View Full Version : Thursday 4/15 Show & Tell

04-15-2004, 01:05 AM
Hey Beaders,

I'm up late again.....

These are my latest goodies :)


04-15-2004, 01:10 AM

Absolutely beatiful. Keep it up!


04-15-2004, 01:13 AM
Wow Karin...I love your beads...hope to own one someday.. I'm up too late also...but off to bed now..after I post my beadies!

04-15-2004, 01:20 AM
Karen they are drop dead gorgeous!
Harriet mouthwatering set!

Raspberry Aishra and Golden Fairy Baubles

04-15-2004, 01:28 AM
Karen ... those beads are stunning indeed! Harriet ... your beads are always so bright and cheerful! Biatha ... lovely lentils! Here are a few mine ... Marna

04-15-2004, 01:43 AM

Karen - those beads are awesome! Someday I hope to try fuming myself. (Nowhere near set up for proper ventilation for it right now.)

Harriet - those colors are wonderfully realistic! Someone posted ona thread about flowers, that they couldn't get the colors to be as vivid as real flowers. I think you've done it beautifully!

Faith - Gorgeous, as usual. ;)

Marna - Stunning as always! I have to say I really love the top right one best. The yummy greens and golds are just fantastic.

Great work everyone. I'm currently trying to be motivated to do something other than continuously read posts and threads ;)



04-15-2004, 04:31 AM
good-morning everyone! show and tell beats cleaning the house anyday! Karen, your beads are always just perfection!
Biatha, I like your golden fairy baubles very much and find the names of your sets intriuging!
Marna, lovely!
sorry if I've missed anyone, there all great! here's some new experiments from me, mermaids. the longest is over 7 cms.

04-15-2004, 05:23 AM
Beautiful eye candy thus far :clap: :clap:
I tried a little something different . I laid down one set of flames then went over top with another. Here's what it came out looking like.

04-15-2004, 07:00 AM
Wow, everyones beads are beautiful as usual and always a source of inspriation.

Mary Lou

04-15-2004, 07:32 AM
Morning everyone! A beautiful way to start the day.
Love those mermaids!
Jim, I hadta bid on that one! My son would flip over it. I'm high bidder at the moment! :clap:
Nothing to show, I just finished a 10 day stretch at work, and haven't been near the torch at all. Now I have four glorious days to play!

Flame Of Mind
04-15-2004, 08:41 AM
Wow! It's been a while since I participated in this thread. Great beads everyone!

Karen- They are stunning! Beautiful stuff!
Harriett- You make the most fun and playful beads! Very Cool!
Faith- I think you are queen of the lentils! I love the raspberry set!
Marna- Your organics are gorgeous. You applied floral is awesome too!
Jim- I really like it with the two sets of flames! Are you teaching that at the cabin? ;)
Rachelle- They are all so pretty! Great work!
Here are a couple of sets for me. Have a great day everyone!

04-15-2004, 08:49 AM
Beautiful beads everyone! You all have inspired me for the day. I just hope I am able to find torch time today. Great eye candy!

04-15-2004, 08:59 AM
It's Spring Break here and I have the inlaws, but I managed a day at the torch before they showed up. A snow storm will do wonders for a busy schedule in TN. şÜş

04-15-2004, 09:18 AM
Is anyone able to see the pictures once they start to reply - or is it just me?? Even with just the few we have posted here already I can't remember everything. (Old age) Karen's work is stunning as usual - Faith (Briatha) - lovely beads, Jim - love the new way you are making your fire beads - the layers of fire give the bead more depth. If I didn't mention you, please don't take offense (my memory is failing and I just woke up) - everyone's beads are great here and I love waking up to this. I don't have any new beads to offer today - I didn't torch yesterday, but I made some finished pieces for an upcoming show - here's a quick peak of one of them.
Have a great day everyone!

Shawn T.
04-15-2004, 09:44 AM
Wow! Amazing beads today. Not awake enough yet to comment on all of them.
I had some crosses to make as a special order. These are what I came up with last night. Still not sure about them.


04-15-2004, 09:57 AM
Wow! Great S&T!

Karen-your work always knocks my socks off!
Harriet-you colors call to me! You always get them to play so well together!
Faith-you fairy baubles are beautiful as ever!
Marna-such rich color combinations, it looks like I could fall into those beads.
Rachelle-oo! pretty mermaids!
Jim-Very nice! Those flames look so deep and dimensional!
Amanda-nice florals, I'm still working on it. I seem to get a blob of colors with a bubble in the center!
Carla-your eyes are gorgeous as always!
Marilyn-very nice set!
Shawn-I like the soft colors, but I think the parts still look too much like separate elements, maybe that's why you're unsure?

