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09-14-2001, 11:29 PM
I received this from Karen Cardinal who runs The Colored Pencil Challenge site...She was only concerned that she not appear to be pushing her site, but wanted to give all the artists another place to display their art related to the tragedies.

I emailed her back that I thought it was wonderful of her, and that I'd post the message.

Each month her site usually puts together a lesson that anyone is welcome to use, and then she will post the artwork related to that lesson.

here is the link to her site and below is her email to me: http://gallery.passion4art.com/members/challenge/index.html

here is her message:

I would like to add my condolences to everyone for their losses in the
recent tragedies.

It has been an unbelievable (and surreal) 3 days, that I know none of
us will ever forget.

In the wake of this destruction there have been remarkable rescues as
rescue workers have pulled a number of fire fighters and other
rescuers out of the ashes of this rubble ALIVE!
It has been emotionally exausting seeing the pain and suffering that
has been caused, but to see the men and women in the midst of the pile
of rocks and pulverized gravel that was once the tallest buildings in
the world fight, dig, and crawl to eventually bring out survivors is
something that makes me break down and cry.
We mourn the dead and weep for their families. We also cheer for the
rescue workers and survivors and weep for them as well.

I have decided that next month at the Color Pencil Challenge instead
of doing the normal lesson, we should show the art created from this
tragedy and triumphs.

If you have created something (it doesn't matter what medium it's in),
please send it to me at Karen at KarenCardinal.com.
I will welcome works from anyone who would like to contribute, no
matter where you may live.

Please everyone keep safe
and hug the people you love more often.


09-15-2001, 02:02 AM
A wonderful idea Karen,
I'm sure there will me many members that want to express their deep emotions of this tragic event in their own way and medium,
thanks for posting Arlene ,


09-15-2001, 06:06 PM
Thank you for letting us know Arlene.
Thank you Karen.