View Full Version : #6 of my series

09-05-2001, 10:22 PM
20"x16" oil on canvas


09-05-2001, 10:25 PM
popcorn and pigtails.

nicely done.

09-05-2001, 10:26 PM
The white is too bright and some other areas faded.
I don't know about this one, not sure I like it. :(

09-05-2001, 10:39 PM
color areas have been permitted to be too pure.

the intermediate color in the man's shirt
could dance through everything.

the layout is good and the forms are fine
the color is fighting a bit.

e.g. it is excellent onthe purse, around and including the kid's heads, around and including the man's shirt.
the flux needs to infect everything and breathe as a unit.

09-06-2001, 12:53 AM
beautiful, I love it.
save to study.can I?


09-06-2001, 01:42 AM
Thanks Jerry, I will make changes to this one.........
I was too quick to post. lol

Rosanna, you can save it if you wish.......but....hopefully the changes will be more desirable.

Does anyone else find that even numbered paintings are not as good as the odd numbers. Every time I start on a series, 1, 3, 5, etc., are the best.

09-06-2001, 02:26 AM

09-06-2001, 05:55 AM
Riveting. You are pulled into the picture. Yax :clap:

09-06-2001, 05:58 AM
I find they are never exactly finished till me or them gets hauled away. like they are created in storms and experience litttle sunshowers later. sometimes cloudbursts or just drizzle. occasionally bird droppings. nothing is safe.

09-06-2001, 01:42 PM
Well, I made some changes and replaced the original image. I still don't like it, but hope that it is better.

Yes, Jerry, I am never finished....lol

09-06-2001, 02:22 PM
Our fall fair starts here tomorrow... you're making me want to go...:) lovely image

09-06-2001, 11:47 PM
Thanks, Jan-Michael, Yax, rosanna and ejfarrae.
Jerry, thanks for the help.....I really had to struggle.

09-07-2001, 01:55 AM
I really like this painting....If you dont like it I will send you my address..lol..lol....
Love the colours also...my favourite is the pop corn.lol..can eat it till the cows come home...:D :D :D

09-07-2001, 05:26 AM
Cherie, I like your colors and rendering. The thing that bugs me is the composition. After looking at it for a while I think that the problem is the void in the middle - and there is nothing explaining it.

I wondered what this would look like with the man taken out. And here is the result... (I hope you don't mind).

I think this makes more sense composition wise. it is now much clearer that the woman is waiting (impatiently) for the kids to make up their minds, hurry up, 'I don't have all day', 'ok - so I gave up and gave you money for pop corn, now I hate myself for giving in after saying no at first....' - kind of attitude.

Now the void is the main character and the reason why the figures are at the edges is fully explained.

09-07-2001, 06:53 AM
yes your colors are better now,
heinrik's idea is drastic but interesting.
the original collection of people is great.

09-07-2001, 11:13 AM
Cherie Did you take the man out of the picture? I liked him there :mad: Am I wrong? He completed the painting I loved his pose *S*

09-07-2001, 12:48 PM
Luvy....lol No I didn't take the man out. That was henrik's change of composition.

jerryW, I think the colors are better, but there is still....... something........ ????

henrik, your change of composition is interesting and gives it a stronger dynamic between the girls and the Mother.

wendee, Thanks, popcorn is great until the little annoying things get in your teeth.....lol

09-07-2001, 02:56 PM
I prefer it with the man, and like the comp. lol, diferent strokes i guess. love the girls and thier braids