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04-25-2004, 08:52 AM
Since this is a new forum and each forum is unique and operates somewhat differently we thought we'd give you some guidelines for this wearable art forum.

This is a technical concentrated forum for discussion of information pertaining to wearable arts, which encompasses both fiber arts of all kinds and jewelry. While we encourage individuality, we do not wish for other areas of the site to be under used. At this time we are a single forum and ask that you take full advantage of this new Wearable Art forum as the gathering place for conversations that are directly related to the creative process involved in these exciting mediums.

Our Guides and Moderators endeavor to keep the peace and steer the forum to it's intended vision. While they regret having to move threads as a whole, it must be done in order to distinguish the forum for it's main subject or medium.

We encourage one daily Chat thread and one daily Show & Tell thread. Anyone can start these. The chat thread is called 'Wear Its At' and usually has the date attached. Sometimes 'Wear Its At' is abbreviated to 'WIA'. The individual who starts the thread for the day names the thread. Our Show & Tell thread is called 'Show & Tell' with the date attached. Sometimes it is abbrivated to 'S&T' How the thread is named each day is up to the individual who starts it by posting their wearable art work. Please include the date so everyone knows what the current Show & Tell is.

If you are new to the forum please post an introduction of yourself so that everyone can get to know you and your work. We ask that you post your introduction in the thread called "Jewelry Artisans and Wearable Art Artists please post your introductions?". Click here to go to the introduction thread. (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174677) You may also enjoy reading the introductions posted by other members of the Wearable Art Forum.

Off topic threads will be removed to whatever forum they are better suited to. While we regret doing this we have to keep this a technical forum. There are many more wonderful forums on WC! for OT discussions, eBay strategies, Cafe Guerbois, etc.

On that basis, we urge you to go "clicking" about the other forum headings and explore Wet Canvas for the one of a kind art world it truly is...

Signature Guidelines for WC:
"Dear kind ladies and gentlemen, as you know, the sticky signatures are, as they always have been, a wonderful way to link the world your website and ebay stores. We hope that this service has provided you with statisfaction and a lot of contacts and that it will continue to do so. I'm sure you'll understand that they are not to be used as billboards, daily bulletins or any other advertising opportunities. It is important to remember that while we are all interested in finding our way to your site, this is a complimentary feature that we are happy to provide to you.

In return for the favor and in the interest of keeping a professional appearance in the forums, we ask that you please adjust your signature lines in the following manner: Favorite quote, fun thought etc. (if you wish) followed by a simple link to your site, followed by a link to your current ebay listings, if you have them. If you have anything more in your signature, such as address, phone number, current prices, specials, etc. or anything else not described above we respectfully ask you to remove it at this time, in order to be in keeping with the WC! user agreement.

It is our hope that you'll find the time to make these necessary adjustments by 8-22-04. If you are unable to attend to this task by this time our moderators will attempt to make the necessary changes for you. Please be patient with us during this orginization project, as we will have a lot to do.

To be sure that no mistakes are made and that your site/ebay listings links are correct, it is advisable that you tend to this business asap. This way we can be sure that it reads exactly as you would like for it to.

Website Critique Requests:

WC has requested that all Website Critique request threads be posted in the Art Business Internet Sales Strategies Forum (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=70). If you would like feedback on your thread from Wearable Art forum members please just post a link to your thread in our Wear Its At (abbreviated: WIA) daily chat thread and explain what you want people to look at, for etc.

Thanks for your cooperation."

Sassybird posted a reminder called "Rate Those Threads"
Here is a exurb from that thread:

Sassybird: Please rate threads that you find informative. Many threads become lost in the flood when they are not rated. We want to be able to go back, or have newbies coming in to be able to find threads that are filled with knowledge. So, do a simple click at the top of the thread where it says Rate This Thread and get in your vote. It will help us all in the end.

beclectic posted: A thread has to have votes from 5 different people for the rating to show up. If you read a thread and you think it is valuable please vote for it so it will be easier for a new person to find. By the same token if you read a thread and feel like you've just wasted your time you can give it a rating that tells others not to bother.