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04-14-2004, 09:44 PM
Took some photos around my yard.

04-14-2004, 09:46 PM
Beastman Oz

04-14-2004, 10:12 PM
That first one is lovely. Is Beastman a border collie?! I love those kind of dogs.

04-15-2004, 07:26 AM
Australian Shepherd.. smart dogs. Once I threw a stick at him.. he caught it in mid-air and slung it back to me... i didnt catch it though..

The first photo is some sorta aurora borealis that only happens in those trees for some reason... oh yah and in the city.

More of Oz.. always thinking this dog...

04-15-2004, 10:04 AM
I wish I had an Aurora Borealis in my trees :(

Oz the pondering pup is a cutee - you shoulda caught the stick, if'n you were a good pet human you woulda caught it chya know :)