View Full Version : What is your opinion on Green Woman?

05-15-2004, 01:14 AM

I painted this tonight. I am wondering what everyone things about:

1. The Composition
2. The Art itself.

C&C welcome. Thanks for looking!


05-15-2004, 02:38 AM
Well, you want me to be honest, right? I really like the colors you selected. I really like the composition. I think you have some problems with the body proportions though. In particular the upper body is too wide for the lower body. i.e the hips should be wider, the thigh much longer. Then also the breasts are too low, look misplaced, flattened. I think if you work on proportions it will be a good painting.

On the other hand, don't go for what I call the "Barbie look" that so many do in fantasy art, etc. It's tacky and tasteless in my opinion. Shoot for realism. Go back and study your reference again. I asume it't probably a photo so you probably still have it handy. Unlike men, women are much broader in the lower proportions. You painted her proportional to a man perhaps because you are and knowing your own body influnced your painting. I have also seen the "short thigh mistake" here on WC pretty often so it must be slightly challenging.

But, yes, do go with this coloring, this composition. Not only is it appealing, it is practical for someone's decor. I can see it over someone's dining table or sofa and it just "fits". It's very tasteful as well even for the more conservative collector.

05-15-2004, 02:40 AM
Or maybe you are a female. LOL. Sorry. I don't know.

Would like to add that everything above the elbow is splendid. Dont fiddle with that at all.

05-15-2004, 10:27 AM

Thanks so much for taking time to give me a very thoughtful response. This is extremely helpful to me and why I really like this website.

Once you pointed out the proportional problems, it became very obvious to me. Oh, by the way, I'm a woman and the reference photo I used is from a Caress Soap ad from the latest edition of US Weekly. (Pg. 33 if you want to see it.)

I agree with you about the Barbie Art. I know that is a very popular style and maybe I just don't have the right eye to appreciate what everyone likes about it this style.

Thanks again so much for taking time to give me a good critique. Its much appreciated.

And NO MORE short thighs for me!

05-15-2004, 06:29 PM
Each painting I have seen from you has improved by leaps and bounds.
Terri has made some good suggestions and I just want you to know I am really looking forward to seeing you grow with each painting! :clap:

05-15-2004, 10:00 PM
I like this, but agree with terriv re the proportions. I also wonder whether some more contrasts and complimentary colours would enhance this painting.
With stronger highlights and shadows, this will really pop.

Great stuff.


05-16-2004, 12:06 AM
Thanks to all who took time to look and/or to make comments. I have redone this painting in purples and yellows.

Check under "redo of same painting but different colors instead."

I also tried to correct the proportion problems.

Which one do you like better?

Thanks so much for your suggestions!!!