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04-26-2004, 04:56 PM
Because i give a lot of demo's at dog events here in holland im trying to prepare myself so i got a good presatation and got everything i need.

i bought myself a party tent ( im not sure how you call this in english ) but i got a roof above my head...hahaha..
i bought an easel to paint on, and little ones to place my paintings on to show.
I made the cover for the transport of my paintings so the won't damage and i will use it as a seat when i paint...
i made a sign with my name on it and some art so people see what i do right away...

but now im thinking to make another...trunk or cover...( sorry im still not sure how you call this ) to put all the paint in and that i can use as a table that stand beside me when i paint...this way i got everything i reach....

I know tim is also starting to give demo's...but how do you prepare yourself when you give a demo or...paint on location?

and how do you prepare yourself when your doing this many times a year...


04-27-2004, 07:00 AM
I have two cases, one for my paints, the other for my etching tools and supplies. My compressor is portable as well. In my house I have a couple of roller carts with 3 drawers in them. I have to make myself a portable easel (mines too big to move). I have always had to be portable when I work but I have never before had to work with canvases to do so. I will be doing a demo myself next month (tents are optional and I opted not.) It was suggested to me work out a painting over and over again until I can do it quickly and without error. This is how alot of street painters do it. They have a few designs that they paint all the time so that when they go out into public they have memorized the entire thing and make it look easy. I think (haven't truly decided) that I will be doing a landscape or two and yes, when I have a job like this to do I get out the trusty posterboard and practice the design first. If I'm going to encounter a problem I want it to happen before it actually counts.

04-27-2004, 09:21 AM
hahaha...so you practise at home first???
hmmm...im not.. :p

it depends on were im going...but i will be doing a demo this year at the bassethound event so it's easy...i have to paint a bassethound...
but it will be a new one so people do see my real work and the trouble also...
funny it is when people see you in the morning just starting and you can see them coming back ones a while to see the progress....at the end of the day most people just stand there with there oooohh..and aahh.....hahaha..
i like doing it and it's fun to see all these dog lovers staring at my work...

I already have the table ready...but now i need some legs under it to stand on... :( ..im not sure how i will make this but i will place a pic when im ready...


04-27-2004, 09:42 AM
If I were to do a painting of a wolf I wouldn't practice it, other things though yes, a sketch to see the results, the problem areas etc etc is always a good idea. In the world of automotive, there is no erasers, no scratching and no second chances. In the world of a start to finish completed painting in a few hours that seemingly is coming off of the top of your head to the canvas, practice makes perfect sense if for no other reason than to be able to cut your time down. How many times have we said, if I had it to do over I would have..... well by doing a practice piece you get your chance. Do I always do this, NO of course not but if there is ever going to be a question on something it makes perfect sense to do this.

04-27-2004, 09:43 AM
You have me curious now, just how many of us are woodworkers as well. So far I count 3, you, Sam, myself...a show of hands here...

04-27-2004, 11:16 AM
woodworkers?...you mean carpentry?...
hahahaha...im no carpenter...
i have a education as electrician and metal...like welding..
ive had my own company for 19 years.....iwas a sailmaker and i printed flags..
later i started signs as well..so the woodwork is just a hobby of mine and it seems im pretty handy with it...hahaha...i made all my fournuture here at home myself and the kitchen as well...
i know my mate gaz is a carpenter...and he's pretty handy as well...

about the practise...well i agree with you but just like the WIP i did on the painting cover, i just needed 3,5 hours for it ( without the clear ) so a demo last about 7 or 8 hours...that is painting and talking to customers.
at the end of the day the painting will be ready....at least till now..hahahaha..

and talking about doing painting different next time...sure but every painting is practise for me...i keep learning for the rest of my life.. ;)


04-27-2004, 12:24 PM
I have a miter saw and router but rarely use them. Got them for making picture frames but I'm bored of that and it's time consuming. I figure let the frame shop do what they do well and I will do what I do well. So, I have worked with wood but not very much. I did design and build my own easel for oil painting and it rocked. Way bigger and sturdier than most (over 6' tall) and cost about $40. hehehehehe I also made a rolling dolly and other things like a speaker cabinet I used while recording my CD. I placed it in a closet away from other things to help isolate the sound.

That's about it.


Keith Russell
04-27-2004, 02:14 PM
Before I give a demo or teach a class, I make a list of all the things I need to take with me. I do this by mentally going over each step, and writing down what I'll need for that step, stuff like: pencil, eraser, x-acto knife and blades, frisket, masking tape, scissors, scrap paper, illustration board, tracing paper overlays, airbrush, paints, cleaner, nitrogen tank, regulator, hose, wrench--

--you can see how one thing leads to the next, and so on.

As far as mentally preparing myself, I avoid that entirely.

The worst thing I think one can do before a presentation, performance, or speech is get worked up over it. I was in a number of bands for several years, and almost every member of each band was in agreement about not playing together for a few hours before a concert--and no practicing alone, either. If we had to do a 'sound check', get it done as early as possible, then take a break.

I think it's best to always approach the stage, or easel, or podium, fresh!


04-27-2004, 03:16 PM
hey keith,
well fresh...uuuhhh...well most of the time im all stressed up because we could not find the adress or we got stuck in traffic... :rolleyes:

but im never nerveus about it...and i don't think i will forget anything...im moving almost my whole studio to the demo...hahaha...
well the table is finished...that means i need to sand it and paint it..i soon show the pics...looks nice i think..


04-29-2004, 03:54 PM
ok here is the picture...
the first one is for transport and the second ready for use..hahaha...

hope you like it...it's the same hight as the box which i use as seat..


Maryl Lehman
04-30-2004, 12:37 PM
Henk, you are soooooo organized! They look great! I just use a little utility cart on wheels for demo's, and have all my paints on there. Then I have, and sometimes sit on, a wooden stool which has my guage and my airbrush hoses hooked to it. Actually, I usually take my trusty pneumatic chair which I couldn't live w/o! I have my paints in a low-sided wooden crate which I set on top of the cart, and a box of extra paints, paper towels, etc. on the lower shelf on the cart. I, too, make a standing list of items to take to shows (lights, extension cords, easel, etc). If not, I would surely forget something!! I have a display of my pet portraits on the wall at our veterinarian office, and the receptionist there keeps telling me I should do dog shows (because she has her dogs in them). Is it a good thing to do? I would think everyone would want their dog painted "as they wait" or something that I can't do. Just the thought makes me rather nervous! :(


04-30-2004, 01:13 PM
hey maryl,
thanks...well i usual take everything with me in boxes...but it just doesn't work....
And at the start of this year i named it my year!!!...this year i want to make it...starting giving demo's a little bit proffessional...so im trying to get everything organised...
I do nothing else but dog shows and events....looking forward to what kind of event im going....
the first event im going is a barzoi event...so it's easy...i will paint a barzoi...at home i make the sketches and at location i will paint it...
if someone is interested they can give me a photo and i will make a appointment when the painting will be ready....i don't make them at location...

i will surely try it if i were you...im sure your gonna love it...and ive seen that you can do it...so go for it ;)