View Full Version : Tooo Much Cobalt

04-30-2004, 07:43 PM
Probably over did the blue in this somewhat graphic presentation of a wave. Acrylic 16x20 on canvas. Please feel free to be critical. Thankyou.


DSC01185-1.JPG (32.8 KB)

05-03-2004, 12:21 AM
I eally like the lights and arks in your wave!! Very effective..

05-03-2004, 05:17 AM
I think you've got away with it , I like the colours, the whole scene works very well--------~Alan

Marty C
05-03-2004, 06:55 PM
Hi Howard,
Very nice work on the wave, great shading and movement, you have really captured the essence of the wave. The splash of yellow against the blue is very eyecatching and breaks up the blue. Great work.