Jennifer Geldard
04-15-2004, 10:03 AM
I'm going crazy trying to get ready for my show, and I can't seem to just do production work. All I want to do is experiment, and do it for fun. Anyone else have that problem? I know the beads my customers want, but I'm not in the mood to make them.

Anyway... here's an experiment:
A Faux turquoise with silvered ivory and copper foil over enamels...

04-15-2004, 10:08 AM
Hello Lampworkers! I'm throwing in my two cents today. I love this thread, I always check here before shopping on e-bay. It is sort of like my own little preview party. I click on your link, bid and then come back for more :). Thank you!
Shawn, I wanted to let you know how great your pictures are! While they could be a bit brighter (they look almost pink on my screen); I like that you showed a nice close up of each bead and the groupings are very eye catching.
Have a great day!

Shawn T.
04-15-2004, 10:28 AM

Thank You very much for your input. I really appreciate knowing what others think. My photographer-hubby, is out of town and he usually does all my pic for me. Fending for myself here, guess my skills need some improvement on this end.
Thanks Again,

Shawn T.
04-15-2004, 10:36 AM

For bidding on my auctions. I could just hug you.
After going to your web site, you sure do know what you are doing with the photography end. WOW your pic are amazing. Feeling shy about my poor photography compared to your beautiful work.

:clap: :clap: :clap:
You made my day!

04-15-2004, 11:05 AM
Good Morning!
Thank you for all the beautiful beads to ooogle over with my tea!
My favorite is the mermaids! Great job Rachelle!! :clap:
I tried one, they're quite challenging and your style is unique!

I am still trying to make sea creatures for a necklace. This is my latest.
Have a great day!

Judy :cat:

04-15-2004, 12:37 PM
Funny I have to go after all that great stuff, including the other mermaids, but it's a chance to see how far I've come.
These were made when I was on a hot head and I took a class at Flametreeglass (aka Mr.Beady) with Beth Olson. If you have the opportunity to take a class with her you should she is one of the sweetest people in the business. Her husband Ray is not so bad himself :) . I learned so much from the two of them .
Anyway , I made these in the class , my first time ever on a bobcat with little help . ( I wanted them to be mine not made by Beth with my inital under them)
Check out her BUTT, she's got a little J-lo in her.
The other one is ugly I'll say it so you don't have to, I started to make a merman and had stomach and chest muscles when I was told make it a woman , so I did.
I also threw in one of the white pendants from the diamond seris I am working on

04-15-2004, 01:37 PM
I'm in SERIOUS frit withdrawal. I'm glad Val is having a great vacation but I'm gonna start hallicinating soon.

In the meantime, I'm trying more stuff with the frit I have.

This one is tourmaline green over silver foil over dark ivory, with a trailer of rubino stringer on top then melted in. Love the way the green mirrored.


And this one is saffron frit over silver foil over light ivory. It has a great multicolor shimmer in person.


04-15-2004, 01:44 PM
Thanks Judy for the clapping hands! :clap:
your dolphin is great, something I still can't do.
Lizardglass, I'm sure it's more difficult to make the mermaids the way you did,with the hole going horizontal...I just made a long bead on the mandrel and mermaid-ified it!

pin curls
04-15-2004, 02:07 PM
Mr. Booger,
I absolutely LOVE your flame bead. My son would die for that!!! I am going to have to try one tonight. Any special tips on flames that you can pass along?
I never thought I would say this, but I have been watching from the bushes and vowed never to post.........But here I am. It took your bead to do it! As a result, I have never been formally introduced...but nice to meet everyone! And thanks for all the tips over the last several months.
Gosh, I am embarrassed, my face is red....I am too shy, even for anonymous forums............

04-15-2004, 02:55 PM
Hey Shawn,

I think your crosses look like little, sweet fire hydrants! Which I know probably isn't what you want to hear, but I think they are EXCELLENT! But then, I have a thing for fire hydrants. ;)

Lovely! Everyone's stuff is so neat! Makes me go crazy waiting until I have the power to start lampworking along with fusing.

04-15-2004, 04:10 PM
Thank you Shawn, and you're welcome. I'm in awe of what you do.