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Lynda Mortensen
09-12-2001, 02:27 PM
I received this message from a friend this morning and am helping her distribute it to everyone we know world-wide - please forward it to all those friends and relatives in your address books too...

"To all,
There is not a lot most of us can do for the victims of the terrorist attacks and their friends and families. Many people in our country are mourning the deaths of friends and family today. We are all mourning the attack on our country. It's hard for many of us to go on with life as usual today but I understand the need for it. We must show those who wish to destroy us and our way of life that they cannot bring us to our knees. But is is also important that we show the world our horror and solidarity.

I was thinking that it would be good for all Americans to have a way to publicly display or feelings of grief and support for the victims of this tragedy. I also think it would be good to show the world solid support for our President and leaders in the effort to fight this war.

I recall that in Europe people wear a back band on their sleeves when they are in mourning. I think that's where the expression "showing emotions on your sleeve comes from. Perhaps we, all Americans and even people worldwide who support the fight against terrorism could wear a back ribbon on their lapels to show their grief and support.

Please pass this on to everyone on your mailing list if you agree.

God Bless,


Thank you, Lynda

09-12-2001, 05:31 PM
Good idea.
Thanks Lynda.