stairs. It was approximately 9:15.

They came upon water in the stairwell. At this point, they all began to think something was wrong. Little panic though. She continued helping the man. They heard the impact of the second plane crashing into the second tower. She had her cell phone. She decided she needed to talk to her mom. She called home. She called her husband.

The next phase was a lobby, middle complex, she called it. There were fire balls, debri, minor destruction. It was at this point they were sure this was something major. She called home again she called her husband.

They left the building, she dragged the man at this point, the police took the man from her and sent her across the street, "Go, Go, don't look back, Go." they yelled. She called her husband. She called home.

No one was home, she had to leave messages on the answering machine, at this point crying, Mom where are you.

Where was I? I was in a school, teaching my first grade. Correcting the behavior of the children, teaching, joking, taking attendance, doing the ABC's, making a puppet, coloring and the usual things you do in First Grade.

At 10:15 another daughter made it to my school to be with me. The office staff would not let her in. They said, she is busy, she is teaching. My daughter said, I WILL be with my mom. They called me on the intercom to let me know my daughter was coming to my classroom. Is that OK? At that point I knew something must be wrong with one of my four children. I didn't know what. I got those stabs in the stomach, you know the ones, the panic stabs.

She turned the corner and yelled out, mom everyones ok but..... It was about 10:30, I just found out about the Tragedy. Others in the building still didn't know. I knew because my daughter told me. My principal and supervisors decided to withhold the information from us. Except my daughter came to be with me, so they then decided they better tell the staff. Some of the staff didn't know until 11:15 that we were under attack.

Yes, if I had known at the time that my daughter was in danger, I would have gone home. I wasn't given this option. They made a life, a family decision for me and others in my building. What right do they have to do this? My daughter went through hell without me. When I finally got home I found out all my children were calling home; messages of love, concern panic were on my machine.

Scott, wear your tinyhead with pride you earned it. But put your pride where it belongs. In the people, in humanity. All the innocent people in the entire world. They didn't do anything to us. The problems arise with the politics, the governments not the people. geri

09-15-2001, 07:58 AM

while reading your experience, i felt your pain (i'm sorry how trite that sounds, as i really mean it!).

you are a strong, loving mom and i can completely understand your feelings. it reminded me of a story, that i want to relate here, which might help with your anger...

when i lived in san francisco, the building next to ours exploded, it was a four alarm fire. given the history of SF, firefighters arrived within 2 minutes. anyway, i had evacuated when i suddenly started to think of all the things in my apartment, you know in the state of emergency, we think straight and we don't...human nature...anyway, i suddenly had an impulse to go back and retrieve a few things. i started to run back up the stairs to the fourth floor where i lived. about a flight up, i saw my neighbor who told me not to go up, it was getting really bad. to which i replied i have a RIGHT to go up and retrieve my stuff. to this he physically stopped me from going further. i mean really held me back...all the while i'm thinking...you...%&$/)&(/& let me go!!!

he didn't. he pulled me back down the stairs and out the door. i was actually mad at this person for a year...i would pass him on the stairs and not speak to him, i felt he violated my rights! his physical retraint of me, had me having lawyer dreams! (i cringe to think this) needless to say, he did what he thought best and it he was right! he did what he thought best in an emergency situation, i felt he took my right away to deal as i saw fit, but the truth of the matter was ...he saved my life!

i know you feel injustice for not being told sooner, but what would you of done? how would you of reacted in front of a class of 1st graders after finding out...imagine the panic you might of instilled in what is already a very scarey situation for children (adults too!).

i know you are a mother first and a teacher second...but your compromise (of sorts) helped the situation a little,don't you think?

i too, thank god that your family was saved from any harm and i send you peaceful vibes...

i can only imagine how thankful you are feeling right now for your family...

09-15-2001, 11:03 AM
Originally posted by gloria777a
Scott, wear your tinyhead with pride you earned it. But put your pride where it belongs. In the people, in humanity. All the innocent people in the entire world. They didn't do anything to us. The problems arise with the politics, the governments not the people. geri

The exuberant pride I have for my country was forged long before this event. I do have pride in the American people and their humanity ... I always have. I also want to see those responsible pay dearly.


09-15-2001, 11:29 AM
Well Geri...I'm with you. I think you should have been told.

I was in a conference, here in Toronto, and they came and told us as soon as the first plane hit.....in case anyone had a family member, connection etc.

I expect that it was a difficult call for the school...weren't sure what to do...didn't want to scare the children etc. It was all so unreal and shocking I'd guess they just plain couldn't make a decision.

I am so glad to hear your family is OK, and so saddened to know you had someone that close to the horror. I am sure we will hear many stories of courage and selflessness (like your daughter helping the asthmatic man) as the days and weeks go on.

We had a national day of mourning here yesterday, as did many around the world. At noon, everything stopped for a moment of silence. We have had three services in the chapel of the hospital where I work.

Please know that all of your friends around the world are praying and mourning with you.

:crying: K

09-15-2001, 03:16 PM
I'm so glad your daughter made it.

09-15-2001, 04:11 PM
Glad your daughter got out Geri and glad others too made it.
Tradegy like this and others make me think how much many of us owe to the steadfastness of our forefathers. I remember the blitzes in the UK in London, Liverpool ( my birthday), Coventry, etc nights that went on incessantly. People survive and others die and the world goes on.Perpetrators of disasters like this eventually are punished. We have to hopefully seek a means of reducing the threat but it must not stop the world from marching forward towards whatever lies in store for us and we must be united and thank and remember those that suffered and also remain steadfast for those yet to come.

09-15-2001, 06:26 PM
Geri ((((HUGZ))))) I'm so glad your daughter made it. I think you should have been told. How could they keep news of this major perportion secret.... I think they were wrong. I would have wanted to know. Your family sounds great.