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true blue
04-26-2004, 03:51 AM
gday all
I cross posted this in watercolour forum and it was sugested i post it here as well so here it is. Its watercolour on Arches paper and Daler-rowney paint.
Tell me what you reckon, any comments are most welcome. thank you.

04-27-2004, 12:18 AM
Hi trueblue,
This is a really nice WC. I love your colors and the splash of the water on the rocks. My only suggestion would be to add some darker tones to the rolling waves to give them a little more contrast and depth. Overall though it is very very good.
Don :)

true blue
04-27-2004, 02:20 AM
Thankyou for your suggestion Don.
I knew there was something wrong with the waves but I couldn't but my finger on it. Looking at it now I think the shadows on the rocks could be a bit darker too. :)

Marty C
04-28-2004, 08:27 AM
Hi true blue,
Nice work with an interesting mix of colours. Don has already made a good suggestion regarding shadows. It really depends on whether you are going for realism in your work as to what this work needs. Greater contrast of lights and darks is always effective, variation in wave face texture and colour and even difference in wave height (waves generally decrease markedly in height as they approach the shore, even taking in to account closeness to the observer) could all be incorporated, but as this work stands it is still highly effective.

true blue
04-29-2004, 05:59 AM
thank you very much for your comments marty. I have touched some deep blue into the bottom of the waves in front of them and in the corner where the wave is breaking. I will post the second pic tomorrow when I take a photo in some good light.
true blue