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09-08-2001, 08:33 PM
This is my first post and I wasn't sure whether to post in the Watercolor section or here...decided to post here...'-}}

I have no formal art training other than a studio course I took in college which did not include working in watercolor.

I have always liked watercolor as a medium and when Painter 6 came out I was actually able to create something I was happy with.

My first successful Painter wc image can be seen here:

Recently, Painter 7 has been released and the wc brushes have been significantly changed--to greater mimic real world wc brushes.

I was a beta tester for Painter 7 and was mightly frustrated with the wc brushes but with the help of the brush developer who knows and works with traditional watercolor, I'm getting the hang of it...

An image created with these new Painter7 wc brushes can be seen here:


and some of the new wc brush strokes can be seen here:


I hope that it's ok to reference the url's rather than posting the image here--not quite sure how to do that...oh! just noticed that I can attach a file...well...I'll do that next time...'-}}

At any rate...I'm hoping that wetcanvas can help me learn more about working with watercolor (and colored pencils for that matter as I like working with those also)