View Full Version : More art-agent.com enhancements!

05-14-2004, 11:26 AM
Development continues on the new art-agent.com tools.

This morning, we added the ability to include "background music" as part of the search criteria when searching the catalog. A really neat thing. Looking for a "bluesy" piece, then search for pieces where the artist has associated "Blues" music. Looking for something jazzy? classical? heavy metal? :)

Also, we've added a "zoom rating" feature. Basically, when viewing search results, or the piece detail pages, you will see the "zoom rating" of the piece (actually, of the image itself). The higher the zoom rating, the more dramatic the results will be when viewing the piece in the smARTviewer.

More to come!

If you havent' seen this yet, take a look! By using the WC! gallery manager tool, you can create collections of your works and publish them to art-agent.com, your WC! profile galleries, and even your own web site.