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04-21-2004, 09:13 PM
I have an enormous amount of lampwork beads. I make lots of things and sell quite a few but I just organized my beads and realized I should curb my lampwork purchases. First I thought "maybe I should sell some" but quickly decided against trying to sell other peoples beads on e-bay when it is so hard for all lampworkers to get good prices the first time around. Besides, it would just be too wierd. So then I thought "maybe I could arrange a swap of supplies. I always need sterling findings." This one sounded better so I started to go through the beads finding what I could part with. The pile began, then I would grab something out and put it back. I would force my hand to put another grouping in the pile only to pull out another. I finally faced up to the fact I can't part with any of them. (o.k. I did actually stick a really badly made set in my daughters (5) bead box). But, that was it. Am I seriously twisted? Why is it impossible for me to part with beads? And, you don't really want to hear about the beads I can't even make something with.....

Please help me feel a little more normal!

04-21-2004, 09:26 PM
As I said today on another thread. I think all jewelry makers are hoarders and magpies. We just love the pretty shiny things too much to let them all go. You are normal for this group but as to the general population...well let's just say you are normal for this group. :D

04-21-2004, 09:36 PM
Hehe...no, you are normal. I am the freak around here.

I end up paying a lot more for things the way I do it, but I am not a hoarder.

Except for the most basic of things, or rare findings that I find once, love and want to make sure I have again in the future, I don't stockpile.

Usually I get a design idea in my head, then I work on collecting what I need to make it. The only beads I have lying about are leftovers, which works out great because I include them as the free spacers in my lampwork auctions. Sometimes I make something that takes 8 inches of a certain bead, but I had to order a 16 inch strand to get the beads I wanted. That's the kind of leftovers I mean.

That was how my handbag collaboration got going. I was making jewelry at a very good pace, back in the day when I did order tons of beads at a time, but I still hated all those leftovers and needed something to get rid of them. Hemlock Bags was born, and that was where all my leftover beads went...embellishing those bags. Now I hardly make jewelry and end up buying beads for the bags...and use those leftovers in my lampwork auctions.

I can't stand having so much stuff....if I had some of the gorgeous sets I have seen other people making, I couldn't bear not to make something out of them. Not to mention our house is really old and really small and storage is an issue. The more stuff I have, the bigger mess I make. :rolleyes:

It is easier to do taxes my way too...nothing to inventory. LOL


04-22-2004, 10:28 AM
Hi, my name is Mary, I am a Hoarder too :p

Enough said. -Mary

Retta Gates
04-22-2004, 12:35 PM
I am a hoarder too! Lol big time it drives the b/f crazy we are moving and three times I have gone through everything trying to figure out stuff I dont "need" anymore. I have tons (maybe not quite but just about) of stones, spheres,pyramids,angel statues, beads shiny glass, things I find on beachs or in the woods. LOL the list goes on and on.But I love to give things away too, as long as it is to somone who needs or would appriciate it. I have no problem sending my beads away if I know they are going to a loving home... Who sounds crazy now?? :)

Take care- Retta

04-22-2004, 08:23 PM
Inventory? Oh my god, I'm supposed to COUNT that? LOL, in "real life" I'm a retail manager--you'd THINK that would make my personal business taxes a breeze, right?

I'm a bead hoarder. But I'm also a bead user! I'm trying (since I've been unemployed the last 2 months) to be really good & only purchase the sterling I need to keep working! But it's sooooo hard!!!! I really really need another strand of flourite to add to the 20 odd I've already got in my flourite hoard! (I dunno, I have a hard time USING the flourite--I want to keep it all!)

I realized the other day I was totally insane--I stopped at a little new-age kinda store...to check out the fact that they had a big "stone beads" sign out front...and went in & found some fiber optic, some CHEAPO plastic, some wedding cake beads HIDIOUSLY overpriced (like $8 & $12 each, for the "from overseas" kind with bead release still inside) and some semi-precious chip beads (also so far above normal retail I was trying not to laugh--all I can think is that they are BUYING at retail & quadrupling the price!)
The saddest thing??? I have more beads crammed into my 2 room apartment than they had on their entire BEAD WALL!!!! Of course the fact that they are selling SS wires for $1 a pair & goldcolored basemetal for 25 cents EACH, but have ZERO headpins in any color for sale might give you an idea how well planned their wall is!
But I realized that I could sort all my stuff out and claim to be a bead-store too....yeah, sure.....
Ok, I know some will probably think I'm being a snotty b****, the ladies there really were very nice--I just don't think they did a whole heck of a lot of research on ANYTHING in their store, & I do feel bad--I'd be surprised if the store is still there in 3 years. Plus the whole "sloppy loops" thing on the earrings they had for sale made me nuts! (I did buy some stuff--I needed incense & sage & got a cute kitty card for my cousin--but even the selections there weren't what I'd expect--then again, I did used to live in Salem MA--home of some great stores!)
Ok...enough rambling from me...
I'm going back to my bead-hoard & try to USE some more of it by turning it into saleable jewelry!!!

04-22-2004, 09:11 PM
OK, girls, first off let's all say as one...WE NEED THIS STUFF! The more times we say it the more likely it is to be true. I NEED everything I have. I am a crow and crows need things. Bright, shiney things. round things..blue things, silver things, purple things...I think you get my drift here...right? There is no
such thing as a beadbabe 'hoarding' things. We just keep what we need to be happy. Happy beadbabes do things.. like cook, be nice...not have a hissey fit because they can't get a bright shiney thing. Do I make myself clear? Let's all repeat as one. WE NEED THIS STUFF. :evil:


04-22-2004, 09:14 PM
LOL, you guys are cracking me up. Yes, we do need beads, and lots of them. They need to be in many different shapes and sizes and yes, shiney!
You are making me much more normal.

04-22-2004, 09:31 PM
LOL, you guys are cracking me up. Yes, we do need beads, and lots of them. They need to be in many different shapes and sizes and yes, shiney!
You are making me much more normal.

I guess your definition of 'normal' is as goofy as mine is??? LOL! :evil: :D :clap:


04-24-2004, 10:12 AM
I love my tax ID ....it makes it soooo much easier to justify more beads~"but I neeeeed it for the business!"
Now I really neeeed to do my taxes (I don't owe, just need to do that pesky schedule C!)
surfing ebay for more beads I neeed....